Naomi episode 7

Episode 7


I couldn’t believe my daddy finally agreed with his wife to get rid of me. Like he wants to get me out of the house just to make her happy. And I’m sure she was the reason he ended his marriage with mom. She just wants to be the only one in his life.

I will so deal with that woman that…

“Did you not hear what I just said?”. His voice interrupted my thoughts, drifting me back to reality.

“Did you say I would be going to a boarding school?”. I asked.

“Yes”. He nodded.

“But daddy, I don’t like boarding school. Please, let me go from home”. I pleaded.

“Hmm, Naomi. He shook his head and smiled.

…Have you been to any boarding school before now?”. He asked.

“No”. I replied.

“And you already do not like it?. Hmm. He hummed.

… Don’t worry, you’re going to like this one. And besides, I expected you to be happy you’re leaving the house, so you won’t have to get into any more troubles with your stepmom”. He said.

He went ahead to giving a 101 reasons I should be living in the school.

Well, I was later registered into a boarding house very faraway from town, but before I left, aunt Tracy had to pay dearly for my discomfort. I made daddy hit her on several occasions while I feed on her blood every night and day. On the day I was to leave for school, she slumped in the kitchen that morning and was rushed to the hospital.

“The doctor said it’s leukaemia”. Daddy announced when he returned

“Hope she gets well soon”. I sympathized while deep down, I wished her dead.

Later in the evening, dad drove me down to my new school.

I started making new friends on arrival. A girl, Peace by name was the one who helped me got my luggage off the trunk and led us to the hostel management.

The first woman we met when we entered the office was a middle aged woman on transparent lense. She was scrabbling something down on a thick paper.

“Good afternoon, ma’am”. Dad greeted.

She lifted her head up from the book to look at us. She has a beautiful smile on her face, but when our eyes met, I looked away instantly, and took two steps backwards.

“Good day sir, please sit”. She replied, pointing at a seat opposite hers.

Peace and I stood behind daddy. I tried my best to avoid eye contact with the woman as they speak.

According to her, Peace had arrived a day before I did and already knows her way around. So the woman instructed her to show me to my dormitory while dad hurried back to town to go and attend to his dying wife in the hospital.

“Who was that woman in the office”. I asked Peace on our way to the dormitory.

“Her name is Madam Beatrice. She is our matron here”. She said.

“Madam Beatrice?. I sighed.

…I don’t like that woman”. I confessed.

“Why?”. She asked.

“She looks wicked”. I said.

She shook her head.

“Though I barely know her, but the little time I have spent here, I think she is cool”. She defended.

Well I don’t care what she thinks, as for me, I already made up my mind right there in the office to try and avoid anything that has to do with that woman as long as I am in that school…something is just not right about her.

And I kept to my promise. Anytime madam Beatrice has s reason to address the students, I ensure to be in the middle where she would never notice me. Whenever any work is assigned, I do mine perfectly to avoid anyone reporting me to her. I also avoided the group of girls who flood her office during break periods.

After light out later that night, just when I closed my eyes and was ready to sleep, I heard the voice calling from outside.

“Naomi, Naomi, come over here and eat with us”

Without any hesitation, I jumped down from the top bunk, and headed outside immediately.

From the entrance, I could see the woman and her son, seated faraway in the field (though it was dark). I walked down to meet them, but her voice stopped me before I could move closer.

“Who have you come with?”. She asked.

I turned around to see Peace standing a distance away from me. I never knew she had followed me all the way from the room.

“Naomi, what are you doing out here by this time of the night?”. She asked, concerned. Before I could say a word, she moved closer to me.

…. Bloody Mary!”. She screamed on seeing the woman and her son.

“Shhhhhh!”. The woman sighed, and commanded her to come over and sit down.

Poor girl! she lost control of her senses and did as was instructed.

She dined with us that night and the next, but on the third day she got really sick and her parents were contacted. They took her away and she never returned to that school.

The nights the woman is not visiting, the other mouses would, and together, we jumped over students and ran out through the openings in the dormitory, but I would be back very early in the morning before anyone noticed my absence.

During break periods in school, the students would gather under a shade to discuss random topic.

One day, a topic was raised about witches and wizards. One jss3 student, Dolly took it personal. In her word πŸ‘‡

“There’s nothing like witches and wizards, they don’t exist and even if they do, they are powerless, they cannot do anything to me. My blood is too hot for them”. She had bragged.

Though everyone else took it as a mere talk, and had laughed over it, but I saw that as a slap on the face. So while she sleep carelessly later that night, I jumped on her and fed on her blood.

She was half dead when the hostel’s staff found her in the morning. She was rushed to the hospital. I heard she survived it, but she never returned to the school.

My next victim was a girl named Joan. Hers was the most painful of all.

I came back from school one afternoon and found a dead mouse on top my bed. I knew instantly that one of my friends have passed away so I put the mouse down on the floor, sat down beside it, and began to wail.

Other students gathered around me.

“Why are you crying over a mouse?”. One asked, but I ignored her.

Just then Joan entered.

“What is going on here?”. She asked, putting her bag down on the bed.

“Naomi is crying because of a rat oo”. One student explained.

She threw herself on the ground and started making a jest of me.

“Look at this one, crying because of an ordinary rat. She laughed.

…. Naomi, are you sure you don’t need help. Ordinary rat, rati kwa? oke?”. She mocked.

Why would she refer to my friend as an ‘ordinary rat’?. I was so upset that when we visited her bunk that night, we were forced to s**k the life out of her.

“That would teach you to poke nose”. I muttered when I shifted back to my body.

We attended her burial the next month.

Till date, I haven’t gotten over the pains of brutally ending the life of a promising young girl πŸ˜ͺπŸ˜ͺ

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