My Best Friend is Now My Stepmom

My best friend is now my stepmom๐Ÿ‘€
Chapter 1

My name is favour,i am the only child of my parents , my mom passed away after she gave birth to me, so i grew up without a mother, my father was everything i could ask , he is very caring, my dad didn’t marry since my mom died, his family members wanted him to get married but he refused saying he wanted to take care of me , i finished my secondary school at age sixteen, i didn’t want to study further, because i love my handiwork, hairdressing, but my dad refused, so i told him to give me two years to learn the handiwork then, i will write jamb and enter university he then agreed.

After learning my handiwork work for two years , i decided to continue with my studies, my dad wanted me to study abroad since he was very rich, but i refused saying i wanted to study in my father’s land, i had known,i would have just listened to him, i wrote jamb, i passed it , luckily i was given admission, to study at university of lagos, my dad was very happy, he was sad that he would be lonely, like he didn’t want me to leave. Back to the present, i am now in three hundred level that was when everything started, i had a boyfriend, he was so sweet, his name is mark , i got to know him through my best friend Maria, maria was my bestie since hundred level, we were inseparable, we did everything together infact we were living together, since we were doing the same course, so she introduced me to her brother, i told her i had a crush on her brother, i don’t know how she did it , but one day, her brother took me out,then we started going out together, then we decided to be in a relationship,i didn’t hide any secrets from my friend everything that happened between i and her brother, who is now my boyfriend , but the only thing, i hid from her was that i came from a very wealthy family.

She thinks i came from a second class family, because i don’t showcase myself, i don’t live an extravagant lifestyle, i dont buy costly things, the only i do is to eat an healthy food, so she thinks she richer than me, because sometimes she will be the one to sponsor our bills when we go out, sometimes i will want to pay, but she will refuse saying she knows am managing, i will just smile without saying anything, before i came to the school my dad wanted to give me a car, but refused saying i was too young for that, because i didn’t want anyone to notice me, i wanted to live a low key life, and in our hostel in school, i was a hairdresser, many female students come to make thier hair, so my friend maria, thought i was managing and supporting myself , so when we finished our first semester exam in three hundred level, they gave us two weeks holiday, my friend didn’t want to go home , since it was a short break, so i told her to follow me home.

she refused at first, but she later agreed to follow me home, i called my dad and told him about my friend, my dad agreed , he said he will send his driver to pick us. On the d day , we packed the little things we needed, then we stood outside the hostel.

”Favour, why are we waiting lets go ” she said.

“Maria, chill my dad’s driver is coming to pick us” i said. But maria started laughing.

” favour, your imagination is something else ooo, your dad’s driver, there is no need to lie, just say uber, na uber you dey order before na” maria said. I also laughed with her because, she thought i was joking. A car stopped before us, i knew it was my dad’s driver, then my dad driver came down and greeted me. Then we entered the car together, my friend saw the way the driver greeted me and she began to ask questions has we entered the car.

“Favour , this uber driver has become your regular driver , he even called you small madam, but this car is a little bit expensive ooo, Venza first time am seeing a uber driver driving venza” she said.

“Yes ooo, that what made me his regular customer” i said as i laughed and played along , i wanted to suprise my friend but i was the one that later got suprised.

Chapter two coming soon…………………………….. Written by Ifeoluwa Oyewole

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