Naomi episode 14

Episode 14


Earlier that same morning while I was sweeping the house, I had overheard my father and his wife having an argument inside their room.

“….that’s not going to happen!”. Aunt Tracy yelled.

“What is not going to happen?. My own daughter is not going to live in my house? . Can you even listen to yourself?”. Daddy was saying.

“I said I cannot live under the same roof with her. I don’t like that girl”. She insisted.

“It baffles me how you claim to love me, yet you cannot extend that love to my child. Daddy retorted.

When I wasn’t hearing any more sound from them, I turned to walk away. But then, daddy spoke up again.

…I had taken my time to explain everything to you last night. The teachers said this girl needs love and support from both parents. A lot happened to her within this few days”. He continued

“That is none of my business. I still maintain my ground. You see that your daughter, I cannot live under the same roof with her, and that is final”. Aunt Tracy was shouting. From the location of the voice, It seems she was already on her feet, and was walking towards the door so I picked the broom, and ran out immediately.

When I answered the door that morning, I was shocked to see my mom standing there. She was holding baby Joshua on her side. I felt anger boiling up inside of me.

“My daughter!.. She smiled immediately she saw me. And with that, she quickly put the baby down, and spread out her arms, expecting a hug from me.

Well, like I had stated in the previous episode, I was beginning to develop hatred for that woman. So it shouldn’t surprise anyone when I say, I disappointed her expectations.

I leaned on the door, staring at them like they were strangers, not making any attempt to move.

…Naomi”. She called after about a minute of silence.

“Good morning, ma”. I found my voice, still not moving.

“Naomi, did you not recognize me again?. I am your mother”. She said , smiling once again.

“I know”. I muttered.

The smile disappeared instantly, and the arms were flapped down..

“You know?. So why are you just standing there?. Are you not going to at least give me a hug?”. She asked.

“Naomi! Naomi!. What are you still doing at that door?. Who have you been talking with?”. That was aunt Tracy’s voice from the background.

“Whose voice was that?”. Mummy asked.

Before I could say anything, aunt Tracy was already standing at the door beside me.

“What are you doing here?”. She asked when she sighted mother.
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“Why I am here is none of your business”. Mother sighed..

Aunt Tracy disappeared inside.

“Naomi, what happened to you? you look so lean, don’t you eat at all? and what is this mark on your body?”. Mummy took my hand up to inspect me.

“I don’t know”. I replied.

“Wait a sec. Don’t tell me that woman inflicted this wound on you?”. She asked. And she was right. The day I mistakenly broke a glass cup, aunt Tracy has used one of the broken pieces to draw a permanent mark on my elbow.

“I don’t know”. I repeated.

“What do you mean you don’t know??”. She asked.

“Tata”. Joshua held my leg and shook at it vigorously.

“What is going on here?. What are you doing here, Carolina?”. That was daddy’s voice from behind.

Mummy let go of my hand, and took few steps backwards.

” I came to see my daughter”. She answered.

“You have seen her, right?. She is fine. You can now take your leave”. He said, not leaving the door.

“Allow me to talk with her. I need to discuss with her”. She said.

“No, I don’t approve of that”. Daddy said.

“I need to speak with my daughter, is that too much to ask for?…”. Mummy asked.

“But I don’t want to speak with you, mum”. I interrupted.

It took them all by surprise.

“What did you just say?”. Mummy asked.

“I said I don’t want to speak with you. I’m fine as you can see”. I said.

Aunt Tracy started laughing.

“Did you hear that?. Even your daughter doesn’t want you here”. She laughed.

“Naomi, tell me you’re joking”. Mother said to me.

“I’m not. I have nothing to discuss with you”. I said.

“You hear?. She said she doesn’t want to speak with you. So please, take your leave”. Aunt Tracy mocked.

“Yes, please, leave us”. Dad added.

Mummy heaved a sigh. Made an attempt to lift Joshua up, but then stopped, like she remembers something very important.

“Leave now!”. Aunt Tracy shouted.

Mummy gave her a side eye, and turned to face dad.

“Dennis, you haven’t changed a bit. I understand you’re not happy with me. But what wrong has this innocent boy done to you?. You don’t even want to look at his face”. Mother said..

“Hei this woman!. Look at his face for what?. Carry your child and leave. We are doing well without you”. Aunt Tracy continued shouting.

Daddy pushed me out of the way as he stepped down from the doorsteps. Mummy stepped backward, fear visibly written all over her face.

“Yes baby. Go physical with her. Show her who is the king here”. Aunt Tracy was hailing him.

But before he could do anything, baby Joshua ran to give him a hug on one leg.

“Daddy!, . He cried, with his face buried in one leg of his short.

…mummy chee daddy!” He turned to look at mother who was already very far away from him.

Daddy paused for a while,then he bent over, and lifted him up on his body.

“What are you doing, Dennis?”. Aunt Tracy asked, surprised.

How does the baby even know his daddy?. I wondered.

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