My wife’s bestie episode 6

Episode 6

Once I was in my compound, guilt was consuming me. It took me ages to get off the car. I could not see my wife, Lucy anywhere till I got to the bedroom. Lucy was still in bed though not sleeping but seated, that was unusual of her. She always left the bedroom as early as possible.

When I walked in, I sat quietly by the bedside. Lucy cleared her voice several times to pick my attention but I could hardly look at her. Guilty had eaten deep into me. I felt like the whole world was aware of what I did. I slept with someone’s wife, something myself I would detest anyone else from doing.

” Good morning, Tony! ” Lucy broke the silence

” Good morning! ” I replied

Lucy rolled the blanket off her body and drew closer to me.

” You didn’t tell me you were going to spend the night out! You probably spent the night with a sexx worker, Tony. Maybe you’ve got a girlfriend out there…” Lucy blubbered

” What the heck are you talking about! I thought I told you where I was going last night. ” I shouted

” Yes you did! And I thought you were meeting a male staff! ” Lucy hinted

” Of course male! ” I said quickly

” Oh! So tell me about this lipsticked lips-mark on your neck and collar! You spent the night with a woman, Tony! Even when I had agreed to give you sexx, still went anyway…” Lucy said frank and she was already in tears

At that point, I suddenly went mute: I didn’t know what to say to Lucy. My heart was filled with heavy regrets. Streams of sweat ran down my whole body, I stood up in confusion and shifted from the bedside to the bedside chair.

” I. . . Am…. Am sorry! ” I stammered.
I knew I hurt Lucy a lot. I wished I could just reverse the time.

” Now tell me! What was the sexx like! Is she better than me? ” Lucy asked me

” It’s been a while since you and I had sex, so I can’t tell! ” I replied

” I know she’s better than me! She’s better than me by far…” Lucy uttered

” Stop hurting yourself, Lucy! No one is better than you, okay! ” I consoled her

But Truth be told, the sexx I had with Sandra was ten times better than every bit of sexx I ever had with my wife Lucy. It was a new experience. Lucy would never scream or give any signals of enjoyment during sexx. I wondered if she ever felt anything during sex at all.

” If so then why did you choose her over me! I offered you sexx last night too, didn’t I! But you still chose her over me. Who is she by the way? ” Lucy uttered while she cleared tears off her eyes.

” You’re taking it all wrong, it wasn’t sex that I went for! It was all a coincidence! ” I said to Lucy in attempt to convince her

” Who is she? Sexx worker or side chick! ” Lucy asked again

” Well! After meeting with the staff, I stopped by a bar for a drink. I didn’t realize I had too much and ended in bed with a sex worker. ” I said in attempt to justify my action

Lucy’s mouth fell open in astonishment and she didn’t utter a word. She got off the bed, wore her slippers and raced out of the room.

When I rushed after her, I found her sitting at the stairscases crying her eyes out. I stood on out of what to do next.
Sooner we heard a knock on the door, Lucy cleared her eyes quickly and we both dashed to get the door.

It was my mother in law at the door, besides her stood our beautiful daughter Norah. We welcomed them with warm hugs and moved to the leaving room.

” Mother you didn’t tell us were coming. What a surprise! ” I said to my mother in law

” Ewoooh see this boy ohh! Are we not welcome to your house again! ” My mother in law uttered funnily

” Of course not! ” I uttered and laughed

” Actually it was your daughter’s idea to surprise the both of you. ” Mother said

” Ohhh! Naughty girl! ” I uttered while I tickled and hugged my daughter.

” Of course she’s naughty! Just like her father! Anyways I’m gone to fix breakfast. ” Lucy interrupted

We all looked at Lucy in totally silence and surprise as she walked away to the kitchen.

” Is she okay? ” My mother in law asked

” Daddy did you hurt mummy! ” My daughter, Norah also interrupted with a question

” Of course not honey! I could never hurt your mummy you know… ” I said to Norah

” Hmmmm love birds! ” Mother sounded but she didn’t look convinced that all was well.

” So Norah, how did you find the village. In fact how has been your holiday in the village. ” I asked my daughter

” Daddy the village is the best place to be. Actually grandma forced me to this place, I didn’t want to come back. She told me school would resume soon and I needed io come back and get ready for it. ” Norah said looking all excited

” Don’t worry honey, we shall all go to the village for our Christmas break. You will have enough time to enjoy the village to the fullest. ” I said to Norah

” Awwwwh thanks daddy! ” Norah replied and hurried to hug me.

Mother just smiled. Norah then turned on the TV and we all sat there watching the cartoons with her.

Moments later Lucy announced, ” breakfast is ready! ”

To Be Continued…

©️ Michael Dylan

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