Mutual Adoration episode 3


As I attempted to start speaking, my phone rang and it was the last call I wanted to pick up. Toya was boldly written on my screen. I muted the call immediately, looking into Trish’s eyes.

“Another disturber, abi? These people should learn that this pastor has a wife who needs him too nah.”

“Babe, don’t mind them. My rule of not taking calls from people outside family and friends when it’s 9:00 p.m. will stand for a long time,” I said, rubbing my wife’s chin.

She smiled gently and asked what I wanted to tell her.

“Umm! The thing is, I…”

I couldn’t speak, my tongue was tied. The level of trust Trish had for me was one not to be messed with.

I held her hand tightly and smiled.

“Remember, you told me about your desire to delve into poultry farming, right? Well, I guess it’s time to explore it.”

“How do you mean, Sweet?” she confronted.

I picked up my phone and made a transfer of 1 million naira to Trish.

“Check your phone, babe.”

Trish was overwhelmed with joy as she hugged me and kept thanking me for the money. That was how I managed to escape not telling her the truth.

Perhaps, you may say I was trying to bribe my wife in a way.

I turned on my data and all my messages came in a rush and while I was surfing, a text message came in from Toya.

“Thank you for today, Dave. I can’t remember the last time anyone made me feel so good. Hope to see you again soon. I adore you.”

It felt like my heart was in my mouth when I read Toya’s message. I deleted it immediately as we had a ‘no password policy’ with my wife.

When I was at my office the next day, Toya called in again. I picked this time.

“Good afternoon, Toya,” I said reluctantly.

“Hi, Ostrich. You didn’t bother to call or check up on me last night. I guess it was because of our wife. Well, that’s fine and I understand you. How are you?”

“First, my name is Dave, not Ostrich. You were only permitted to call me that many years back not now. Trish is my wife and not our wife and what happened yesterday was a mistake and would never happen again,” I fired.

“Common, Dave. Do not be too harsh on your baby girl. I was missing you. I mean, after yesterday, who wouldn’t miss you?”

“Toya, can you please stop all of these? I’m a married man and…”

“Shhhh! You didn’t know you were married when it was happening, right? Anyways, we just began our little romance, and don’t worry, I’ll keep our secret safe.”

At this point, I knew that I had signed into something bigger than me. I ended the call and she went on to send me WhatsApp messages explaining that she was not going to let me go anymore.

I bowed my head on my table and lamented.

“Lord, please help me. Help me, please,” I whispered.

Again my phone rang but it was Olu this time.

“Pastor Dave, good afternoon to you. ”

“Olu maintain, how are you doing today?”

“Olu maintain was my name when I was in the world. Right now, I am Pastor Olu, please. How is work?”

“Hahaha! I know right? But if I don’t tease you, who will?”

“Hahaha! I only accept gospel teases,” he sounded.

“How far, were you able to speak to Trish last night?” he added again.

“Hmmm! Brother, I wanted to and when the discussion was about to begin, I didn’t know when I changed the topic.”

“Hmmm! I know it isn’t easy but you must tell her. She deserves to know,” Olu advised.

“You’re correct. I will raise it tonight after church. Please, keep praying for me too.”

“You already know that my prayers are with you but you must put in effort to allow my prayers to work.”

“Yes, Sir. Thank you for being there,” I appreciated.

“Always. Hope you have blocked the lady, Toya?”

I stammered and said;

“Oh yes, I have. I mean, who wouldn’t?”

“That’s good. The Lord be with you. I have to go now, someone is at my door,” Olu said as the call ended.

I was supposed to pray and study in preparation for my message that evening but I couldn’t. I felt lost.


I picked Trish up at her store and we both drove down to church together for the evening service.

I managed to preach that evening and to my greatest surprise, salvation, healing, and deliverance were manifested at the service.

Trish refused to agree that I was fine. She knew me so well that it wasn’t easy hiding things from her.

On getting home, I got an alert of 200,000 naira and it was from Toya. My heart raced and I knew I needed to stop her from doing all of that.

I walked into my study, picked up my phone, unblocked Toya, and called her.

“Hi, Toya.”

“Hello, Dave. Good evening. I have been trying to reach you but to no avail.”

“Do not try to reach me, please, and stop sending money to my account.”

“Oh no! I couldn’t help it. Your message tonight was fire. I streamed it live and was blessed. Your grey suit looked so good on you too,” she commended.

“Toya please, I beg of you, do not allow the devil to use you. Stop calling, messaging, or sending me money.”

“I’m sorry if I offended you in any way. I guess it’s because I love you so much and I adore you with all the fiber in my vain,” she said subtly.

“Thank you for the love. Have a good night’s rest.”

I hung up and blocked her line immediately.

I had dinner with Trish and we crashed for the night.

It seemed my warning to Toya finally worked because for almost a month, I didn’t hear from her and I was really glad. I felt there was no need to inform Trish anymore as I felt that my problem was gone.

To be continued.

©️ Sophy Bless

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