Domestic Violence episode 24



Femi was driven in a black Maria to court and pleaded not guilty to the murder charges against him. However, when his neighbours who had witnessed how he pushed her down from the balcony testified that he was used to beating Licia and Shana when they were living together, the judge sentenced him to death by hanging on the grounds that his pushing her off the balcony was premeditated. His parents came to sympathize with him in cell while he was awaiting execution.

Mr Johnson: “Look what you got yourself into, Femi. I warned you that any man who wants to go far in life should beware of women and alcohol. Look at what your lust after women has done to you”.

Femi: “I am sorry I didn’t listen to you. I thought I was enjoying my life. Life has been miserable ever since Shana left me. Are you still in touch with her? I want to at least apologize to her for all the pain and trauma I caused her. And the pregnancy she was carrying when she left my house, what happened to it?”

Ayomide: “You are my elder brother Femi but I am so disappointed at you. For more than ten years, you never asked of Shana and the children she had after you kicked her out of your house. I am ashamed”.

Femi: “Children? My children?”

Ayomide: “She had twins, a boy and a girl, then she relocated to London to live with her brother. She got married to the only son of Nigeria’s High Commissioner to the UK 3 years ago and exactly nine months after, she had another set of twins boy and girl for her husband. Your own twins are about eleven years now and their step father adopted them and they bear his name. They are so intelligent and they are topping in their classes, your children do not even know you exist”.

Femi: “Oh Lord, see what I have brought upon myself. If only I was patient enough”.

Ayomide: “Well, I spoke to Shana and her husband agreed that she brings the children to Nigeria to meet their biological father. Count yourself lucky, man”.

Femi: “I can’t wait to see her, oh my children, I thought I would die childless”, he began to weep.

Femi was led to the execution arena, a pastor was called to pray for him and Femi asked for few minutes to say a word.

Femi: “I have made lots of mistakes in my life because I got carried away by the pleasures of the world, women specifically. I sent out my wife because I felt that she couldn’t give me what other women were giving me. When she left, I remember vividly that she placed a curse on me but I took it for granted thinking that God will forgive me. It is important that we don’t joke with curses that people place on us especially when they are right. I abandoned my wife with her pregnancy because I thought other women can give me children but I was wrong. What I was looking for in Sokoto state was already in my shokoto (trouser) . Now, my children are bearing another man’s name and I will be killed without meeting them. I hope this serves as a deterrent to all men who maltreat their wives and lure women to their bed and try to outsmart them. I pray that God forgives me”.

The hangman’s rope was thrown over his head and immediately they removed the stool he was standing on, Shana and the children arrived but it was too late for Femi had already given up the ghost after being choked by the rope on his neck.

Shana: “Oh no, look what you have brought upon yourself, Femi. God knows that I loved you and I was willing to stand by you through thick and thin but you pushed me to the wall”, she was crying as she shielded her children’s face from the hanging image of their father.

Ayomide: “Why did it take you so long to arrive? He had hopes that he would see you and the kids before he dies”.

Shana: “The weather was bad and our flight was delayed. Marriage should not be 50-50, Divorce is 50-50. Marriage has to be 100-100. Marriage shouldn’t be dividing everything in half, but giving everything you’ve got. I gave you my all Femi, I gave you my 100/100 …but you took it and dashed it against the wall and gave me 50 – 50. I forgive him for whatever he has done to me and may his soul rest in peace”.

The dubious transaction of 20million naira by Femi into Nana’s account caused her bank to alert the EFCC who carried out thorough investigation that indicted her and Femi of gross financial crimes. She was arrested and jailed with her properties and cash including all that Femi had confiscated since they couldn’t persecute him because he had been hanged before his involvement in the financial crime was unveiled.

Shana returned to London with her children after the burial. Today, she lives happily with her husband and 6 kids and she has an NGO that fights for women experiencing domestic violence in their homes.
Note: Thank you so much for staying with me all through the story. I’m sure that you have learnt one or more lessons just like we have from this story. Let’s this serves as a deterrent to all men who maltreat their wives and lure women to their bed and try to outsmart them.




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