Mutual Adoration episode 5

Mutual Adoration (Episode 5)

“Forgive me, Trish, for I have sinned against you.”

I said as I walked into the kitchen the next morning to go meet Trish in the kitchen.

“Good morning, sweet. Hope you slept well,” she responded as though she didn’t hear my plea.

“Babe, good morning,” I responded, kneeling before her.

“See Dave, cut the drama, please. If all this is about how you slept off last night, just forget it. At least, I’m beginning to learn how to cope without it.”

I didn’t realize when those words cut me deep.

“Trish, it’s not about last night, it’s about something else. Gosh! How do I say this?”

From the way my wife pounded the beans to peel off the back, I could see tension building.

“What is it, Sir?” she challenged.

“Babe, I’ve sinned against you, against God, and the church,” I spoke out.

“Hmmm! Cut the parable, what have you done?”

“I have soiled my marital vows. I cheated on you, Babe.”

At first, Trish seemed unbothered as she kept pounding her beans.

Moments later, she got up and left the kitchen, rushing into the guest toilet in our living room. I followed her immediately but she shut the door before I came in. I could hear heavy sobs from her and I kept pleading with her to open the door.

Trish never said a word to me, neither did she open the door. I called Philip, my secretary to cancel all my appointments at the office. I sat by the door for more than 3 hours. Trish didn’t open the door, and she didn’t say a word either, all I heard was deep sobs and I got really tensed.

5 hours gone and she didn’t budge, I kept pleading with her.

When she finally opened the door, I tried to hold her hands to plead with her but she didn’t look at me.

She made her way into our bedroom, showered, dressed up, and stormed out of our home. This was my first time seeing Trish that way and I was the cause.

While at home, Toya called me.

“Hello, boo.”

“Will you shut up, Toya?”

“Oh babe, what has gotten you angry today?” she asked.

I ended the call immediately, switched off my phone, and wailed in pain.

I entered the kitchen to tidy up what Trish started. I waited all day for her to return but she never did. I got bothered about her disappearance and didn’t know who I was to report to. I couldn’t call her siblings or my in-laws as I didn’t want to create a bad image. I slept off around 2:00 a.m. while waiting for Trish. I had tried to call her and had sent countless messages to no end.

To be continued.

©️ Sophy Bless

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