My Best Friend is Now My Stepmom episode 13

My best friend is now my stepmom πŸ‘€
Chapter 13 ( final chapter)

After explaining everything to my aunt, she said we should report everything to the police, so we went to the police station to report everything that happened to the officers.

“How do we get folakemi confession? My aunt taye asked.

“Through you, she will confess when she sees you” i said facing her.

“So you think that your mom ghost will possess me once again, you are not serious ” my aunt said.

“There is no need for mom ghost to possess you, you have to pretend like a ghost, since folakemi doesn’t know about you, so have to act like a ghost ” i said as i looked at her, i told her about all my plan in order to get sis folakemi confession. We made plans with the police.The police has arrested my dad at his home secretly without casting out the information. Then i called sis folakemi.

” sis folakemi good afternoon, am back ma”i said to her when i called her.

” oh my darling, how are you? You would have told me before coming, you know i have to protect you from your dad” my sis folakemi said.

“Yes ma, i know, that was why i called you so i can come directly to your house, are you at home” i asked.

” yes my darling am at home, do you need me to come pick you up? She asked.

“No ma, i am coming make sure you prepare a very delicious food for me” i said as i joked with her.

” ok no problem, darling stay safe” my aunt said.

” okay ma” i said as i cut the call.

” she is at home”i told my aunt and the officers, then we went to her place, it was the police van that took us to sis folakemi house. On getting there, i entered her compound with my aunt,i knocked her door and she opened it, she saw me and smiled at me, then she saw my mom twin’s sister. She was shocked, and she was shaking.

“Aunt folakemi , what wrong, why are you shaking? I asked as i looked at her innocently.

“Some, someone is behind you ” my aunt stuttered.

” sis folakemi, you and your jokes nobody is behind me ” i said as i smiled. Then my mom’s twin sister moved closer to her. She started screaming.

“Please forgive me am very sorry, i am sorry please ” my aunt said as she knelt down.

“Why should i forgive you, you killed me? My aunt asked angrily.

” please forgive me, i didn’t mean to, please you were the one that caused it, you didn’t care about me, you only cared about your husband and yourself , you were very stingy with your money , it was not only me that killed you,your husband was also among, hunt him not me please ” my aunt said as she cried. i looked at her and shaked my head, i paused my phone voice recorder and looked at her.

” sis folakemi,you are an evil human being, how could you kill my mom, your sister, you are a very horrible person ” i said angrily as i glared at her. She looked at me and glared at me.

” your mother is the horrible one, not me, your mom got rich and forgot about me, she didn’t care about me. I had a rich sister who can feed the whole community but, i had to work hard to eat, many horrible things happened to me, that i can’t say, but your mom was enjoying her riches with her husband , when i go to her to ask her for money, she will tell me the story of how my father her step father molested her, so she can’t help me because, i was his daughter, so your mom caused it all not me” my aunt shouted angrily and pounced on me,my mom’s The twin sister pressed the alarm button, then police officers came and handcuffed my aunt.

“Stupid girl, you manipulated me, i wish you had died back then when your mother died” she said as she glared at me, the police officers took her away , i bursted into tears, my mom’s twin sister hugged me and comforted me.

We had submitted all the evidences to police, both my aunt and the nurse and my dad were arrested they also confessed to the crime.

At the court

When all the evidences were submitted to the judge, the judge sentenced my dad to life imprisonment and sentenced both my aunt and the nurse to death by hanging, i was very happy, my mom’s twin sister was also happy, at last i avenged my mom. Now back to maria ,my stepmom πŸ˜† she was pregnant again for my dad, when i went to visit my dad at the police station he begged me to take care of her, and make sure that she doesn’t ab*rt the baby. So i went to see maria at her mother’s house, that was where she went since the time the police officers arrested my dad. I greeted her parents and i also greeted her, her parents gave us space to talk.

“Favour, i know i have offended you , but please forgive me” she said as she knelt down.

” please stand up, you shouldn’t harm your baby, i have forgiven you , i had even forgotten about you” i said as i looked at her.

“How did you know that i was pregnant? She said as she looked at me.

“My dad told me, and he asked me to take care of you” i said as i looked at her.

“There is no need for you to take care of me, i can’t give birth to a child of a criminal no i can’t, so i will have to ab*rt it” she said sadly.

“Nope you Can’t ab*rt that innocent soul, please just give birth to the child, i will take care of the child ” i said as i held her hand. She started crying.

“Don’t worry,my dad had opened an account for you, so when you give birth to that child the money will be yours ” i said to her, her face brighten, she smiled, this girl she loves money.

Eight months later, maria gave birth to a baby girl, i was at the hospital when she gave birth, after she gave birth she asked about the account, so i gave her the atm and told her the pin , she was very happy. That stupid girl maria dropped her baby with me, one day to babysit her, she left but she never came back, i heard she went abroad, so i was the one that took care of the baby , i named her Sarah.

Twenty years later.
Maria daughter, Sarah still calls me mum, i tried correcting her everytime that am her sister, but she wouldn’t just listen, she said am her mom just like am hannah’smom, hannah is my daughter i gave birth to through surrogacy, i didn’t marry because i was afraid of my mom and dad story, i believed nobody loved me they only love my money cause , i was very rich, my mom’s twin’s sister tried everything she could so i could get married, but it was futile, i only wanted a baby, so now am a single mother with two kids πŸ˜†.

Guys i hope you enjoyed the story? Tell me the lessons you learnt 😍

My best friend is now my stepmom written by Ifeoluwa Oyewole

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