An Overseas Husband episode 2


We left Lagos at exactly 5:30am.

Daddy’s friend, uncle Okey had brought his Sienna to convey us to the village. Daddy sat at the front seat with him while mummy and Jeremiah sat at the seat next to them and Hannah and I sat at the last roll.

We were lucky to leave Lagos before 7am when the traffic will kick in.

The journey would have been a smooth one if the custom officers didn’t stop us at every checkpoint to check the papers of the car.

Some of the officers couldn’t find any fault in our papers but just wanted to delay us. Some ended up requesting for money for virtually nothing. Our papers were complete and up to date.

We didn’t stop at Ore to eat because Mummy said the food at Ore was expensive and not delicious. She had prepared our Nigerian Jollof rice which we ate in the car. The only place we experienced a slight traffic was at the Onitsha bridge.

Jeremiah couldn’t stop fussing about the history of the bridge.

My teacher said this, my teacher said that. Hannah wasn’t really interested in the journey. Her fear was about being bitten by the sun flies in the village. She never loved my father’s village. She hated the fact that my mother’s village was well developed than daddy’s village.

“I prefer mummy’s village to daddy’s village because Mummy’s village is more developed.”

And that’s true but I don’t think about that anymore.

We entered Mbaise by 5:24pm. I took it upon myself to take note of every moment. I had a journal where I promised to write down my experiences.

The drive down to our compound from Ahia- azu Mbaise in Imo state seemed like forever.

I couldn’t recognise the route anymore.

Alot seemed to have changed. We finally arrived at our compound, our car’s horn announcing our presence as my father’s brothers and their wives came out to welcome us.

All the younger ones were already dancing around my mother as she opens a packet of sweet and shares it among them. Some of the older ones helped in carrying our luggage and the food items.

“Nnó, ndè eko.” That was my father’s mother. My granny. One of the strongest woman I know.

“Granny has refused to die.” Jeremiah had said to mummy after mummy had ended a call with granny. Jeremiah hasn’t seen granny before except in pictures.

I heard him whisper to mummy about how old and ugly granny looked. Mother had squeezed his mouth and I chuckled.

I saw Jeremiah frown his face as granny gave him a tight hug being the first time she’s seeing him since his birth.

“Ahah, Stella is now a grown woman. Very soon, we’ll be having her igbà ngwo.” My father’s elder brother said as I knelt down to greet him. Igbà ngwo, meaning traditional marriage.

“Don’t tell me you have become a yoruba woman. I believe you can now communicate fluently in yoruba?”

“Bèni, sir.” Everyone laughs as we all move into late grandpa’s big sitting room.

“Emeka is coming into Nigeria tomorrow.” My daddy announces to everyone. Daddy didn’t tell me, probably mummy knows.

Uncle Emeka, my father’s youngest brother, has been living in the States for almost 8 years now.

We do talk through WhatsApp video call sometimes but hearing about his return was one thing everyone looked forward to. If for anything, to finally see his white wife and “oyibo children”.

“Will he be coming with that his oyibo wife(white wife)?” Granny asks as everyone begins to laugh.

“I heard that she has been disturbing to come to Nigeria but Emeka has been trying to avoid it for fear of these evil people in the village especially from daddy’s side. You know Mazi Onyebuchi hates good things happening to people.” My daddy’s elder brother was still talking when my granny asks him to keep quiet.

“There’s nothing he can do.” Granny defends.

“But mama, that man is very fetish and we know it.”His wife added.

“Enough of this topic.” Granny sharply cuts her short. She knows there’s a little truth in his words but Mazi Onyebuchi is like a husband to her since the demise of her husband and she wouldn’t want anyone speaking ill of him despite the truth blaring. “Where is Chika?”

I have been looking for her stylishly with my eyes all thanks to granny for asking.
“I sent her to give nne nne a bottle of wine.” Her mother replies.

” Stella!!”

I looked up and see Chika running to me. She engulfs me in a tight hug neglecting my parents and siblings.

“So you did not see us abi?” My mother’s voice ends her euphoria as she realises that we had company. “Because you’re getting married, you are now a big girl, okwaya?”

“Ahah, mummy it’s not like that o. It’s just that I have missed my sister, Stella”

My mother is so good at emotional blackmailing.

“See her na. You have to explain to us how you knew this your abroad husband o”.

Chika kept blushing as she drew circles with her feet when her phone rang.

“Ehen. He’s the one calling and they will talk for hours oh.” Her mother says as Chika drags me into the house.

To be continued. . .

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