My Best Friend is Now My Stepmom episode 2

My best friend is now my stepmom πŸ‘€

Chapter 2
When we got to my house, the gateman opened the gate and the driver drove in

” favour don’t tell me this is your house ” maria said.

” ofcourse, this is my house and the uber driver is my dad’s driver ” i said.

“Babe, just tell me you are joking, this mansion “she asked.

“No, i am not joking, come down ” i said as i came out of the car, then i saw my dad coming towards us, i ran and i hugged him.

“Favour i have missed you so much” my dad said.

“I have missed you too dad” i said as i looked at maria who was staring at us.

“Dad meet my friend maria, maria this is my dad” i said as i introduced the both of them.

“Nice meeting you , i have heard a lot about you, thank you for taking of my daughter” my dad said.

” it is God that is taking care of us sir” maria said , as we laughed and entered the house.

After arranging our loads, we decided to stay together in my room.

” you never told me , that you are from a wealthy family ” she said.

” yes, i don’t like showing off, am sorry” i said.

” apology accepted, but you are not like me, if it was me, i would showcase my family wealth” she said.

“Babe don’t tell all your jewelries are gold” she said as she opened my box of jewelries.

“Yes , they are real” i said.

“Please favour, give me some of your earrings, i mean dash me” she said she pleaded.

“Ok take any one you like and any design you want ” i said smiling at her.

“Ohhh favour thank you” she said happily. Later in the evening our maid called us for dinner.

“Where is my dad” i asked the maid.

“He went out” the maid answered me.

When we got to the dinning table, i sat down , but maria didn’t sit.

“Maria sit down or do you want to eat while standing ” i said to her.

“This food on this table is too much, are we the only one that will eat the food ” she asked.

” yes you can just eat whatever you want to eat”i said. Few minutes later, my friend started eating as if she hasn’t ate food before , taking meat , fish, haba what’s wrong with this girl, where is the girl i brought? The maid was even looking at me like where did you get this girl.

One week later
Lately, i have been noticing somethings, i now felt like maria and my dad were getting closer, like maria was his daughter while i am his daughter friend, and sometimes when i wake up in the midnight , i wont see maria beside me , i wont see her in the bathroom also, so i thought she was downstairs eating or cooking because she eat at midnight in the hostel.

One day, i, dad, and maria were eating in the dinner table , then my friend started talking about food, my dad didn’t stop her, i was suprised because the thing my dad hates most is to talk while eating, but i don’t why he hasn’t shut maria mouth up, so i decided to engage in the discussion.

“I know you maria, you are a foodie, that’s you will wake up in the midnight to eat, you are even doing the same here” i said as i joked.

“Nope, i don’t eat at midnight in this place” she said as she glared at me.

” so what are you always doing in the midnight, when you aren’t around, i would even check in the bathroom i wont see you there , so what are doing in the midnight , why are not in the room, where did you go? I asked, immediately i asked that question, my dad and maria suddenly dropped their spoons at the same time and they stared at me.

“Table manners, favour don’t talk while eating ” my dad said as he looked at me. What wrong with my dad? But maria was also talking naw………………….

Chapter 3 comingsoon …….. written by Ifeoluwa Oyewole

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