My Best Friend is Now My Stepmom episode 5

My best friend is now my stepmom πŸ‘€

Chapter 5

” maria Akinwumi ” i shouted. She looked at me with a creepy smile on her face.

” favour, stop shouting her name” my dad said angrily. I looked at my dad shockingly.

” dad i can’t believe you did this ” i said.

” Do you know her before? My grandmother asked.

” yes she is my best friend, see dad i can never accept her, she can never your wife not in this life” i said angrily.

” favour so you mean because she is your friend your dad can’t marry her” my grandma asked.

“Yes granny, how can my dad marry my friend, that’s not possible ” i said.

” so because she is your friend that means your dad can’t marry , kai you are just stupid like your mother it’s not like she is related to him or she is his daughter, so because she is just your friend your dad can’t marry her, see she is pregnant for him and there’s nothing you can do about better accept her thank God you have known each other before, your father knew you would react this way that’s why he called us, look here maria this your home no one can send you away , may you deliver safely ” my grandma said. Maria knelt down and thanked her.

” see dad i can never accept maria, i cannot ” i shouted.

“Favour there is no need for you to accept whether you like it or not, she will marry your dad and live in this house, if you are not comfortable with it you are free to leave, thank God your mom has younger ones you can go and live with them ” my grandma said. OMG i hate this my grandma, i picked my phone and my purse and walked out angrily, there is no way am allowing maria into my family, i called her brother , my boyfriend to meet me at a certain place. I got there and waited for him.

“Babe what’s up? He said as he walked to where i was.

“See am not fine at all, do you know your sister is pregnant ” i asked.

” yes of course you told me before ” he said.

“So do you know she is about to get married ? I asked.

” yes, the man came to our ask house to ask for her hand in marriage, the man is very rich my parents accepted sharp sharp ” he said as he laughed.

“This is not a joking matter, that man is my dad” i said.

” sorry what did you just say? He asked.

“Mark, i said the man your sister is getting married to is my dad” i shouted.

” oops, that’s unbelievable, so what’s wrong? He asked.i looked at him shockingly.

“You mean there is nothing wrong ? I asked.

“Yes , she is pregnant for your dad, so i don’t see anything wrong ” he said.

“So what’s about us? I asked as i glared at him.

“Us, as how? He asked.

“I mean our relationship” i said.

“What’s wrong with it? He asked rolling his eyes.

” if your sister gets married to my dad, that means we can’t married” i said. But mark started laughing πŸ˜…

” what’s funny? I asked.

“So you thought i was going to marry you before” he asked.

“Yes naw , what’s that not the reason why we were dating “i asked as i faced.

” see, i am not dating you with marriage in mind, if it was not for my sister do you think i will date you, she told me you loved me, she begged me to date you, that was why i started dating you” he said. I couldn’t believe my ears , so mark didn’t love me he was only dating me because of maria, that girl i am going to destroy her life.

“I was even planning to break up you , you are too clingy, and now your father is my brother in law to be , that’s somehow funny” he said as he laughed. I looked at him angrily.

“I hate you” i shouted as i stood up and turned to walk away.

“I hate you more favour, see you at my sister wedding , sorry i mean your friend wedding ” he said as he waved, i just away without answering him, Maria i will be the end of you !!!!

Chapter 6 coming soon. ……………written by Ifeoluwa Oyewole

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