An Overseas Husband episode 9



We have to admit that this year’s Christmas will never be forgotten in a hurry.
Chika has refused to say a word to me or anyone after the revelation about her pregnancy was made.

“What were you thinking, Chika? How could you still go on with the wedding knowing you are pregnant for Chibuzor?”

She didn’t reply either. She kept sobbing and sniffing as she struggled with the cataarh that has now found it’s way rolling down her nose like a stream. She makes a loud sound as she blows the cataarh with her hand and walks away. She returns and I realized she had gone to wash her hands and her face.

“Chika. . .”

“Stella. . .” We both started at the same time but I had to stop for her to continue.

“I really loved Chibuzor but I couldn’t cope any longer. Since he started making plans to travel out, he kept failing. He has also refused to work claiming that his Visa will soon be approved and he will travel and make arrangements for me to join him there. I wanted to leave the country badly. You know Chinaza? The fat girl we called ugly while growing?”

I nodded as I remembered the chubby girl the last time I was here. We would taunt her by calling her Orobo 17, 18, 19, 20. She would cry and run as we sing this song pursuing after her till we reach hee house and her mother will chase us away with a cane she had kept because of us.

“Imagine that fat Chinaza, an already made abroad guy came to this village and married her. You can imagine how her mother was parading the village with pride. Everyone was really surprised that someone could like fat Chinaza. As we’re speaking, fat Chinaza is in America with her husband. Her own case is that the abroad man is a white man.”

I listened with rasp attention to see where she was headed.

“So my desire to travel out increased. It seemed that Chibuzor was wasting time. When Pa Silas came to our house that morning and told us about his son that is abroad who will be coming back to get married. Papa called me and they asked me if I was in any relationship. I denied being in a relationship.”

“Why did you do it?”

“They showed me Collins picture. He looked rich. Already made and not some Chibuzor who is a work in process.”

“Were you pregnant then?”

“No, I wasn’t. I didn’t break up with Chibuzor initially in case it didn’t work out. I didn’t know Chibuzor had heard about it so he lured me and slept with me. I don’t remember him using any form of protection.” Chika pauses as she wipes her face on her clothes.

“Chai. Chibuzor é gbò là mòò. Chibuzor has killed me.” She exclaims holding her hands on her head.

I went close and tried to console her.

“What will happen to me now? What about my going to America? What about Collins?” Fresh tears began to fall down her eyes as she folds into my embrace and cried.

“Aunty Stella! Aunty Stella!!”

“Jeremiah, why are you screaming my name like that?”

“Big mummy and mummy and daddy and big daddy is calling you?”

Chika and I exchange glances as I walked out to meet them seated in solemn mood.
I don’t like this atmosphere.

“You sent for me, ma.”

“Sit down, Stella.”

I quietly sat beside my mother hoping she might give me a clue on what the meeting was all about but she didn’t even look towards my direction.

“Erm, Chika. . .” Big daddy clears his throat as he started. “You have seen the shame your sister is about to bring to this family. Her wedding is in two weeks and the young man will soon be in the country. So, we were thinking that you could. . .”

“Nna anyi, please go straight to the point.” Big mummy said as she cuts him short. From hee eyes you could tell she has been crying too.

“Stella, will you like to take Chika’s place as the bride?”


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