Mutual Adoration episode 4

Mutual Adoration (Episode 4)

I got back home from church one Wednesday evening when I noticed Trish’s countenance was down. She served my meal as she always does but her smile was gone.

I was scared to enquire at first but I didn’t like seeing my wife in that state.

“Babe, what is the problem? Your countenance is odd tonight,” I asked.

“It’s nothing, Sweet. I am good.”

“I hope you know that I know you too much to accept those lines, right? Talk to me.”

“Dave! What’s going on? It’s been a month and you haven’t been intimate with me. I’ve approached you on some occasions but nothing is happening. This has never happened.”

“Babe, I’m so sorry about this. It’s just that… Umm! God! I’m so sorry. Please forgive me,” I apologized.

“Is there something wrong or something I need to know?” she asked in concern.

“No, babe. Everything is fine. Perfectly fine.”

“Hmmm! Okay.”

Trish wasn’t convinced by my response but she didn’t want to push further. My reason was that I was scared, I had unprotected contact with Toya and I wanted to ensure that my health was okay before I did anything with my wife as I didn’t trust Toya in any way.


The next time Pastor Olu asked if I had informed Trish, I affirmed that I had when I hadn’t. This reduced the pressure coming from him for a while. This was how I added lying to the things that I did.

One fateful Monday, I was at the office when Philip, my secretary called in to inform me of the lineup of guests I had.

When I was done attending to all who had booked counselling sessions with me for that day, Philip called in again to say there was one more person.

“Hello, Sir. There’s one more guest.”

“Oh no, Philip, I only had 20 for today and I have attended to all of them.”

“Yes, Sir but this young lady says you have a session with her?” Philip said.

“Young Lady? What’s her name?”

“She said she’s Toya Salami, Sir.”

I was mesmerised to realize that Toya had the guts to visit my office but since I didn’t want to look or sound suspicious, I had to act along.

“Oh! Apologies, Philip. Ms. Toya was supposed to be on the list I sent to you but it skipped my mind. Please let her him.”

This was me lying yet again to cover my tracts. I was slowly becoming a criminal and I didn’t notice.

I remembered a childhood tale my mum used to tell us about how a rat would feast on the fingers of a child at night who failed to wash their hands properly. In the process of the rat’s feast, it blows in the air to make the kid not feel the pain.

This was me in a similar shoe, I allowed my will to prevail. I didn’t wash my hands. I allowed the rat to feast on me slowly without realizing I was getting hurt.

Toya wasn’t cautious to hold back when she saw me, she came to where I was sitting and threw herself at me trying to hug me. I pushed her off and convinced her to sit.

“Dave! How are you?”

“Toya, I will be fine without you. What are you doing here?” I challenged her.

“Im here because I miss you. I’m here because you have cut off all access to reaching you. Baby, I am here because I adore you and can’t get over you,” Toya panicked.

“No, Toya. You are here because you want to ruin me. You are here because you want to end my family and my ministry. I have said it before, what happened in room 361 was a mistake and it ended there,” I informed her.

“Baby, it can’t be the end. Ever since that day, the love and adoration I had for you increased. I can’t get you off my mind. Please, Dave, I promise to be discreet.”

“Toya! This is the wrong place to have this discussion. This is my office, please.”

“Dave, I am sorry but I will keep coming here until you hear me out.”

“Jesus, help me,” I voiced out.

“I’m the help Jesus sent to you, Ostrich.”

“Toya, what do you want?” I asked.

“I want you, Dave. You and all that comes with you.”

“Please, leave,” I pleaded.

Toya got up from her seat and met me where I was. She bent and whispered in my ears.

“Unblock my lines and see me at room 361 tonight or else, I’ll be back tomorrow.”

She kissed my cheek, leaving her lipstick Mark on it as she walked out of my office.

I picked the serviette on my table and quickly wiped off the lipstick on my cheek.

When I was certain that the coast was clear, I got into my car to go home but I couldn’t dare. I drove off to meet Toya to settle the issue between us.

Toya didn’t allow me to sit when she began touching sensitive parts of my body. Again, I engaged in the act of immorality with Toya.

I was broken. I felt lost. I realised that I just signed into what couldn’t be gotten over.

I left Toya and went back home to Trish. I had earlier promised Trish that we were going to have an amazing night together because I ran some tests earlier and the doctor confirmed that I was okay.

On getting home, Trish was already set for me but I was too drained from Toya. I had my shower and while I waited for Trish in our bedroom, I slept off.

To be continued.

A wrong act when not dealt with from the roots has the tendency of birthing many offspring.

©️ Sophy Bless

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