Mutual Adoration episode 2


“My God! Pastor Dave, it is a pleasure. Please, come in,” Toya said in excitement.

I came in and she hugged me but drew back immediately.

“I’m so sorry. I shouldn’t have done that but I’m just excited to see you,” said Toya.

I let her know that it was okay and she offered me a sit.

She was in her bathrobe but I could see her cleavage pop from the center and I was a little uncomfortable. Her melanin popped on her face, laps, and feet but I pretended to be unbordered.

She got me malt and a bottle of water from the fridge and asked what I wanted to eat so that she could call the kitchen.

“My bad, hope you’re not fasting today?” she asked.

“No, I’m not. The water and malt are okay for now.”

“Alright. I was seeing a movie before you came in. I can change it to a message or something.”

“Oh no! It is fine, Toya.”

The movie played and I noticed that Toya couldn’t take her eyes off me.

“My apologies but, you look so good, Dave.”

“Thanks, Toya, I owe it to my lovely wife. She spoils me daily. You’re looking so good too, Toya. I love that you’ve maintained your stature after all this while.”

“Funny you, I’ve added some flesh jor. I guess this robe is hiding it.”

She took off her robe and did a 360 turn.

“Can you see? I’m not as lanky as I used to be.”

Her little act made me uncomfortable but I just smiled and affirmed her postulations.

“I wish I never ended things back then. I regret it. What am I saying? I shouldn’t be saying this. I am sorry.”

“It’s fine, T-girl,” I said, calling her the pet name I gave to her back then.

“Oh my! You haven’t forgotten this name, Ostrich?” she busted into a deep laugh.

She used to call me ostrich back then because of how long my neck used to be.

We both laughed and teased each other.

“I miss the good old days,” she said.

“Hmmm! Yeah!”

“If I were thinking out loud, I’d say that I wish I still had you in my life or get another chance in your world.”

“Hush! Easy, Toya. I’m a pastor now and happily married to the best woman on earth,” I attacked.

“Hmmm! A moment ago, you asked that I feel free to express myself now you remind me that I am single with no relationship in play. It’s fine.”

Her countenance changed immediately and she got up from the couch and sat on the bed. I felt bad and went close to apologize to her.

“I’m sorry, T-girl. Forgive me.”

She raised her head and smiled at me. She held my hands and we had eye contact and in a flash, we were lurking in each other’s arms.


(Back to present)

“Jesus! That was a huge mistake, Dave.”

“Olu, I know. I’ve messed up big time.”

“Have you told Trish?” he confronted.

“Hell no! How do I do that? I am not even planning to.”

“You have to tell her. It’s the right thing to do.”

“Telling her will break her. She’s such a good woman and doesn’t deserve what I did to her.”

“She doesn’t deserve this secret being kept either.”

“I can’t, Olu.”

“Have you prayed about it?”

“Prayer is the last thing I want to do. How do I face God?”

“Common! God and Trish are in the best position to help you now. You know what? Let’s pray together.

Olu held my hands and we both prayed. I asked God for mercies and also for grace to have the ability to open up to Trish.


I knocked at the door to my house and as always, Trish gave me a sweet reception. She hugged me warmly, collected my briefcase, held my right hand, and walked me into our bedroom.

“How was your day, sweetness?”

“Fine. How did work go?”

“Work was smooth, I made so many sales too. Today was a good day and…”

That was the last thing I remembered when she suddenly tapped me.

“Sweetness! Are you okay?”

“Oh no! Baby, I am fine. I mean, I am feverish and feel exhausted.”

“Sorry, Sweetness. Let me not bore you. Go, shower, and come downstairs for dinner. I made spaghetti and peppered goat meat, just the way you love it. Do you want me to come to bathe you?” she teased.

“Oh no! I’ll meet you downstairs now. Let me shower right away.”

She went downstairs and I went into the bathroom. I cried as the water rolled over me. Trish didn’t deserve what I had done.

I got out of the shower, wore something comfy, and went downstairs for dinner. My wife’s food was so good as usual and with every bite I took, I felt guilty.

After dinner, Trish gave me some painkillers and made me sit on the couch as she carefully massaged my foot.

“Thanks for all you do, Babe,” I said to her.

“Why thank me for doing what I love to do most?”

“Babe, I want to tell you something,” I managed to spit.

“Oh yeah! I always love to hear your gist. What’s up?”

Her statement broke me but I had to compose myself.

To be continued.

If you’re Trish, would you prefer he tells you the truth or keeps it away as far as he doesn’t indulge again?

©️ Sophy Bless.

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