Mutual Adoration episode 7


“Trish, you’re asking for a divorce?”

“You heard me right, Dave. I can’t put myself into trusting you again and what is love without trust?”

“Babe, you’re still mad at me. Please, can you give this more time?”

“More time you say? More time for you to continue in your game I guess. No way! This marriage ended the day you broke our vows.”

“Babe, please stop!”

I came to where she sat and held her hands tightly. I didn’t realise when I had tears heaped up in my eyes.

“Please, I know I am wrong and I take the blame for everything, all I am asking for is another chance to right my wrong. I love you so much, Trish and I cannot imagine a life without you.”

Trish became quiet, I could feel her grip on my hands tighten as she looked into the distance.

“I love you too, Dave.”

She said as tears rolled down her eyes.

“But you’ve done what I thought would never happen.”

I said no words but I felt some level of satisfaction after hearing her say that she loves me.

She cleaned her tears with a hanky that hung on the corner of the bed. She left my hand and stood up.

“I forgive you, Dave.”

She entered the bathroom to shower. I didn’t get up from my kneeling position until she got out of the bathroom.

“Dave please stand up. I said that I have forgiven you.”

I stood up immediately to thank her and I went towards her to hug her, wrapping my hands over her shoulders. She didn’t hug me back but I was unbothered. I was happy she had forgiven me.


I was at the office the next day when my secretary came in to inform me that Toya was around and wanted to see me.

“Tell her that I am busy,” was my response.

10 minutes later, he came in again to inform me that Toya wouldn’t leave but I insisted that I was busy until she didn’t have a choice but to leave.

It was closing time and I made my way to the parking lot only to sight Toya in her car, coming out to meet me.

“Dave, why are you doing this?”

“Toya, can you stop this drama already? What is wrong with you?”

“If loving you is wrong, I wanna keep being wrong.”

“You’re crazy, Toya.”

“Yes, I am crazy in love with you.”

I made to enter my car when she held my hands. The scene would be misinterpreted by onlookers so I shook her off immediately. I got into my car and she also got into her car, driving right behind me.

To be continued….

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