My Best Friend is Now My Stepmom episode 4

My best friend is now my stepmom πŸ‘€
Chapter 4

” what’s the problem is he married ” i said.

“Nope, he is not, infact he wants to marry me” maria said.

“So what’s now the problem ? I asked.

” he has a child” she said.

“But you said he wasn’t married “i shouted.

“Yes, he is a divorcee ” she said.

“So what’s the problem with his child? I asked.

” i don’t know maybe she will allow her dad to marry me” she said.

” maria it’s her dad you are marrying naw not her whether she agrees or not that’s her problem “i said nonchalantly.

” favour you are not getting this, this girl we are talking about is not a small girl , she is our mate” she said.

” oh, that means that your boyfriend is like your dad , oh sugar daddy, but that should not be a problem she will understand ” i said.

“So you mean if you dad decides to get married, you won’t be angry ? She asked facing me.

“Yes naw, why will i be angry, am even praying he gets a wife” i said as i smiled.

“Okay ooo” she said.

” you will try to get to know her , and be nice that’s all” i said as i locked my arm around her.

“Okay have heard you” she said.

Few weeks later

We were through with our second semester exam, i went home for holidays, everything was fine until my dad said he wanted to show me his to be wife, i was a little bit happy, because i knew there is another woman coming, but i smiled at him and he told me he is bringing the woman home the next day.

The next day,i woke up and dressed as i prepared to meet my dad’s fiancee, i was kinda of happy that day , i couldn’t wait to see her, i got to the sitting room and i met my dad’s family members, maybe my dad called them also, i greeted them but they didn’t bother answering me, i don’t know what happened but since the day i knew them they hated me, especially my grandma my dad’s mother she doesn’t like me a bit, there was a time , i wanted to spend the holidays with her but she refused, but my mum’s younger sister told me that they didn’t want my dad to marry my mum back then, so maybe that’s why they hate me.

Then my dad came in, he greeted everyone, i was expecting to see the woman but he didn’t enter with her.

“Segun, where is your fiancee ?my grandma asked.

“Mom she is shy , she doesn’t want to enter, she said she is afraid of favour ” my dad said as he smiled.

” favour, why is she afraid of you? My grandma asked as she glared at me . How was i supposed to know , i haven’t seen her before naw.

“I don’t know grandma, dad tell her to enter, am not a witch ” i said.

“Maria, come in” my dad said. Awwnn she even has the same name as my friend . i said to myself . Then the person entered, lo and behold, i looked at the person, it was maria my friend , i rubbed my eyes to make sure i wasn’t dreaming, but i wasn’t. I stood up suddenly.

“Maria Akinwumi ” i shouted. She looked at me with a creepy smile on her face.

Chapter 5 coming soon………………… written by Ifeoluwa Oyewole

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