Domestic Violence episode 14



Femi quickly got up and grabbed Shana by the waist.

Shana: “What is it? You said I should leave you alone, I have. Why are you now holding me?”

Femi: “Where are you going?”

Shana: “I am going to sleep in the guest room with my mother”.

Femi: “Why would you do that? This is our bedroom”.

Shana: “The room is too toxic for me tonight. I need a change”.

Femi knew that she wasn’t telling him the truth about why she wanted to go to her mother’s place. He knew that her mother would convince her into telling her the issues they were having should he allow her step out of the bedroom with her eyes red and swollen from weeping. He had to switch on his charm if he must keep issues of his marriage away from their families.

Femi: “Baby, don’t tell you are angry over this little misunderstanding that we had”.

Shana: “You call your mocking my inability to get pregnant anytime we have s*x a little misunderstanding? I mean, you call your saying you are wasting your semen on me misunderstanding? If this is a little misunderstanding, then I don’t know which one is big misunderstanding”.

Femi: “Common, now. Somebody cannot joke with you again? I was only kidding now”.

Shana: “No, you weren’t. I know the look on your eyes anytime you are joking, that look was not there today”.

Femi: “Okay, e ma binu, shogbo?”

Shana: “Femi the way you are treating me is not fair. I am your wife and I deserve some respect from you. I…”

“Shhh”, Femi said and hugged her.

Femi: “Okay, I won’t sleep on the floor again. Why should I sleep on the floor when our matrimonial bed is there?” he took her to bed and drew her close but Shana wanted more. She wanted intimacy with her husband. She was s*x starved and she wanted to use the opportunity of her mother’s visit to get all the s*x she could from her husband, who knows, luck may smile on her and she may end up pregnant again. She began to stroke him on his chest, which was his pleasure spot.

Femi was disgusted by her touch but he had to play along.

Femi: “Baby, can we just sleep tonight? I had a very hectic day at work and I need to wake up very early tomorrow morning”.

Shana: “Ife, I want you please”.

“God, I am doomed tonight”, he thought.

Femi: “I thought you would need some time off after the miscarriage”, he wanted to discourage her.

Shana: “Its my body, I know when I want something”.

Without any word or foreplay, Femi mounted his wife. Ever since he started sleeping with Licia, making love to his wife appeared like a monumental task to him, something he would rather not do but for the situation on ground. Licia was the perfect one for him, she knew how to touch the right places at the right time, she had the perfect control over his ‘mumu button’. When she touched him, he experienced pleasure in spots he never knew could give him so much pleasure. Shana was super good too, deep within his heart he knew that his wife could give him all the satisfaction that he was getting from Licia but the fact that she was finding it difficult to give him a child was a great turn off for him. This thought affected him anytime he wanted to get intimate with her, he would always find himself having weak erection around her and most times he couldn’t even last in her for five minutes, she never complained but he knew that he was failing in his duties to her but he didn’t mind so long as Licia was there to make up for what he was missing with his wife.

Shana wanted s*x but she wanted it to be deep, she didn’t just want them to have s*x, she wanted her husband to make love to her, love making with him was one of the best things that ever happened to her. It was an avenue for their souls to connect, which was exactly what she needed. She was beginning to detest Femi for all the pains he was putting her through but she knew that if their souls could connect as it did the first time they made love in his car in front of their father’s house, the fire that used to burn in her heart for him will be rekindled. In her deep thoughts, she didn’t even notice when Femi undressed her and parted her legs. She only felt him force his way in, it was painful because she was dry. He needed to have played with her to put her in the mood for the guest her v****a was about to receive.

Shana: “Take it easy, Femi. It hurts”, she screamed from under him.

Femi: “What hurts? Are you a virgin, why are you sounding like this is the first time you are being fucked?”

Shana: “Femi!”

Femi: “Okay, I am sorry! I will ride gently. I thought this is what you have always wanted”. He continued to bang her at the tempo he started. Shana was panting and struggling for breath under him, this wasn’t what she had expected and she could not hide her frustration.

Few minutes later, after ejaculating, Femi withdrew from her and ran to the restroom to clean up himself. He was disgusted with his wife and himself and he wondered how and when he had grown to hate her that much.

Shana curled up to her side of the bed, she had her blanket over head and she was weeping, more from psychological pain than from the pain she felt in between her legs.

Two months later, Femi was getting close, pretty close for comforts with Nana the new banker that was employed in their branch some months back. He had never been intimate with her but he knew that it won’t take too long for him to have his way with her. The girl was damn hot and he knew that she wanted him as much as much he wanted her. He was being careful because he didn’t want to risk tarnishing his image in the bank.

“Hello, Mr manager”, he looked up from his computer screen, it was Nana, the very person that was causing him to be restless.

Femi: “Hi, Nana. It is not yet time for lunch break yet”.

Nana: “Of course I know that it is just past twelve, I was missing your face so I came to see you”.

Femi: “That is serious o, the thing you are looking for, you will see it one day o. You look stunning, I must confess”.

Nana: “I am inviting you to my house for dinner after work tonight. You don’t wanna miss what’s on the menu for you”. She winked at him and left the office.

After her mother left, Shana and Femi went back to the normal status quo of strangers in their homes. Femi was hardly at home during weekdays and weekends and whenever he came home, he would change into a casual wear and leave home. He was frequently spending the nights out and each time she tried to complain, he would get violent and hit her. Her body bore marks of Femi’s punches and she was a shadow of herself.

A knock on her door brought her out of her reverie. She checked the time, it was some minutes past 6, she wondered if Femi had decided to come home early for dinner that day but she knew that would not be possible. She went to the door and her heart skipped a beat when she saw Ayomide standing at the door, dressed in a white shirt, and looking so innocent. She didn’t know when she ran into his arms and began to weep.

Ayomide was taken aback, he wasn’t expecting such reactions. Shana recollected herself and led him into the sitting room wiping her tears.

Ayomide was surprised to see Shana looking tattered with bruises all over her face. She was a shadow of herself and his heart went out to her.

Ayomide: “Shana, what is wrong with you? I must confess that you don’t look good”.

Shana: “I am fine”, she replied turning away and wiping the tears that was forming in her eyes.

Ayomide: “You are crying. Oh my God, this is serious”, he walked up to her. “I am sorry I have not been around for you the way a friend ought to. I am sure Femi would have told you that I have not been to Nigeria for the past five years now. I actually came home yesterday to start my marriage process. My fiance’s family are based here and that’s why we want to have a Nigerian wedding”. He observed that she was not listening to him and so he took her hand in his.

Shana lost control of herself and began to cry. Ayomide took her in her hands and began to console her, he was stroking her hair and encouraging her to confide in him. He raised up her face to give her a reassuring peck on the cheek when the door opened and Femi walked in.

Femi: “What! My brother and my wife doing it behind my back in my house? Oh my God. Shana, you didn’t see anybody to give your cheap body except my brother? And you Ayo, what are doing kissing my wife in my house? So, you can’t even wait for me to die before you inherit my prostitute of a wife?”



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