An Overseas Husband episode 13


I turned sharply and couldn’t believe my ears.

“You want me to play the kind of game you played with Chibuzor and Collins abi?” Chika tries to cover my mouth with her palms because we heard someone at the door.

“Shhhhhhh. Stop raising your voice.” Chika cautions, afraid that someone might hear us.

“I can’t o.”

“No one will find out. After all, both of them are not presently in the country.”

“I can’t play with someone’s emotion not to talk of fooling someone for money. Abeg o. Leave me biko.”

“You self. If not this condition Chibuzor put me, you think I would be in this country for another one month.”

“My dear, you need deliverance.” I said as I begin to really wonder what jwr problem really is. One time she claims she’s happy with Chibuzor, blaming big mummy for forcing her into agreeing with the abroad marriage scheme, another time, she sounds regretful.
Whatever she feels, can’t be undone. It’s her traditional wedding this weekend just as it had been fixed initially only what changed was the groom.


When I saw a WhatsApp message from an unknown number, I suspected it to be Uncle Williams because silently, I have been praying for him to text.
I have been busy with helping out in Chika’s wedding that I haven’t really had time for my phone but now that the wedding is done, I can finally enjoy the remaining days of the holiday.

Yes, Chika has finally moved in with Chibuzor in his father’s house. I pray Chibuzor bounces back to his feets soon.

Something funny actually happened on the morning of Chika’s traditional wedding.
I was sure I saw someone who looks like the Collins Chika showed me in pictures. I thought I was hallucinating. I had quickly ran back into the room where Chika was asked to stay.

“I think Collins is in the country.” I broke the news.

“What?” Chika was startled. Trying to look through the window as though it was an airport to see all who arrives and leaves.

“I don’t know if he’s the one you showed me in the pictures but it looked like him I saw him talking to Chibuzor.”

“Where? Where??” Chika asks almost scrambling to the door when I stopped her.

“Big mummy won’t find it funny if she finds you outside now.”

“Please, Stella, I have to be sure it’s not him before I can relax. Help me, please.” Chika pleaded. It’s her day so I had to do her the favour.

I helped her cover her hair with a big scarf and a wrapper around her waist as we hurried to where I saw him last.

“Stella, he’s the one.”

“What?” I was as surprised as she was.

“What is he doing here?” She asked.

“I’m supposed to ask you. I thought you said he understood everything and even asked you not to repay him?” I asked her as we spotted Chibuzor coming towards us.

“I know it’s you, my bride.” Chibuzor said as he went behind Chika’s earlobe and whispers;

“Everything is fine. He just had to come back because his flight was already booked before the wedding was cancelled.”

Chika was so scared amd nervous seeing him around but she wasn’t more nervous than I was, when Jeremiah told me that an uncle wanted to see me.


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