My Best Friend is Now My Stepmom episode 3

Episode 3

On Saturday, my dad decided to take us out since we were going back to school on Sunday, my friend dressed as if she was going for a party, then i looked at my dad i noticed he was also staring at her. When we got to the shopping mall, my friend was just smiling .

“Maria you are free to pick whatever you like” my dad said as he smiled at her, i know my dad is nice but what’s all this?

“Ok thank you sir” maria said as she smiled back at him and she picked the basket.

“Dad, what about me? I asked when i waited and he didn’t say anything.

” favour don’t tell me you are jealous, this is not your first time of coming here ,you are free to take anything you want” he said as he picked the basket and handed it over to me.

Then i went to maria, if you see the things maria were packing, the things she needed and the things she didn’t need, she packed, golden morn, milk , indomie and several things, even quaker oats that she doesn’t like , she took it , i am not sure this is my friend , why is she acting strangely, someone that pays for my meal in school.

On Sunday, we went back to school hostel everything was back to its place until like two weeks later, my friend doesn’t sleep at the hostel again, i will call her she wouldn’t pick, i told her brother, my boyfriend about his sister, but he didn’t say anything, he just said she is not a kid,she doesn’t attend classes like before, what’s wrong with this girl?

” favour, i have a suprise for you” she said as she came inside the hostel.

” where have been seen all this days? I said angrily.

” babe, i was exploring round the world, you know” she said as she smiled.

“Exploring with carryovers right? You even missed test ” i shouted.

” oh, stop shouting on me , you are not my mum instead am your mom naw” she said as she laughed.

“Whose mom, my mom dey heaven ooo, maria jokes aside, what’s wrong with you ” i said as i looked at her.

“Nothing is wrong, i said i got a suprise for you, guess ? She said as she looked at me.

“Am not good at guessing, unveil it naw” i said impaintently. She dipped her hand into her bag and removed a brand new phone I phone 13, i opened my mouth.

“Maria where did you get this from” i asked as i looked at her.

“My boyfriend was the one that bought it ooo, celebrate God in his life” she said.

” babe, i hope this your boyfriend is not yahoo, last week he gifted you three plots of land, he bought a house for your parents last month, i don’t trust him ooo” i said.

“He is not into yahoo, he is a government worker, he just in a high position, my dear he is very rich” she said.

“Hmnnn, anyways but i haven’t seen him before, i want to see your boyfriend, so i can know maybe you are in safe hands” i said as i joked.

” yes ma, but You have seen him before, you just didn’t notice” she said as she smiled.

” nope, i haven’t seen him before oooo, stop lieing ” i said.

“Ok ma, i will introduce him to you later” she said as we continued talking.

One month later

We started our examinations, but maria keeps missing her exam , she doesn’t sleep at the hostel again.

“Babe, i have to tell you something” she said when she came to the hostel one evening.

“Ok am listening ” i said as i continued eating.

“Am pregnant “she said.I was shocked that i had to spit out the food in my mouth.

“You are what? I said as i stared at her.

“I am pregnant” she shouted.

” how did it happen? I mean who is responsible” i said.

” its your, i mean its my boyfriend ” she said.

“Okay, that’s good, i hope he accepted the pregnancy ” i said.

“Yes he did,but there is a problem ” she said.

“What problem? I asked. I hope her boyfriend is not a married man.

Chapter 4 coming soon………………….. Written by Ifeoluwa Oyewole

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