My wife’s bestie episode 4

Episode 4

When Sandra was gone, Lucy gathered the plates from the dinning table and took them to the kitchen. I dropped my phone on the table and rushed after her. Lucy and I washed the plates together, excitement was written all over her face.

” Oh before I forget, I want to say thank you for the delicious meal you just made us! ” I said to my wife while we dried the plates with the towels.

” You know you don’t have to thank me, that’s my responsibility. Besides you were bitterly angry with me when you left for work this morning, so I needed to add some sweetness into you with a delicious meal. ” Lucy replied

” Am sorry about that, I don’t know what came over me at that time. ” I apologized to Lucy

” Naah! It’s Okay ” Lucy replied quickly with a smiling face, she looked even cuter.

” Actually I want us to talk about something really important. ” I said on a serious note

Lucy rolled her eyes and shook her head to show she was attentive

” Ooookay ! Tell me, am all ears. ” Lucy replied

” No! Not from the kitchen! We can talk from the living room. ” I said to her

” Alright, just give me a few minutes to clean up. I will join you in the there. ” Lucy replied softly

She went to freshen up while I waited for her in the leaving room.
A few minutes later, Lucy joined me in the leaving room. We stared at each other’s eyes and smiled.

” Are you going to say something or we’re just going keep smiling at each other? ” Lucy asked curiously

” I….. I….. I just wanted to know if you are going through some kind of problem that could possibly be stopping you from having intimate with me, your husband. ” I inquired

” Tony don’t start please! Enough with this sexx talk already. ” Lucy replied

She stood up and walked around the leaving room. I could see her rub tears from her eyes. I couldn’t help it. I stood up and walked closer to her from her back.

” Lucy will you say something developmental, please! How do you want me to know what you’re going through if you can’t talk to me? ” I pleaded

” What makes you think I’m going through some sort of problem! Oh, are you by any means trying to tell that marriage is all about sexx! Now listen mister, never! I repeat never talk to me about this rubbish sexx, okay! ” Lucy shouted

” Oh okay, I have heard you ma’am, I won’t say a thing. ” I replied in pain

” Am out of here! ” Lucy uttered

She flung the door and rushed outside. Looking through the window, I could see her draining tears off her eyes with her Tshirt. At that point, my heart was crushing in pain, my own body was out weighing my legs. I sat down for a little while.

Out of the blue, my phone started to ring. I rushed to the dinning table where I had left it. It was Sandra calling. I took the call.

Me: Hello Sandra! Hello, can you talk to me please!
Sandra Are you crying! Are you okay?

Sandra : Tony come to my house, please!

Me: What is the matter! Did you reach home safe! Sandra!

Sandra: Tony let’s talk when you get here. Be fast please !

Me: Alright.

It was coming to 8: 00pm, I picked up my jacket from the bedroom and as I was about to leave the room when Lucy walked in.

” Are you going somewhere? ” Lucy asked

“Why do you even care to know! ” I fumed

She stood looking so miserable and she didn’t utter anything else.

” A staff member of mine, called and he sounded so worried. He asked me to go to his house, I will be back shortly. ” I said to Lucy

” Tony if it is sex that you’re going for then don’t go please! I’m here now. ” Lucy pleaded

I wished I could stay back but I needed to see Sandra. She was in my house hours back, she was crying when she called. I wondered if she was involved in an accident. I just needed to make sure she wasn’t in any trouble.

” Look, It’s not about sexx, okay! I really need to see this fellow. I will take your car because mine got faulty this morning. ” I attempted to convince Lucy

Lucy nodded her head, picked her car keys and handed it to me. I then rushed off.

To Be Continued….

©️ Michael Dylan

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