Domestic Violence episode 18



Shana’s brain struck when she heard Licia speak. “I have heard that voice before o, where o, where did I hear her talk? She was trying to remember where she had met Licia in the past.

Shana: “Yes, I remember you, the lady at the mall right? This voice sounds like hers even though I couldn’t see your face properly that day”

Licia knew that she had to put up a lot of pretense if she must achieve her goals in the house. She didn’t know that Shana could still recognize her after the short encounter they had at the mall since she had on her head a fascinator that covered her face else she would have made conscious effort to hide her identity.

She switched on her charm and changed her voice, she wasn’t afraid because the native doctor she visited for the concoction she needed had assured her that she will be allowed to stay in the house with little resistance, so she felt safe since she had a spiritual backing.

Licia: “Me? I have never met you in my life before”. She lied.

Femi walked up to Shana and wrapped his arms around her. “I know that you have been going through a lot recently, my dear. But you don’t have to get worked up. Which man will be stupid enough to bring his mistress home as a maid? You are just imagining things. This lady was recommended by my mother’s friend who runs a corporate maids organization so you have nothing to fear”.

Shana: “How can your mum recommend this kind of a woman? Why didn’t she consult me before taking the decision?

Femi: “Okay, so are you saying that I am lying? Like I am a liar now simply because I don’t want my wife to stress herself in doing all the house chores alone right?”

Shana: “I am not talking about what you did”.

Femi: “Then what are you saying? What can I ever do to please you?” he snapped at her.

Shana knew that her husband was beginning to get angry and she decided to bring down her voice.

“What I am saying is that this lady doesn’t look like a maid to me, she doesn’t look like what your mother recommended”.

Femi: “Fine, then pick up your phone and ask my mum yourself since you don’t believe me”.

Shana: “But Femi, I can remember the voice, I know I didn’t take my time to look at her well enough that day but…”

Femi: “Shhh…relax your brain. She is your personal maid. Put her on probation for few weeks and if she doesn’t impress you, send her away”.

Shana: “Are you sure about this?”

Femi: “Cross my heart, sweeri. Come to the bedroom, I have a gift for you”.

Shana: “What kind of a gift is that? After you gave me the beating of my life and left me for dead yesterday?”

Femi: “I don’t know what came over me, I was drunk, when the effect of the alcohol cleared and I got back my senses, I tried to call you but your number was switched off. It won’t happen again, I promise”.

Shana: “It had better not or else this time around I won’t hesitate to tell our parents everything”.

Femi: “Yes, ma’am”.

Somewhere from the corner she was standing, Licia was looking at the couple with Envy, she wanted Femi all to herself and that was why she had humbled herself to become a maid so that she can be close enough to get his wife out of the way and take over his heart and home.

That night, Femi and Shana made love while Licia was in her room fuming and dialing his number repeatedly.

Early the next morning, after he got dressed for work, Femi peered into his wife face and saw that she was sleeping soundly, then he tiptoed into the guest room and tapped gently on the door. Licia opened the door and allowed him in.

Licia: “What are you looking for here? Go back to your wife”.

Femi: “Hey, don’t tell me somebody is jealous already. I warned you about is but you insisted that you can cope”.

Licia: “Is that why you refused to pick my calls last night?”

Femi: “Oh Lord, you will never cease to amaze me, Licia. I thought the rationale between your moving in here was so we can always have face to face contact rather than talking over the phone”.

Licia: “You are just avoiding the topic. You were on top her, having s*x with her and that was why you refused to pick my calls”.

Femi: “Oh yeah, and what is wrong with that? She is my wife so?”

Licia: “Well, what it means is that you have to give it to me this morning. I warned you that you must treat us equally if you want peace in this house. You gave it to her yesterday, you will give it to me this morning”. She came close to his and brought her lips over his.

Femi: “No, babe. I have to run to work, it’s a work day remember?”

Licia: “How many minutes does it take to have a quickie? Besides, this is just 6: 30pm, so you have no excuse”.

Few minutes later, Femi rushed out to his car after a sizzling hot doggie quickie session.

Shana woke and came into the sitting room and discovered that the place was yet to be cleaned. She walked over to the kitchen and there in the sink were the dishes of the previous night. “I thought I have a house help? It is almost 9pm and my house help is yet to wake up? What is she doing in my house then?” she walked over to the guest room and pounded on the door, Licia was soundly asleep, she had the habit of falling into a deep sleep immediately after s*x. Another pound on the door and she jumped up, wrapped her body with a wrapper and opened the door. “This woman will force me to commit murder one of these days. Why on earth is she knocking on the door like that? Because she feels this is her house? Well, by the time I am through with her, she will pack her things and run away”, she caused under her breath.

Licia: “Good morning, ma”, she said as she opened the door.

Shana: “Morning. Are you just waking up?”

Licia: “Yes, erm…no”.

Shana: “Yes and no, what is that? Anyway, it is almost 9am and you are yet to begin your work for the day. Why is that?”

Licia: “Sorry ma, I have battling with this headache since yesterday and I didn’t sleep all night?”

Shana: “Why didn’t you sleep at night? Are you a witch?”

Licia: “No o. I have a very complex system, anytime I change environment I find it difficult to sleep at night”.

Shana: “Come and get some pain reliefs for your headache and I need the sitting room and kitchen tidied immediately. I will like to take fried plantain and fried eggs with custard this morning. I don’t take my breakfast later than 10am and I don’t eat in a dirty sitting room neither do I allow my food to be prepared in a dirty kitchen. It is already past 9, meaning you have less than one hour to go, I don’t know how you are going to achieve that”. She turned to leave the room.

Licia: “What!” she exclaimed with disbelief.
Shana turned around.

“Did you say anything to me?”

Licia: “No, ma. I was talking to myself”.

Shana: “Better!” she turned around, went into her room and collapsed in laughter. “By the time I am through with that thing that calls herself a maid, she will go back to wherever my mother in law picked her from. Wow, it feels so good to have somebody to order about. No wonder Femi enjoys lording it over me. Well. Since I can’t stand up to Femi, this maid will bear the brunt of my transferred aggression”.

Licia walked over to the kitchen carrying a poisonous substance under her dress. “Let me see how you will drink this custard in peace today. You think you can just command me about and go free, you better say your last prayer in place of prayer before meal”.

Question: Is this the end of the road for Shana? Was it wise of her to accept a maid she knows nothing about?



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