My wife’s bestie episode 14

Episode 14

Lucy and I were gripped by fear after reading Sandra’s text message. Sandra’s text message just exposed her true colours to Lucy.

“My phone! I need to speak with Sandra right now.” Lucy shouted

“Come on honey, you’re just going to hurt yourself the most.” I tried to stop Lucy

“Please! Just let me speak with her.” Lucy insisted

“Okay go on..” I said

Lucy gave a call to Sandra but it didn’t go through. I tried as well, same story.

“Look dear, tomorrow morning I will go to bank and arrange some money so that by 2:00pm you and Norah can leave this city immediately.” I suggested

“What are you talking about, Tony?” Lucy asked

“I want to send you and Norah to go stay with my sister in Mombasa, that way Sandra won’t hurt any of you. My sister is a medical personnel too so she’ll help you with the pregnancy in case of anything.” I said

“Won’t you come with us?” Lucy asked

“No honey! I have to stay back, I am resuming work next month remember.” I replied

“No! No! No! I can’t leave you alone here! If I do then I will be giving Sandra space. Am going no where!” Lucy shouted

“Come on honey, am only trying to protect you all from Sandra’s evil plots. If anything happens to you, Norah or even our unborn baby then I will never forgive myself for that. Just listen to me please!” I pleaded

“Tony please don’t send me away! Let’s fight for our marriage together. Sandra can’t do anything!” Lucy said

“Don’t underestimate Sandra, she’s capable of doing anything. You two should just go and stay with my sister in Mombasa until everything goes back to normal again.” I expressed my opinion

“Tony! Unless you’re coming with us to Mombasa, I’m not going anywhere..” Lucy fumed and started sobbing

“Don’t act stubborn Lucy, please!” I warned Lucy

“No! No! Tony no!” Lucy shouted and started sobbing.

“Hey! Stop crying now please! Fine we will all go, I will just return when time for resuming work comes.” I said politely and hugged her

When Lucy was calm, I went to Norah’s room to inform her about the trip. She wasn’t happy about it either. She was sad because she was going to miss a lot at school.

The following morning, I woke up very early. Lucy and Norah were still sleeping. I went to the bank as planned but I wasn’t able to get the money. My bank had issues and it was to be out of service for two weeks. I asked for help from my company’s financial advisor and borrowed some money from him. I promised to pay back after resuming work.

I was baffled by the fact that I got back home and found my gate wide open. The gatekeeper and Norah stood in the compound looking disturbed. I hurriedly jumped off the car and rushed to them to ask what went wrong.

“Hey! Is everything okay?” I asked the gatekeeper and Norah while I approached them.

“We can’t find mummy!” Norah replied with tears in her eyes

“What do you mean you can’t find her?” I ask curiously

“She’s not in the house!” Norah replied

The gatekeeper stood there mute like a pole. He was holding a one kilogram sachet of rice.

“Hassan! Will you say something! What happened? Why is that gate so wide open?” I shouted at the gatekeeper.

His eyes almost popped out of his head before he started speaking. He looked so scared.

“Oga! Madam asked me to go buy her rice from the shop,she was standing right there at the gate when I left. But when I got back, I couldn’t find her anywhere. Norah was the only person in the house. I was even the one that woke Norah up.” The gatekeeper explained

“What!!!! Was madam carrying her phone when she came to you?” I asked quickly

I dialed Lucy’s contact immediately, we could hear her phone ring. When we followed the direction where the sound of her ringtone was coming from, we found her phone lying on the ground outside the gate. Just that was enough indication that something bad had happened. I knew it was Sandra. She had threatened me the night before.

“Hassan, watch over Norah. Don’t let her out of your sight.” I cautioned the gatekeeper

I raced back to my car and drove straight to the city police station. At the police station, I showed Sandra’s text message to the officers. They told me my wife must have been kidnapped and probably Sandra was behind the kidnap.

The case was assigned to inspector Jane.

Without wasting much time, inspector Jane asked me to take her to my house. She was ready to start her investigations. She needed to speak with my gatekeeper.

As we were half way to my house, my phone started to ring. It was an unknown number.

” A new number is calling me!” I said to inspector Jane

“Answer the call and put it on loud speaker.” Inspector Jane said to me

I stopped the car so I could pick the call…

Hee.. Hello

I want to speak to your ears alone. [ Lady’s voice sounding like Sandra]

Speak out, am all alone.

F**k you Tony! Remove the phone from speaker and step out of the car.

What!!! Where are you? I knew it’s you!

Heyii! Heeyii! Just do what I instructed okay! Otherwise you wouldn’t want to mess with me right now..

[Removes phone from speaker and moves out of the car]

Good! Now listen carefully, you will ask the police to stay away from this. I have your wife and I’m monitoring all your moves. The next time you get the police in to this, you will have yourself to blame for whatever I will do to your wife and unborn baby.
Don’t forget you killed my baby, I could get you arrested for that you know!

What do you want from me? Sandra! Mention any sum of money and I will gladly give it to you. Just let my wife go please [ Feeling helpless]

Hmmmm! Not money! I want back my baby!
Tony just get me pregnant again and I will let your wife go. I won’t bother anyone of you again.
Just a baby. One night with me…

Sandra your sick!
I will get you arrested, you will rot in jail.

Thanks [ends call]

“Hhhhhh Sandra you’ve bitten more than you can chew.” I said to myself

I ran my eyes around the place to see if there was anyone following us but none.
Sandra’s moves just got me gripped by fear.

I got back to the car.

“What did she say to you?” Inspector Jane asked curiously

“Inspector, I think you should stay out of these.” I stated frankly

“What!!! Tony, do you even know how you sound right now!” Inspector Jane shouted

“Look inspector, I have a feeling that it’s not just Sandra. Professional kidnappers are also involved, like she was able to tell that there’s a police officer in my car. I think they are monitoring all my moves.” I explained

“More reasons why you should let the police to handle them. You send that contact to me, we shall use it to track her down.” Inspector Jane said

“Am sorry inspector Jane, I can’t take risks. I was warned to keep police out of these!” I said to inspector Jane

“Mr Tony, am giving you till noon! Think about your decision and get back to me. The faster you act, the better for your wife and family.” Inspector Jane said and hopped out of the car.

She looked at me angrily and walked away….

To Be Continued……..

©️ Michael Dylan

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