Naomi episode 13

Episode 13


After that encounter with the students calling me a rat and running away at my presence, I went back to the office lamenting.

Clara came in behind to talk to me.

“Nobody is going to talk to me again. Everyone thinks I’m a rat”. I cried.

“But I am here with you. I don’t see you as a rat. You’re my best friend…”. She was saying.

While she was yet talking, madam Beatrice and another staff, Mrs Nichole were seen walking down towards us through the passageway.

“See you later”. Clara said. And with that, she was gone.

Madam Beatrice was all smiles as they approach me. She was holding a stick in one hand, and a register on the other.

“How are you feeling now?”. She asked looking concerned.

“I’m fine”.. I replied, feigning smile.

“Naomi, Naomi”. Mrs Eze was hailing but was interrupted by voices at the backyard.

“….I heard that that rat girl is still in this school”. The first voice began.

“Yes, I’m surprised too. I thought they’ve sent her back to her family that same day”. Another voice said.

Madam Beatrice dropped the books on the table and started walking down the window.

“Did you hear that she is not a little girl?. She is an old woman. They said she is 90 year old, and that ….”. Another student said.

Before she could complete her statements, madam Beatrice had the register on the table, and looking out through the window, she yelled at me the students.

“Who are those?. Will you get out of here?”. She screamed.

All of them took to their heels.

“Can you imagine that?”. She said to the other teachers.

That one shook her head.

“Don’t mind them, Naomi. Don’t let anything they said here bother you”. Mrs Eze said.

After another series of prayer that night, I went to bed in madam Beatrice’s lodge. The next morning, we returned to her office before the other students were out.

I was left alone in the office later in the day when the curtain was pulled up, and dad walked in.

I stood up, and gave him a hug.

“You’re welcome daddy, I’ve missed you do much”. I said happily..

“I’m so sorry I haven’t been calling to check on her. My wife has been in the hospital since”. He had apologized after madam Beatrice returned.

“Sorry about that. How does she feel now? I hope she is getting better?”. Maids Beatrice asked.

This story belongs to Joy Ifunanya

“Yes. I really thank God. Miraculously. She was discharged yesterday evening”. He replied.

With me in the waiting room, she engaged him in a private meeting.

“You will be going with your dad”. Madam Beatrice said after they came out much.

With the help of Clara, my luggage was packed into the trunk, and I left with dad.

She(Sandra) didn’t stop crying until our car disappeared out of sight.

“We shall meet during the break”. I had promised her before we sped away.

“Daddy, what about aunt Tracy?”. I finally voiced out after almost ten minutes of silent ride.

He waited for another two minutes before he replied me.

“Like I said back in the office, she has been discharged”.He said.

No more words was said until we got home later in the night.

Aunt Tracy was sitting in the dining table over a big plate of fried plantains and egg.

She has really emaciated than the last time I remembered. She was surprised seeing me back.

“Good evening, aunt”. I greeted.

She only nodded for a response, and then stood up and went inside with her meal.

“Don’t worry. She is still too weak”. Daddy said.

I took my bags inside, took my bath, and went to bed.

The next morning, I was in the kitchen when I heard a knock on the entrance door.

“Naomi, are you also deaf? Won’t you go and get the door?”. Aunt Tracy called out from the living room.

I dropped the sponge in my hand and went to check the door. She was sitting on the floor of the living room, braiding her hair.

“Someone will be knocking at the door, you will be waiting for me to shout before you do the right thing”. She was yelling at me as I walked passed her.

When I opened the door, an unexpected sight greeted me at the door….

Guess who?

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