Mutual Adoration episode 9

MUTUAL ADORATION 9 (Final Episode)

“Baby, I’m sorry for all the pain I’ve caused you over the past few weeks. I only wish I could turn back the hands of time,” I said to my wife, Trish.

“Sugar, I understand and I have forgiven you too. I just pray and hope that this doesn’t reoccur.”

“Trish, Toya came to the office today but I refused to see her. She followed me after work till I arrived at our gate.”

“Hmmm!” Trish exclaimed.

I knelt down again before my wife as I didn’t know how to bring out the words.

“She said she is pregnant for me, Trish.”

“Jesus! God! Hmmm!”

Trish expressed so much pain without saying so many words. I pleaded with her to say something but she couldn’t. I also told her that Toya was threatening to publish the news if I do not visit her in the hotel.

“You will go to that hotel, Dave,” she said suddenly.

“No way, babe. That would be dancing to her tunes,” I convinced.

“Not at all! You will go to that hotel and I will go with you. She wants to blackmail you. I am ready for the game, let’s play.”

My wife’s response was shocking to me. She wasn’t happy but she decided to help me out this time.

I called Toya to inform her that I would be coming. The next day, I arrived the hotel at about 11:00 a.m. I knocked and Toya opened the door trying to hug me.

“I knew you would come. I’ve missed you so much and I know you missed me too and that is why you are here.”

I kept mute as I took a sit.

“Don’t worry, no one will know about our little secret once you cooperate with me. Just stay with me Ostrich and you’ll be safe. I love you.”

“Toya, you cannot claim to love me while you blackmail me,” I responded.

“Oh common! I know you’re a stubborn man so I had to get your attention at all cost.”

“And what if I say that I am not giving in to your offer?” I confronted.

“Pastor David, you do not speak to me in such a tone. Secondly, remember your status and what you control as a minister, I have all it takes to bring you down to nothing with just one call. Lastly, I have already typed a text to your wife and with one click, she’ll find out about our secret and that home you’re trying to protect will definitely come to ruins. This is your last chance Dave, lie with me or go down completely,” she threatened.

A knock came in immediately and Toya went to open the door. She fitdgettted when she found my wife and 2 men at the door.

“Nice job, Miss Toya. How easy it is for you to try to blackmail my husband.”

Trish walked in with the men and Toya seemed really shocked.

“Sorry to break your bubbles, Toya. My husband has told me everything and your entire conversation has been recorded too.”

Trish beckoned on one of the men who came in with her.

“Good day, Miss Toya. My name is Inspector Folarin from the FCT police command on special duty in charge of cyber and physical blackmailing and bullying. Just a few months back, a bill was passed and became a law stating that all cases of blackmail are criminal offenses with severe punishment attached. You are therefore advised to remain silent as anything you say or do will be used against you in the court of law. I will give you the chance to calmly follow us to the station or my colleague here will gladly drag you like the criminal that you are.”

“Dave, what’s all these?” Toya challenged.

When she saw how the police man looked at her, she followed them out of the hotel.

I knew my wife, Trish had a plan but I didn’t know that it was this concrete. I was short of words as I didn’t deserve this show of love and support from my wife.

2 days on, we got a call from Inspector Folarin that Toya was never pregnant as a medic was invited over to check her. This gave me so much relief and I was grateful to God that I won’t have to put my wife into some sort of trauma of knowing I have a child for a strange woman.

Throughout this season, I didn’t preach at church. My associates and wife filled in for me as I knew I wasn’t ready till my spirit was calm.

I called Trish one Tuesday evening to meet me up at a garden as I really wanted to have that time with her, appreciate her and show her the gifts I got her. Trish arrived with a massive glow. Her smile was like that of an Angel.

When we when done having dinner, Trish handed over a letter to me and when I opened it, it was a positive pregnancy result. I leaped for joy knowing that I was finally going to be a father.

Trish’ love reminds me of the love of God. How he overlooks our shortcomings and still love us in the same great measure.

I’ve learned my lessons and I also made a covenant to God never to indulge in any act that doesn’t please God.

I hope my story inspires you.

The end.

Thank you all for reading. You guys are really awesome and I appreciate you all.

©️ Sophy Bless

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