Naomi episode 12

Episode 12


With Madam Beatrice still lying flat on the floor after I’ve pushed her down, I turned around and started walking out of the room.

All the other offices were already closed for the day. So I met with no one as I made my way through the dark passage.

The entrance door was widely opened… I had no difficulty in descending down the staircase, and walking out to the field.

Aside the woman and her son, no one else could be seen in the school premises. I guess everything was happening in the dead of the night.

I stopped moving when I was few feet away from them….for no reason at all.

“Come right here, and eat with us”. The woman said.

I resumed my movement towards them.

“Stop right there!”. I heard madam Beatrice’s voice from behind.

I didn’t even turn to look at her, I kept moving forward.

“Keep coming, Naomi. You belong here”. The woman continued urging me on.

“I command you in the name of Jesus Christ, leave this body right now!”. Madam Beatrice prayed.

I stopped moving instantly.

“Come over here, Naomi”. The woman called out angrily.

Before I could lift one leg, madam Beatrice’s voice stopped me, leaving my leg hanging up in the air.

“I said, stop right there!”. She said.

I put the leg down, still not turning.

The woman lifted up her right hand, and something like tongue of fire flew from her palm towards Madam Beatrice.

“In the name of Jesus Christ, I command you back to where you came from”. Madam Beatrice prayed.

I felt something left me, and I ran to take shade behind madam Beatrice.

Before I felt something hit me hard on the head like it had happened earlier in the hall.

Gradually, I started losing my mind until it was gone completely… I passed out again.

I found myself vomiting into a bag. I was kneeling in the clearing where I had my first meeting with the spirits. I vomited until I had no more strength left in me. I lifted up my face to behold the woman and her son standing several feet away from me.

“Give it back to me!”. The woman commanded in a loud voice and an outstretched hand.

I rose to my feet, grabbed the nylon, and stretch my hand to give it to her. But instead of her taking it from me, a very deep hole appeared in the space between us. The bag fell into it. Before I knew it, the spirits fell in too, and the hole covered back. I turned around and started walking back home.

When I opened my eyes. I was back in that empty office, lying on the mat and surrounded by seven strange women. All seven circled around me, holding hands, and were singing worship to God with their eyes closed.

I glanced from one woman to the other, trying to understand who they were, where I was and why I was there.

Just then, the school bell rang, and I could hear many footsteps running around outside the room. That was when everything came flashing back to my head. The 7 women were madam Beatrice and some of the other teachers.

“I am a witch”. I sighed silently, but I guessed one of them overheard it because she opened her eyes to look at me.

“She is awake”. She announced when she saw my eyes were opened.

The others lifted up their hands onto heaven in praises.

“Thank you, lord Jesus”. They sang joyfully.

For the very first time in two years, I found peace within.

“Congratulations, Naomi. You’re now delivered”. Madam Beatrice said. She gave me her hand, and helped me sit up.

I felt a strange emptiness down my belly.

“Please, I want to eat”. I said.

Madam Beatrice took me to her office, and offered me a plate of jelof rice.

“Your dad will be here soon”. She said to me while I eat.

“My dad?. What for?”. I asked curiously.

“I asked him to come, I have something very important to discuss with him”. She said.

Before she left the office, she warned me never to step out.

“I need to address some issues in the hostel”. She said.

About five minutes after she left, I sighted Clara running towards the office. With each step she took, I recalled all the attempts I made at eliminating her.

A loud sigh escaped me.

“Hi, bestie”. She hailed even before she got close to me.

She gave me a hug and started telling me everything that have happened in the class that day. I felt so guilty watching while she narrates the activities that took place in the school that morning.

“Let’s go buy something from the cafeteria”. She said after a while.

“No. Madam Beatrice warned me not to leave the office”. I objected.

“Come on, we will be here before she gets back”. She assured me, pulling me up to my feet.

I reluctantly followed her, but immediately we stepped out of the office, all the students around screamed in a loud voice and scampered in different directions.

“The rat is here! Run for your life!”. One boy was screaming continuously.

Clara and I watched silently until they all disappeared out of sight. Then she sighed, and turned to face me, still holding my hand.

“Don’t listen to them. You’re my friend, not a rat”. Clara tried to console me, but it was of no use…tears was already streaming down my cheeks.

Without saying a word to her, I turned around and started going back to the office.

Dad was in the school the next morning…

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