An Overseas Husband episode 5


If there was anything granny was known for, was her ever savoury Oha soup.

“I have never seen anything like this in the states.” Joanie, uncle Emeka’s white wife complimented.

“Don’t you have such meals over there?” My father asked, trying to show his English speaking skill. I trust my father when it comes to English fluency. He could pass for a student of the queen’s college. No one will suspect he graduated from the Kufena’s college, Zaria, Kaduna state.

“We do but I didn’t know she will enjoy it like this. Probably it’s mama’s charm.”

It was partly a lie. Our meals over there are expensive. I heard so from Chika; her fiance told her.
We all laughed at uncle Emeka’s compliment to granny. Did I forget to add that uncle Emeka changed his name to Solomon as he traveled out? I begin to wonder why. I made up my mind to ask him after the meal.

“Actually, some whites find it difficult pronouncing our names so we take up a subtle name which is easier for them.”

That was the reason he gave to me. I asked if I would change mine if I ever make it to the states. He had laughed and rubbed his palms together as he placed a hand on my shoulder and said.

“You can still bear Stella over there. You really want to come over to the States?”

I opened my mouth to reply with a vehement yes when his wife walked in and gave him a peck as she found a seat close to him.

“You must be the bride.” I wondered what her voice will be like when she screams. Hannah would have been in the best possible to find the best description for her voice.
Her English was clear and came out without any obstruction. Even when I tried to mimick her, it was obvious I would run out of breath if I didn’t stop.

“No. It’s Chika my older cousin.”
I had wanted to scream. . .”I’m not the bride. I’m the bride’s cousin” but I reasoned that she won’t get the joke. She should but I didn’t say it.

“Baby, I want to see the stream.” Joanie said to my uncle.

“Alright, baby. Let’s go change in something else.”

“Stella, can you help me watch the kids, please.”

I smiled and nodded as they left.
I was about going to look for her children, my cousins, when I saw her daughter seated alone watching other kids run around, including her brother.

“Hello, do you care If I can join you?” I asked the little girl who was evidently scared of everyone and everything. She held her phone closely to herself as she stared at me weirdly. I wonder what these white kids think of us. Strange? They’re strange too.

“I am your big cousin. You can call me aunty Stella.”

“Mummy said so too. My name is Bird. Are you the one getting married?”

“No. It’s Aunty Chika. Why don’t you want to join the other kids?”

“I’m scared they’ll throw that stuff at me and I have heard alot about Nigeria from my black friends. I only wanted to come see for myself. I heard there’s this stuff that wears scary mask and flogs people.” She makes a scary face as she describes what I believe is a masquerade.

“Oh, that’s a masquerade.”

“Granny was scared when mummy told her we will be going to Nigeria.”

“Can I see granny’s photo?”

She opens her phone and begins to show me her white grand parents. She takes pictures alot. She must love her maternal grandmother alot but why didn’t she allow my grandmother to hold her?

“This is uncle Fred, mummy’s brother. This is grandma and grandpa on grandma’s 60th birthday party. This is my best friend, Nicole. Nicole’s brother is such a whim. He got me flowers on my 6th birthday. He should have gotten me chocolates.”

I watched her go on and on as she explains who was who in each picture till she got to uncle Williams.

“Can I tell you a secret?” Bird asks as she begins to talk in whisper.
I nodded as I drew closer, allowing her to speak into my ears.

“Uncle Williams said I should find him a Nigerian wife.” Bird whispers.


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