An Overseas Husband episode 19

AN OVERSEAS HUSBAND. .(How could we skip this episode. .😁)


I hurried inside to drop the stuffs I got at the market when mother cornered me.

“When are you giving him an answer?”

I smiled stylishly and told her. . .” Today. .”
I couldn’t stand one minute in front of mother as her smile was givine butterflies in my belly. I became nervous. Mother opted to help me cook so as to have enough time to myself.

I sat on my bed rehearsing my lines.

“Yes, I’ll marry no.” No. That was too direct.

“I have given it a thought and after much thought I realised that. . .” Oh no. This is too long and will bore him. Oh God, what do I do? How do I say it?

“Just scream yes at him.” My subconscious mind said. Nay. I won’t do that I’ll just. . .’Knock kmock’.

It was Jeremiah.

“Aunty Stella, come and tell uncle Collins to give me my money that I won.”
What am I now? A tax collector?

“Where is he now?” I asked unlocking the door.

“Come. .” He drags me outside and he runs back inside. I see what he did. He just played a card on me.

“Urm. . .You both cheated.”

“I couldn’t help it. Innocent me.” He said looking serious. He’s not helping matters at all. I have always imagined my proposal to be more like a guy on his knees, with a glittering ring of any sort and with people cheering, and then he pops the question. Not like this.

“I am. . .”
“I was. . .”

Both of us started at the same time.
“You go first.” I said.

“No, ladies first.” He said.

I heaved slowly and began to fidget on my fingers.
“I am sorry. I don’t know what I was thinking or what got into me but I just want to say. . . It’s you and I against them.”

His eyes pops into a big “O”.

“Is that a yes?” He asks looking impatient.

I nod positively as he lifts me off the ground and spins me around in excitement. I couldn’t help but giggle and scream as mother, big mother and Hannah comes out clapping. Our only audience. Father had left for the farm with big daddy. He said some people were encroaching on our land.

“You don’t know how happy I am. Oh God. How could I possibly not be with a ring at this important hour.”

“Put me down already.” I said laughing out so loud. “You can always get a ring.”

“Not yet. I can’t believe you finally said yes. I was so scared you would say no.”

“I thought they will kiss after she says yes?” Hannah, my younger sister says as mother throws a sharp stern look at her. She quickly knew the implication of what she said.

“As children of God, such is not permitted till all marital rites are done. Come here, Hannah. Don’t tell me you have. . .”

“Ahah. No oo. Mummy, no oo.” She quickly defends herself.

Jeremiah was quick to expose her little secret.
“Mummy, there’s one boy that likes calling sister Hannah everyday.”

“Ahhh!” I scream trying hard to hold back my laughter as Collins puts me down bit still hold onto my hands.

“I heard her tell him ‘I love you too’ yesterday.” Jeremiah concludes.
I could see the anger boiling in Hannah’s eyes. Jeremiah is not going to go free this time.

“Why were you eavesdropping on me?” Hannah asked.

“Hannah, you don’t have a boyfriend, do you?” Mother asked as Hannah begins to draw backward knowing what will follow next. A slap.
I had to step in immediately.

“There must be a misunderstanding somewhere, mum. You know Jeremiah talks too much.” I was still saying when Jeremiah tries to talk again bit Collins had covered his mouth and was dragging him away.

“Bring him back, my In-law o. Let him talk.”

I started laughing at the sound of it.

“What’s funny?” Big mummy asked smiling.

“Mummy ask her o. Am I not your in-law?” Collins asked trying to get back at me.

“You are of course.” Big mummy and mummy says laughing aa I squeeze my face in an amusingly angry face. Hannah’s case has been forgotten but I made a mental note of talking to Hannah about getting involved with men at such an early stage. She was about sitting for her WAEC and now, isn’t an idea time to get involved with men.

I don’t know how Chika got to know but she was our house, formally her house before her marriage to Chibuzor, she couldn’t keep silent about how happy she was that I finally said yes.

“Abi you were calling me the bad one that I wanted to deceive you now see na. .”

“Leave me jor. Is that your own congratulations?” I asked.

“Haba, my sister. I’m so happy for you. Chai. Finally, you got that Overseas Husband you always jokingly said you would want to marry.”

“All thanks to you.” I replied but Chika refused.

“It’s not me at all. It’s God. Collins was never meant for me. All this was a way for you two to click.” Chika said to me bewilderment.

I have always thought that Chika would strongly insist that my engagement to Collins was all her working. I’m happy. I can’t believe I would be this happy after saying yes to Collins.

It’s funny how I travelled for Christmas as a single lady only to be returning back home engaged. It’s all surreal ans everything seem to happen uncannily fast.

Collins was around till Daddy returned and he pleaded daddy extended our stay so that he’ll come with his people the following week to do our introduction.

Jeremiah will later come into my room and insist on being the little husband.

“You cannot be my little husband because you talk too much. Little husbands are always quiet.” I’ll say to him with a sly smile.

“I promise to he quiet from now henceforth.” He will promise only to run to mother and tell her that I had refused to make him my little husband.

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