Mutual Adoration


I just soiled my matrimonial vows and I am not sure how I feel about it. My name is Pastor Dave Matt and I am the senior Pastor of Above All Ministries in Abuja Nigeria.

I am married to a lovely woman called, Trish, and our marriage is 2 years old. Trish and I agreed to have children after 3 years to give us ample time to enjoy our romance as a couple, invest in my ministry, and her business, and plan a proper future for our kids. Trish is the perfect support any man needs and each day, I bless God for letting me marry her.

I also have a covenant brother, Olu who is one of the fast-rising pastors in the city of Abuja and he has been to me what a million biological brothers will be. We attended the same university and also proceeded to study theology afterward.

My story will teach a lot of people deep lessons and I hope we take the lessons.


“MOG, Good Afternoon. Please, are you at the office? We need to see,” I asked Pastor Olu, my covenant brother on a call.

“I am at the office but will be leaving shortly. Can it wait?”

“I don’t think so. I just slept with Toya, my ex,” I said.

“Jesus! WHAT? Please, I’ll cancel my appointment. Let’s meet at the Genesis place,” Pastor Olu mentioned.

I got into my car and drove off to Genesis Place to meet up with Olu.

A few moments later, Olu barged in and walked straight to me.

“Tell me you were joking on the call.”

“I can’t joke in that magnitude. Ahh! I have messed up. I urgently needed to talk to someone and as you know, you’re the only one to whom I can express myself”

“My God! What happened? Is it the same Toya who broke up with you when you decided to accept the call?” Olu asked.



“Hello Dave, Good afternoon. It’s Toya Salami.”

“Wow! Toya, good afternoon and God bless you. How are you? Wait, where you the one who just credited my account with a million naira?” I questioned.

“Oh, that! Yes, Dave. Okay, let me confess, early this year, I decided to give God a chance in my life, and just 2 months back, I bumped into your message on YouTube and I’ve been following Sundays and Thursdays ever since. Your messages have really been transformational and the little token is just a seed,” she said subtly.

“Wow! God bless and reward you. But, why didn’t you send it to the church account instead and how did you get my personal account details?” I challenged.

“Honestly, I just needed to sow directly to you and I called the church contact to ask for your direct account.”

“Wow! May God bless and reward you. How is Lagos?”

“I am in Abuja currently. I’ll be here for 6 months for work. My company sent me on a project here,” she said.

“Wonderful. Have you been attending our services live?”

“No, I work on Sundays so I only catch up on the rebroadcast. God has been faithful too. I also wanted to know your counseling days too,” she softly said.

“Counselling days are Tuesdays and Fridays at the church office.”

Oh okay! I would have come this Friday but I am on bed rest for now.”

“A bed rest? Hope all is well?”

“Yes. It’s stress and my doc asked that I take some days off to rest.”

“Rest is really important. I pray that the Lord will give you the capacity to manage your activities well.”


“So, where do you stay?”

“My company lodged me at Malta Suites and I’d be here until the project ends. You can come visit sometime if you don’t mind. I mean, it’s been 5 years already,” she added.

“Um! You’re right. I’ll sure visit you.”

“When will that be? I’m free even now and I have been so bored, thanks to this house arrest.”

“Ahhhh! Okay. I wasn’t planning this soon before. I’m at the church now and I have a meeting with some of my leaders. Can I see you by 2 p.m.?”

“For real? Yes, please. It will be an honour, Sir. I am so grateful.”

After the long call ended with Toya, I took another 5 minutes to relish her sweet voice. Toya had a way of speaking which had an effect on me always.

Again, I thought I had made the wrong decision to go visit Toya at the hotel but I shut the voice of the Holy Spirit and I bragged within me about my anointing.

“I am a man of God and married to the best woman on earth. No woman can tempt me and Toya is now a child of God,” I said in my defense.

After the meeting with my leaders, I was off to Malta Suites to meet up with Toya.

In a moment, I was standing at the door of Room 361 and I knocked.

To be continued.

Question: Does anointing expel lust?

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