Naomi episode 4

Episode 4


Something strange happened after daddy led my stepmom away from the kitchen.

Like one being possessed by a a strong force, I dropped the sponge into the sink, took few steps backwards, I grabbed the plate of onions she left on the cabinet and started licking the blood off it… disgusting!.

“What have I done?”. I asked myself after I have succeeded in licking the plate dry.

I ran out of the kitchen straight to my bathroom, and quickly inserted my two fingers down my throat, forcing myself to vomit, but that didn’t help. I picked a toothbrush and washed my tongue for the second time that morning.

Yet I wasn’t satisfied, I ran out to my dad’s room. It was after I had opened the door that I remembered I was expected to knock. He and his wife were sitting on the bed. He was holding a damp towel over the cut finger.They appeared startled by the manner at which I barged in.

“I didn’t remember to knock, I’m sorry. I apologized.

They watched in confusion as I closed the door, and leaned behind it.

…Daddy, you need to take me to the hospital. I don’t know what is wrong with me”. I said.

The two exchanged glances.

“Are you sure this your daughter is okay?”. I heard her mutter.

Daddy turned to look at me.

“My angel, what do you need the hospital for?”. He asked.

His wife frowned.

“Are you being serious right now, Dennis?. This story belongs to Joy Ifunanya girl just barged in on us and instead of you cautioning her, you’re busy calling her ‘angel’. What sort of angel is that?”.

“But she’s said she is sorry”. Daddy defended.

Aunt Tracy let out a loud angry sigh, and snatched her hand away from him.

“Leave my hand alone!”. She yelled at him.

She stood up, regarded me for a while, sighed again and disappeared into the bathroom.

“What is it?”. Daddy asked me angrily.

“Something is not right with me. I need medical attention urgently”. I said.

“There is nothing wrong with you. You’re only looking for a way to disorganize my plans for today”. He said.

“No, daddy. I am not fine, I need to see a doctor”. I insisted.

“Naomi, you’re fine!. He yelled.

… Now go out there, do your work fast and start getting ready for school”. He commanded.

I had no choice than to do as he has commanded, closing the door quietly behind me.

That morning, I didn’t eat the beans. I was still feeling the taste of blood in my mouth though I had to brush twice more before leaving the house. I stood at the bus stop, speaking continuously. When I finally got a bus, I ensured to be sitting close to the window so I could be spitting out every second. I spat and spat until the conductor got agitated.

“Make I see you spit one more time, I go drag you comot from this car!”. He threatened.

“I tire oo. That was why she has refused to shift inside when I was coming in”. One man sitting close to me said.

“Children don’t have respect for elders these days”. Another passenger observed.

“You people should not be hard on that child. You don’t know what she is passing through. Maybe she is sick”. A female voice defended me from the back.

All the men in the bus, including the driver and the conductor attacked the woman.

“Wetin women wan turn this world into?”. The driver raged.

“That is how they behave, spoiling children here and there. What could a small child like this possibly be passing through?”.. An angry voice was saying from the front seat.

Throughout the argument, my mouth was filled up with spittle, but was too scared to spill it out for fear of what the conductor would do to me.And I held it that way till we got to my school bus stop.

In class that day, I refused to talk to anyone, and when they noticed it, my friends gave me my space. I excused myself three different times that morning all in the bid to get myself to vomit. All to no avail.

After the third failed attempt, I washed my face and was about to go back to class when I almost bumped into my teacher… she’s been standing and watching me.

“What is wrong with you?”. She asked.

I was opened my mouth to tell, but then I heard a tiny voice in my head warning me not to.

“..else she would think you’re a witch and might even tell the other kids to stay away from you”. The voice said to me..

“I’m having a headache”. I lied instead.

She took me to the sickbay, I was given drugs and bed rest. And that was where I remained till dismissal.

Two days later, after I had gotten over the incident, I was getting ready for school in the morning when my stepmom walked into the kitchen. I just finished turning swallow, and was about to dish out soup when her voice interrupted from the door.

“Naomi, take this money and go buy me panadol from the pharmacy”.. She said, pointing a 5h note at me.

I looked at her. This woman knew I am already late for school. After all, she was the one who has been busy, sending me up and down the house all morning. She hasn’t been going to work for two days because, according to my daddy, she wasn’t feeling fine.

“Aunty, I’m going to be very late for school”. I said.

“So I should die because you’re going to school?. She asked angrily.

….will you take this money, and go buy me drugs?. Id!ot!”. She yelled, throwing the money at me.

I knew I had no choice than to do as she has commanded. Daddy had long left for office.

I picked the money, and left. But when I got to the pharmacy store, I mistakenly bought paracetamol instead of panadol. She flogged me mercilessly before sending back to the pharmacy.

“Ev!l child!”. She cursed.

It was already past 8:am by the time I returned. Quickly, I wore my uniform, picked my bag, and hurried out of the house

“If mummy was around, all these things wouldn’t be happening”. I lamented as tears dance down my cheeks.

Just then, I heard a familiar voice call from behind me. I was standing at a junction, two blocks away from ours, waiting for bus.

“Naomi, Naomi. The voice called out.

I turned, and behold!, the woman and her son…. I haven’t seen them in three days.

They were seated on a dead plant, just by the roadside.

.. come over here and eat with us”. She said.

Without hesitation, I crossed the narrow gutter between us and went to join them. I forgot I was running late already.

“Thank you”. I said after I had collected my portion.

“Naomi”. The woman called, after a while.

I looked up to her, trying my best to avoid eye contact as the event of the last time came flashing back my memory.

… It seems you’re still ignorant of the powers you possessed?”. She asked.

“Powers?”. I asked, confused.

“Yes, powers. You possess supernatural powers. You’re untouchable now. Nobody can torment you right now, nobody at all. Not even your stepmom!”. She said.

I was terrified.

“My stepmom? How do you know my stepmom?”. I was forced to look her up in the face, but again her eyes freaked me out and I look away immediately.

“Yes, Naomi. I know everything about you”. She said.

“Who are you?”. I asked.

“I’m spirit”. She said.

“We’re spirits”. The boy added. Speaking for the first time ever since I know them. He has voice like cricket.

The banana in my hand slipped off my hand and fell on top my uniform.

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