An Overseas Husband episode 10



“Stella, didn’t you hear the question?”

I was jotted back from my thoughts as I stared into the blank space as the room began to feel stuffy. I know that I have always wished to also be engaged to someone aboard but never imagined taking my cousin’s place.
I don’t know. I really don’t know what I want anymore.

“I can’t do it, sir. I feel it’s not right.”

“There’s nothing about right or wrong. We just want to make sure Collins doesn’t waste money coming back empty and going back without a wife.”

“I can’t be a replacement or sacrificial lamb, mum. Let’s just call him and tell of the latest development. .” Stella says avoiding their penetrating gaze.
Chika was eavesdropping from the door. Feeling sorry for herself qnd quite regretful, Chika remembers how Chibuzor had done it. Pinning her to his father’s big sitting room, he had his way with her.

She quietly slipped away awa from the door and into her room. Few minutes later, Stella joins her in the room fuming with anger and mumbling some words only she could understand.

” You can ho ahead and marry him.” Chika says even before Stella could find a seat on the bed.

“What??” Stella asked startled by the impulse in her statement.

“I said, you can marry Collins. After all I wasted the opportunity myself. ”

“Won’t you be angry about it?” Stella asked not sure Chika knew what she was saying.

“I will. I sincerely won’t be happy.”

“Then why tell me do it? You know why I won’t do it too?.” Chika shakes her head negatively as Stella continued. “I would not want to be called the girl who married hwr sister’s husband. Don’t worry, I won’t marry him. The one meant for me, will find me.”

Chika couldn’t say a word but she could feel the hot drop of tears streaming down her face. She couldn’t raise her head in shame.

“Aunt Stella?? Are you there?”

“Who’s that?” Stella replies from within the closed door.

“It’s me, Bird.”

“Ok. Come in.”

“Ok. Uncle Will, this is aunt Stella. Isn’t she beautiful?” Bird says to the man on the screen.
“Aunt Stella, meet uncle Will. You remember uncle Williams I told you about?” Bird says peering into Stella’s face to see if she recalls. Stella feigns as though she can’t remember.

Bird goes over to her ears ans whispers; “The one who asked me to find him a Nigerian wife.”

Stella stares at the man on Bird’s screen without saying a word. Chika sat at the other end of the bed watching them in abashment.

“Hi, beautiful. My niece has told me alot about you. I must confess, you’re beautiful.”

“Stella!! Stella!!!”
Big mummy’s loud voice was heard outside the door.

“Please can we talk later?” She says trying hard not to change her accent.

“Oh, su-re.”

“Chika, your husband people are here. Stella, lead her out immediately.” Big mummy says as she walks out slamming the door behind her.


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