Domestic Violence episode 5



They walked out of the restaurant holding hands with a lot going through Femi’s head, he was thinking of a plan B that only him knew about.

Femi drove her home in his black BMW, during the drive home, he spoke less because he was preoccupied with what Shana had told him back then at the restaurant. “So, Ayo has eyes for her and he never told me? And she is stupid enough to tell me she wants to seek permission from my younger brother before accepting me, what a lady. I wish I wasn’t in love with her already, I would have just kicked her ass out of my car”, he thought. When they got to the front of her gate, she stopped him from driving into the compound.

Shana: “Don’t bother driving in, it is late already, you go home and rest, remember that you have to be at work early tomorrow morning. I will go in myself”.

Femi: “Hey, I am not complaining, I will be fine”.

Shana: “I insist, Femi”.

Femi: “Okay, madam. Can I at least get a hug or a peck or preferably a kiss?”

Shana: “Hmmn, Femi Femo!”, she teased. “Where you wan see kiss? Na only hug you go get”, she drew near and gave him a side hug but he held her tight as if his life depended on his holding on to her. At first she felt awkward being in such a compromising position with the brother of her crush but as she inhaled his perfume and as her heart beat synced with his, she relax and Femi, the veteran that he is at women affairs could tell that she was already melting for him. He raised up her head and brought his lips low to her own.

Shana: “No Femi, stop this, you know it is not right. I haven’t accepted to go out with you yet”.

Femi: “Shhhh, relax. This is just a harmless kiss”. He switched off the car’s bulb and turned off the ignition. Before she could open the door to get out, he grabbed her hands and began to kiss her passionately. His lips were hot and she could feel the passion with which he was devouring her small mouth. She on her part was dormant, allowing him to do the kissing alone but when he began to roll his tongue in her mouth, her resistance gave way to longing and she began to respond. Femi saw this as a good sign and so he intensified his game. He removed his lips from her own and began to lick her face with his tongue, a gesture that sent her wild with desires. He kissed her cute pointed nose, her ear lobes and her neck while she mourned softly. Suddenly he stopped.

Femi: “I am sorry I went this far. I didn’t intend to take advantage of you. I was only carried away by your beauty and the love I have for you”. He apologized.

Shana: “Shhh…don’t say a word”. She brought her face to his and covered his wide mouth with her small mouth. It was blissful for Femi who even thought he wanted to have her didn’t want to do so without her consent. His left palm found its way into her bra and he began to fondle her breast. First gently and then the tempo increased with the intensity of her gentle moaning. He squeezed her nipples and a sharp groan escaped from her lips which were devouring his. Moving a step further, he reached for her belly button which was located at the middle of her flat stomach. It was all together a new experience for Shana who didn’t want him to stop. He had magical fingers and was touching her in the right places, treasure spots she never knew she had. “If the cost of me enjoying myself this much is to get Ayomide out of my heart, then so be it” she thought.

Femi’s hand made its way into her lace pant and he found the cookie in between her legs well shaven and smooth, just the way he liked it. Her pant was wet, he had succeeded in turning her on and effortlessly for that matter! Gently, he slid one of his fingers into her and she felt tight. “A virgin?” he asked himself. He continued to finger her gently, careful not to hurt her because she was wincing as if from pain. She let her hands move to his groin and she undid his belt and unzipped his trousers. When her hand connected with his manhood in his trousers, she became a little bit scared. The manhood felt inviting big and sexy but she a virgin was afraid that she may not be able to contain him. She began to squeeze him, not knowing what to do. When her moanings increased, Femi paused and looked into her eyes.

Shana: “Why did you stop?”

Femi: “Are you sure you want this? I won’t do it if you do not want me to”.

Shana: “I want to but I am afraid”.

Femi: “Afraid of what? Are you a virgin?”

Shana: “Yes, I did engage in a couple of foreplay before but I never had sex. I heard it hurts, I am so scared?”

Femi: “You don’t have to be, I will be gentle. The earlier you get used to it, the better. You are not getting younger you know”.

Shana: “But this”, she pinched his manhood. Can it enter me?”

Femi: “Hahaha…of course it will. Don’t mind its size, you made it swell like that”.

They clasped their bodies together in a warm embrace, she knew that there were questions she ought to ask me, precautions to take but all sense of reasoning was lost when he removed her pants and undressed her. The discarding of each item of her clothing was seduction. As her dress gave way revealing her petit but fresh body, he threw caution to the wind and drew the car seat back. He was going to have her in his car and there was no going back about it.

As a veteran, Femi was far from a learner. He knew how to handle a woman’s body for optimum pleasure. He was out to impress, to flatter and to give her a memorable first impression. He parted her legs and brought his body on her. “I will be gentle”, he whispered into her ear assuring her. Gently, he pushed his way into her, she was already wet and so it wasn’t as difficult as she had imagined. When he penetrated her, she let out a scream, a painful one. For Femi, he had set out to have fun with her but this was no longer the case when he came out of her exhausted and satisfied.

First time sex for them was what bonded their souls together and they knew that there was no way there could run away from each other.

Less than a year later, after her graduation, they had gotten married in an elaborate wedding that was sponsored by their parents and well wishers. It took the joint collaboration of their parents to persuade Ayomide to allow Femi marry Shana since he was never in any relationship with her. After the ceremony, the newlyweds drove home in their Limousine to begin their honeymoon. Ayomide and other relations were already in the house making sure that everything was intact for the arrival of the bride and groom. A couple of close friends and families were gathered there for the welcome party too.

As soon as they got home, Shana with her maid of honour and makeup artist went into her room to change into a gold coloured dress and change her makeup for the welcome party. Her makeup artist was still highlighting and contouring her face when Ayomide came in.

Ayomide: “Iyawowa (our wife), congratulations. I must say that you look extra stunning today. If not that Femi is my half brother, hmmn…” he remarked with a pinch of jealousy in his voice.

Shana sensing the dangerous trends that the conversation was taking asked her maid of honour and makeup artist to excuse her to have a word with her brother in law.

Shana: “I am sorry, Ayo. You will always be my best friend”.

Ayomide: “Oh yeah, best friend, that is what I am good for. I spent years of my life dreaming about you and crushing on you only for me to be relegated to a best friend zone. Thank you”.

Shana: “You have no right to scream at me. I also crushed on you, in fact, I was head over heels in love with you. I waited for the day when you would asked me out, in fact I prayed for it and I would have gladly accepted you but you never spoke up. How is that my fault?”

Ayomide: “I was afraid of getting “NO” for an answer. I loved you but I didn’t want you to reject me and so I suffered in silence. I promised myself that I would summon courage to ask you out when I come back but alas, my brother was smarter than I”. He cleaned the sweet on his forehead with his handkerchief. “Tell me, Shana. Do you love him more than you love me? If you had a choice, would you choose him over me?”

Shana: “Such questions are irrelevant now. I am already married and to your brother at that”.

Ayomide: “Don’t you dare give me evasive answers, Shana. I know you still love me and deep within your heart, you prefer me to him”. He drew near to her with the intention of giving her a passionate kiss, that moment, Femi was walking up the stairs to his wife room to lead her out to the welcome party.

Shana took a step back when she saw Ayomide coming close to her, she knew that the bottled up feelings she had for him could give way to actions that could ruin her few hours old marriage.



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