Naomi episode 11

Episode 11


I was overwhelmed with fear when I spotted the two figures standing with burning eyes in the field. Madam Beatrice saw them too.

It looked like they were going to harm me for disobeying them. I quickly ran to hide behind madam Beatrice.

“Please, save me from them”. I cried.

“Naomi, come out here right now”. The woman commanded in a very loud voice. This time, madam Beatrice heard them too.

“She is not coming to meet you. Not tonight, not ever again”. Madam Beatrice declared fearlessly.

The breeze blew again. This time, Madam Beatrice was the target as she was lifted up her feet and dashed against the wall. She fell down with a heavy thud.

“Ouch”. She cried in pains.

“Stay out of this!. The woman warned.

….. Now you, come over here right now”. She commanded me.

“Don’t go anywhere!”. Madam Beatrice said, struggling to get on her feet again.

I was transfixed at a spot in confusion.

“Come over here, Naomi!”. The woman commanded again. After that, the force overtook me. I lost control of my body, and I found myself walking out quietly through the open door.

But before I could cross over it, a hand grabbed me from behind, and pulled me back into the room and banged the door loudly…madam Beatrice has finally regained her posture.

“I command you evil spirit to leave this body alone!”. She prayed.

“Who do you think you are to tell me where not to inhabit?”. I heard myself saying to her.

“I am a servant of the most high God. I command you out of this body right now”. Madam Beatrice replied.

“This story belongs to Joy Ifunanya body belongs to me!”. The spirit said (through me).

“You lie! This body is the temple of the almighty, you have no right right to dwell in it”. Madam Beatrice declared.

I didn’t know how it happened, but the next minute madam Beatrice was on the floor again after I gave her one heavy push….

“You have no place in this body”. The spirit had spoken before I turned my back on her, ready to finally leave that empty room.

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