An Overseas Husband episode 20


While we were preparing for our wedding, Collins was working on my papers. It would take sometime so Collins will have to go back to the states and I’ll join him afterwards.
Collins literally called me every hour.

“You know we’ll be married in few days and you’ll get tired of seeing my face.” I saod jokingly.

“You know that’s never possible.” He had replied.

“With how fast everything is going, are you sure you didn’t use Juju on uncle Collins.” Hannah jokingly teased.
Jeremiah quickly countered her. “Aunty Stella is a child of God. She cannot do Juju. Even if she does juju, it will not work.”

My mother had had a good laugh at that.

When I think about it, I find it surreal that I’ll be getting married to Collins and will be in the States just as I have always dreamt.

You should see my mother on the day of my introduction. All smiles and unnecessarily over courteous with Collins.
She had whispered to me; “I’ll be having my omugwo in America. Chai. Chim di nma.” My God is good she said as she runs off to serve the kola to Collins relatives and his father who was present. His mother had died few years after he travelled out and as you guessed, tongues wagged that he had used his mother for ritual.

Our white wedding was in Lagos and yes, Chika was present. After much warning and ringing of bell, Jeremiah was my “little husband”. One of my bridesmaid had a younger sister whom I was fond of. A sweet little girl. She was my little bride but Jeremiah didn’t like her.

“She’s not fine.” He said.

“You, are you handsome?” I retorted and he replied.

“Yes na. Fine boy like me.” We had to plead with him to hold her for a photograph.

Jeremiah put up a show at my wedding. We were marvelled at the dance steps he put up stealing the attention of our guest. Collins friends from the states were present and someone I least expected. Williams.

“Yo, she’s your bri-de?” He spoke quite fast but I could pick up his words. “Yo men, she would have been mine if yah weren’t in dah picture.”
They had laughed it off.

Seeing Williams in person didn’t make me regret my choice at all. Out of some of Collins white friends who were present, Williams felt out of place. He kept staring at me which made me quite uncomfortable.

Williams’ inappropriate behavior wasn’t the only thing that stood out at the wedding. Another thing that was hard to miss was Chika and Chibuzor. Collins and I helped them arrange an exchange of vows at our reception.

“You’re so lucky. . ” Chika had whispered into my ears on the dance floor as Collins had refused to let me go even for a minute.

When the car arrived, Collins held out the door for me.
“My wife, let’s go home.”
The “my wife” sounded unfamiliar to me. I better get used to it. As we drove to the hotel, I couldn’t help but recall the words he had said to me on the dance floor.

“Tonight will be special.”

I tried not to think about it but Chika had given me alot of lectures and tips on what to do and what not to do. She had bought me a white lingerie.
“He can’t resist this.”

“You know it’s my first time. .” I said to Chika.

“Don’t worry. Just allow him and follow his lead.”

“What is my wife thinking about?” Collins asked as he places a kiss on my check. “Are you thinking about Tonight?”

“And what’s happening tonight!” I asked as I played along.

“We’ll be having a wonderful service tonight, my darling.”

“Oh stop it, Collins.” I said trying to hide my flushed face.

“Collins? That wasn’t what you said you’ll be calling me.”

“Is it my Desire?”

“Say it again, baby.”

“My desire. .” I say again in a low whisper as my husband places a kiss on my lips.

“I can’t wait to do forever with you, baby.” He says as the car stops in front of our hotel.

As we entered our room, my mother’s call entered.

“Don’t forget to pray before anything happens.”

“Yes, ma.”

“Be a good girl for the night and don’t forget all I told you.”

“Yes, ma. I won’t forget. . .” I was saying when my husband grabs the phone.

“Mummy, we never disturbed you on your own night o. Leave my wife and I alone.” He says and I heard mother laughing as the call ended and he joined me in bed.
I am now a married woman.


The end.

ยฉ Rejoice Kelechi

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