Domestic Violence episode 15



Ayomide was too shock for words. It took him some minutes before he regained his voice.

Ayomide: “Are you okay, Femi? What do you mean by what you just said?”

Femi: “Oh, you have the mouth to talk after I caught you with my wife?”

Ayomide: “Why won’t I talk? What did you find me doing with your wife? Oh, so because she is your wife somebody cannot talk to her again? Have you forgotten that she was my friend even before you married her?”

Femi: “That is it, I know that you have always wanted her, I know that you are jealous that I married her. You are so stupid that you won’t even let go even for the fact that she is married to your elder brother”.

Ayomide: “Look, I don’t know what you are talking about okay? There is no way that I could have thought of coveting your wife. For your information, I came home to take a wife. I just thought of coming here to check on you since you wouldn’t pick my calls or reply your Skype messages”.

Femi: “I see that you are not even sorry for what you have done”.

Ayomide: “And what have I done, Mr Femi?” he was getting irritated by his brother’s irritating attitude.

Femi: “Are you asking me?” he charged at his brother and slapped him hard across the face.

Ayomide was shocked, he didn’t know that his half brother could ever raise his hand against him. Their parents had raised them in love and they had been warned never to fight no matter how provoked they felt.

Shana’s heart skipped a beat, she was afraid that the two brothers will start fighting and over her for that matter. She didn’t want that kind of a scandal and she was determined to do anything to prevent it.

Ayomide felt blood rush into his veins, his fists clenched and he felt like punching his brother on the jaw but he thought against it.

Ayomide: “Thank you so much for the slap. This is what I can get for coming to check on my brother and his wife. No wonder Shana looks pale and ruined, take a second look at your wife, is this the woman you married years ago? Was she this tattered? Posterity will judge you for all that you are doing”, he made to leave and stopped shortly before he got to the door.

“And the bruises on her face, I don’t need to ask where they came from. You have obviously turned her into your punching bag. And you Shana, you better run for your life before he kills you”. He turned to leave but Femi charged at him but Shana ran up and stood in between them and Ayomide shook his head and walked out banging the door behind him.

Shana: “What is wrong with you? Leave your brother alone, he has done nothing wrong”.

Femi: “Oh really, he has done nothing wrong by touching you? He was about kissing you before I came in, who knows how far he would have gone if I hadn’t returned as at the time I did? I guess you would not mind having him on our matrimonial bed. Ayomide, your eternal crush who knows how many times he had visited behind my back to service you?”

Shana: “Femi, you may call me whatever you wish but never you in your pathetic life insinuate that I am cheating on you. See who is talking about our matrimonial bed, do you know the sanctity of the matrimonial bed? If you do, would you abandon your matrimonial bed for the bed of your mistresses? What moral justification have you to query me even if I am cheating on you? When was the last time you touched me and made me feel like a woman?”

Femi: “You now talk back at me? Is that how much you now disrespect me? I will show you that I am the man of the house and you have to respect me”. He gave her a hard slap that sent her crashing on the sofa behind her. Before she could comprehend what was happening, another slap had landed on her left eye, hot tears began to stream down her face. Femi was on top her in no time hitting and punching her, she tried to escape from his clutch but he pinned her down and was raining blows on her. She tried to push him off but his weight was too much for her. With all the strength she had left in her, she raised her hand and struck him hard on the face. Femi was shocked and momentarily taken aback, she seized the opportunity and ran away, she ran to the bedroom but he ran after her and caught up with her. He yanked her head against the wall and she felt like she would pass out. She knew that she had to run away before Femi kills her, he grabbed her head and was to repeat what he did but she outsmarted him and raised her knee, in his rage, he didn’t see her raise her knee and it connected with his balls sending him reeling with pain on his knees. She bolted out and made for the sitting room. She wanted to run out for her life. She got to the door but she found out that it was locked. She tried to turn the key but the fright in her heart caused her hands to tremble and she was fumbling with the keys, suddenly she turned around and Femi grab her on the waist and throw her on the floor.

Femi: “You think you can run away? Where do you think you are running to, Ayomide’s place? I see that what you have in between your legs is scratching you for some action, I am going to give you so much that you would never dream of cheating on me again”, he removed his belt and parted her legs.

Shana: “Don’t do this Femi, I am your wife you can’t rape me”.

Femi: “Who said it is rape? Thank God you know you are my wife and only I am taking what is mine”, there was fire in his eyes and Shana knew that this animal before her was not the man she married.

She attempted to plead but Femi struck her hard across the face and forced his way into her. The pain of his painful penetration coupled with the pain from the physical injuries he had inflicted on her was too much for her to bear and she began to scream attracting the attention of their neighbours. The more she screamed, the more Femi increased the tempo of his pounding, he was glad that he was causing her pain and her screams urged him on. A heavy knock on the door forced him to pause, Shana began to scream harder when she heard the knock, she knew that she needed help and there was no way she could keep quiet and allow Femi pound her to her death.

Neighbour: “Open the door now”.

Femi: “Who are you and why should I open the door?”

Neighbour: “I heard your wife screaming, what is going on there?”

Femi: “She is screaming out of pleasure, haven’t you and your wife had noisy sex before?”

The neighbour obviously not convinced with the story kept on knocking but Femi ignored him and when Shana tried to scream for help, he brought his hand over her lips. The neighbour got tired and left them.

Satisfied with his urge and anger, Femi withdrew from her and kicked her leaving her rolling on the ground in pain. He went into the bathroom, had a quick bath and rushed out of the house. He was going to have a pleasurable rest at Nana’s place, his new found mistress.

Shana layed in the spot for more than one hour weeping and regretting ever getting married to Femi. She knew that it was time to talk to her parents about Femi’s attitude but she didn’t want to be the cause of trouble between the two families. She was still wallowing in her physical and psychological pain when her phone began to ring. It was Ayomide calling.

Ayomide: “How are you, Shana? I just called to check on you and to ask if you need my help in anyway, I don’t like the way you were looking when I saw you this earlier this evening”.

Shana: “I…Ayomide, I…” her voice went off and she began to cry.

Ayomide: “Shana talk to me, why are you crying?”

Shana: “I am in pain”, she managed to say.

Ayomide: “Just stay put, I am coming right away. You don’t sound good”.

Shana: “No, don’t. I will be fine”, Ayomide had already dropped the call.



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