Domestic Violence episode 17



Ayomide drove to the bank and was told that Femi had stepped out for a meeting at the bank’s headquarters. He waited for him and when he didn’t return after one hour, he left for an eatery where he got fried rice with coke and chicken for Shana who was on bed rest in the hospital.

At the hospital gate, he saw a fruit vendor and he bought enough for her. When he got to the female ward, Shana was already awake.

Shana: “Where have you been? I thought you have abandoned me too”, she tried to smile but gave up for she had blisters on her lips where Femi had punched her.

Ayomide: “I went to get you food, madam”.

Shana: “Really? Wow! That is nice, as if you know that I am famished”.

Ayomide: “Of course I know you are. Anybody who looks at you knows that you are famished”.

Shana: “You are not well o, Ayo. Da’aku bring out the food let me eat before hunger kills me here”.

Ayomide brought out the food and attempted to feed her but Shana declined.

Shana:”What do you mean by you want to feed me? Can’t I feed myself? What happened to my hand?”

Ayomide: “I am just trying to be nice to my younger sister”, he teased her.

Shana: “Get out, jor. Younger sister indeed! Weh don sah, in Falz’ voice”.

Ayomide laughed and moved to the visitor’s chair to allow her eat in peace. From the corner of his eyes, he was watching her and his heart went out to her. “If only she is not married to my brother”, he thought.

Shana stayed in the hospital all through that day and Femi didn’t even call to find out where she was or what was happening to her. After she was discharged the next day, Ayomide came to pay the bills and drive her home.

Ayomide: “Are you sure you still want to go back to that house?”

Shana: “Of course. Where do you want me to go if not my matrimonial home?”

Ayomide: “Oh please, cut the matrimonial bullshit. I have seen where people were killed in their matrimonial homes by their spouses”.

Shana: “I don’t understand you, Ayo. Ever since we came to the hospital, you have been speaking in parables. I told you what happened to me was a domestic accident, I don’t know why you don’t want to believe me”.

Ayomide: “I don’t believe you because deep within your heart you know that you are lying”.

Shana was surprised and took her eyes away from him.
Ayomide took her hands and raised her gaze to meet his.

Ayomide: “You don’t have to cover for him, Shana. It is obvious that this marriage is not working out between you two. Why don’t you speak up? What is it that binds you so much to him that you cannot let go? Yes, Femi is my brother and I love and wish him well from the depth of my heart but that guy has turned into a monster over the years. What he did to you few days back is an indication that he can kill you some day. You need to walk away before it becomes too late. Go back to your parents, nobody is saying you should divorce him if you don’t want to. You two could separate for a while and see if you can mend the bridges. Take a look at yourself, you look older than your age, you are suffering and don’t even think of pretending about this”.

Shana: “Hmmn, where do I begin from, Ayo? Femi is no longer the man I married years ago but I don’t blame him, he is angry that I haven’t been able to give him a child. If I can just get pregnant, I am sure that everything will be fine”.

Ayomide: “Nonsense, arrant nonsense. Are you God who gives children? Why should that be the condition for him to love you? Is it not what he puts into you that you would bring out? Does he expect you to go and get pregnant outside and bring for him? I mean how can a right thinking man expect his wife to get pregnant with the kind of psychological trauma that he is putting you through?”

Shana: “I don’t know. I just don’t want to walk out of this marriage. I intend to make it work no matter what happens. My parents have been married for more than thirty years now and my mother has never had any cause to report her husband to his family, neither has she ever contemplated walking away from the marriage. Why should my own case be different? I don’t want to bear a divorcee tag at this age”.

Ayomide: “I am sure your mother wouldn’t have hesitated to dump your father if he did half of what Femi is doing to you. How can you even compare your father with Femi? That monster?”

Shana: “I know you still love me, Ayo and you would rather see me leave your brother but…”

Ayomide: “You are wrong my dear. I used to love you but I killed that love the moment you said ‘I do’ to my brother. I am getting married soon and I love my fiancé. What I feel for you is just sisterly love nothing more”.

Shana: “Then stay away from my marriage. Don’t try to make me abandon my husband, I beg”.

Ayomide: “It is only a mad man that would sit and fold his arms and watch his brother murder his wife. Since you cannot speak up yourself, I will speak for you. I am going to tell our parents everything that I know about your marriage”.

Shana: “You will do no such thing, Ayo. I didn’t make you my advocate so stop drinking panadol for my headache. I forbid you from ever discussing my marriage with anyone, if you do, we cease to be friends forever”.

Ayomide: “Fine! Lips sealed. Just make sure that your ghost doesn’t come to disturb me to expose me when he finally kills you”, he started the car and drove off.

Femi had no option but to accept Licia’s conditions because he knew that she would make good her threat of tarnishing his image should he do the contrary. He was however worried about his wife and how she would receive the news. Licia was on his neck and had no option than to take her home with him. His driving into the compound coincided with Ayomide driving in to drop his wife at home.

Femi: “So, you are still following my wife about? What sort of a brother are you?”

Ayomide ignored his rantings, helped Shana to carry her bags to the room and drove away without saying a word to his brother.

Shana was sitting on the sofa in the sitting room when she saw Licia drag in a travelling bag.

Shana: “Excuse me, where do you think you are going with that bag?” she was too weak to stand up and confront her.

Licia: “Madam, please. If you have any questions, ask your husband. I am here to do my job”.

Shana: “Your job? What on earth could that be if I may ask?”

Femi walked in and hugged Shana to her surprise.

Femi: “I brought in a house help for you, sweetheart. I don’t want you to be stressing yourself doing all the job in the house”.

Shana: “I don’t need a house help, Femi. We never discussed this. What do I need a help for? Besides, this lady is too big serve as a maid”.

Femi: “You worry too much, love. I know I have not been the best husband in recent times and I am willing to make amends that’s why I got you a maid”.

Shana: “No, this is not right. There is no way this old cargo is going to stay in my house as a maid. No way! Hey you”, he turned to Licia, “Leave my house, there is no space for you here”.

Licia: “I will serve you well, madam. I promise”.

Shana’s brain struck when she heard Licia speak. “I have heard that voice before o, where o, where did I hear her talk? She was trying to remember where she had met Licia in the past.

Question: How do you think is the best way for Shana to approach this situation?



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