Domestic Violence episode 8



Shana was confined to staying at home after she returned from the hospital. It wasn’t really a new thing for her because she had been used to stay at home prior to the time of the pregnancy. When her pregnancy was in its 6 th month, she began to go out for shopping with her husband. That Saturday, Femi took her out to ‘Little Mee Children’s Shop’ for another round of shopping.

Shana: “Is that necessary? We have shopped enough and I am still placing orders online so why should we go for another shopping?”

Femi: “We will continue shopping until our child is born and even after that, we will continue shopping. Our child deserves all the good things of the world”.

Shana: “Hmmn, it is good to have a bank manager as a father o, our baby is very lucky”, she teased him.

Femi helped her to get dressed and they drove to the shop in the new car he bought for her. She offered to drive but he wouldn’t hear of it.

Shana: “I miss driving, Ifemi. Can I at least drive this time around?”

Femi: “No o, you can’t drive”.

Shana: “Why can’t I?”

Femi: “Because I don’t want you to inconvenience my baby in the womb. I will be driving you anywhere you want and if there is any need for me to get a driver for you, I will gladly do that”.

Shana: “Okay o, I have heard, our daddy”. She ran her finger through his laps where he was seated at the driver’s corner.

Femi: “Yes o, ah, this one that you are touching my thighs, don’t put me in the mood for anything o”.

Shana: “Anything like what?” she winked.

Femi: “You know now, those things we used to do before you got pregnant”.

Shana: “But seriously, Femi. We haven’t made love since this pregnancy thing started. You know it is not wrong for us to do it right?”

Femi: “There’s absolutely no way we are gonna make love until you give birth”.

Shana: “Why?” she asked with disbelief in her eyes.

Femi: “Because I don’t wanna hurt my baby in there. You know how much of a rough rider I am. I don’t want my baby to be crying that daddy’s rod is hitting his head or eyes or even ear. Don’t want a deformed child”.

Shana: “Hahaha. You will not kill me o, Ifemi. Go away jor, you don spoil finish”.

Femi: “Na you spoil me o, my first name was Innocent before I met you”.

They got to the shop and Femi did not spare any effort in buying all the baby things that caught his fancy. Shana was not finding it funny because they had already bought some of these items over and over again.

Shana: “No, we don’t need that flannel. We already bought about ten of that. No, Ifemi, we don’t need anymore body and sleepsuits. We bought more than twenty already”.

Femi: “Relax, iya abeji. This is daddy shopping for his child, okay”.

Shana: “But we keep buying newborn sizes as if the child will remain a new born forever. Let’s wait till the child grows before we buy more things”.

Femi: “Shopping is a continual thing, babe. When that time comes, we shall shop more”.

They had just finished shopping and were waiting on the POS for their payment when Licia walked in. Femi was shocked when he saw her because he hadn’t seen her since the last time he sent her out of his office. She had called him several times after the incidence and he had refused to pick. He knew that Licia could be troublesome and he didn’t want her to meet his wife for fear of her reaction. Licia’s face lit up immediately she saw him.

Licia: “Look who we have here, my own Femi. I told you that you can hide but not run away”. She tried to hug him he moved out of her reach.

Femi: “Hi, Licia”.

Licia: “What is that? Won’t you at least give me a hug? After you haven’t seen me for a while? By the way, what are you doing in a baby’s shop?”

Femi: “What else can I be doing here if not to shop for my unborn child?”

Licia: “I see? So, your wife sent you to shop? Are you her errand boy now? So, the Femi that I treat like a king in bed is now some local woman’s errand boy? Tufia!”

Femi: “Keep your voice down, Licia! This is a public place and as a woman, you shouldn’t be running your mouth anyhow”.

Licia: “I will run my mouth anyhow and anywhere I want. Why didn’t you think of all these before you worked your way into my bed?”

Femi: “Licia!” he raised up his head and saw his wife coming in from the diapers corner of the shop. He had wanted to make the encounter with Licia as brief as possible before his wife came back but it appeared that his plans were beginning to fall apart when he saw the scowl on Licia’s face when she saw his wife walking towards them.

Shana: “Sorry for keeping you waiting, Ifemi. I saw so many diapers products there that I didn’t even know which one to choose. Anyway, I finally settled for this Huggies after the sales woman told me it is made in the UK. That is what my brother’s wife used when she had her first child”. She noticed that Femi was not concentrating.

Shana: “Who is this lady beside you? A colleague or a customer?”

Femi: “Oh, don’t mind me, I was carried away trying to calculate an amount. Yes, she is my colleague. Can we go now?”

Licia: “Not so fast, Femi. So this is your wife? Wow, I finally get to meet her, interesting. I must say that she is not looking bad. Even with the pregnancy, she looks stunning. So tell me, why are you cheating on her? I mean the way you are all over me, one would think that your wife is one ugly of a woman”.

Femi was trying to plead with her with his eyes but she pretended not to see it and kept on running her mouth.

Licia: “The almighty Femi can no longer talk? Have you suddenly gone deaf and dumb?”

Femi: “Licia!” he thundered attracting the attention of everyone in the mall.

Licia: “You mean ‘Real deal’ that is my name, remember?” she was determined to taunt him and expose his excesses before his wife for the way he treated her.

Shana: “Oh, so this is the Reap deal that has caused me so much pain? Femi, you brought me out here to shop for our baby and you still have the guts to call your mistress to meet us here. Is that how much you hate me?”

Femi: “No, I…I…didn’t…”

Licia: “Madam, did he tell you how I used to make him scream on bed like a little child? I used to make him go on so many rounds that he had to beg me for mercy. And oh, he loves the way I move my wet tongue up and down his abdomen. That is where the password to his sexuality is. And by the way, he said your honey pot is not as tight as it used to be, I think you should work on that. Remember it is going to expand more after you give birth, that will completely send Femi away”.

Shana: “Oh my God, Femi! You took my secrets out to your mistress? I can’t take this anymore. I am done with this marriage. You can go ahead and f**k all the women in the world since I am now too wide for you”. She stormed out of the mall leaving the things she bought behind. Shana could not see Licia’s face because she was wearing a large hair facinator that covered her face. She wished she had seen her face just to know what she looked like.

Licia: “Hahahahah, I told you that you cannot use me and dump me”.

Femi: “You have succeeded in ruining my day, thanks to your big mouth. Do you know that my wife has high blood pressure? Do you know that what you just said can ruin our pregnancy? What if she harms herself? What if she reports me to her family? Do you know the kind of enmity that will cause between us? You will pay for this, I promise that you will”. He ran out to go after his wife.

Licia: “All those big vocabulary, na you sabi. I no dey do jazz o but by the time I am through with you, your marriage would be a thing of the past and your job will no longer be yours. Na my mouth I go take ruin all your reputation for this Nigeria. In your next world, you will never underestimate the power of a woman”.
Question: Is Shana doing the right thing by threatening to walk away from the marriage?



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