My wife’s bestie episode 9

Episode 9

” What are you saying, Sandra? My wife! What about my wife? ” I shouted

” Your wife just called me now, and she has asked me to come with you to your house after work today. ” I Sandra replied

” My wife said that! What for! Wait a minute, did you actually tell my wife about what you and I did? ” I asked suspiciously

I stood up and loosened my tie because it was getting too tight already.

” Of course not! I even thought you were the one that told her about it! ” Sandra said

” Are you out of your mind! Look! My wife is going through so much trauma right now, she can not handle something like this for now. ” I expressed my worry

” What trauma! ” Sandra asked

” Not your business, okay! ” I fumed

” I think we should just go over there and find out why she called me. ” Sandra suggested

I just looked on and sighed deeply

” I need to be left alone now. ” I said politely

Sandra rolled her eyes and walked away.

I was still wondering over when Sandra just said a few minutes back when I heard a knock at the door.

” Yes Come in! ” I said

I was surprised to see Dr. Mercy in my office.

” Oh Sister Mercy, you’re welcome! I didn’t know you were coming here. ” I said joyfully

” Thank you… Well we attended a meeting just down the street, so we decided to check up on you before heading home. I actually came with my husband’s sister Laura, the psychiatrist I told you about yesterday. I left her outside getting herself a bottle of water. She probably will be here in five minutes. ” Dr. Mercy said

” Ohhhh! That was thoughtful of you. Have a seat please..” I replied

As Dr. Mercy and I were talking, another knock was at the door.

” Come in! ” Dr. Mercy and I said together

Laura peeped and then entered in.

” Laura! ” I said and stood up at once

” Tony! ” Laura said sounding astounded

” Wait! Do you both know each other? ” Dr. Mercy asked with curiosity written all over her face.

” Tony used to be my….. ” Laura said and didn’t complete

” Well Laura is my ex girlfriend. Laura and I were about to get married when I came across my long time girlfriend at campus, Lucy who is now my wife. Lucy and I got back together, then I quickly called off my wedding with Laura. Our parents were mad at my decision but at that time Lucy was the one I wanted to get married to. ” I revealed

” Woohoo! I’m speechless bro. ” Mercy shouted

” I know! ” I replied

Out of the blue, Dr. Mercy’s phone started to ring and she stepped outside to pick her call.

” I really didn’t know that it was you that Mercy meant would be helping my wife out of the traumatic experiences. ” I said to Laura

” Same here! I didn’t know it was your wife I would be meeting. But everything is past now, I will still help your wife because I did love you at one point in my life before you took me for granted. And secondly I’m not heartless. ” Laura expressed her opinion

” I’m sorry about every bit of pain I put you through! ” I apologized

” It’s okay! It’s been years since I last saw you by the way…” Laura said

” And yet we’ve been living in the same town all for those years! ” I said shaking my head

” Hmmm! This life no balance…” Laura said and we both laughed aloud

Mercy was shocked to find us laughing when she came back from taking her call. She expected Laura to be furious at me after the fact that I badly I hurt her in the past by calling off our wedding.

” Mercy tell Tony about our schedules to meet his wife and let’s rush home please. I need go somewhere this afternoon. ” Laura said to Dr. Mercy

” You still want to do this! ” Mercy wondered

” Of course we need to help the poor lady, she’s going through hell. Besides everything that happened between me and Tony is all history now. I’m happily married, aren’t I! ” Laura replied

” Wow! I love your thinking! That’s my girl. ” Mercy said

” Thanks Laura! ” I Said

Laura smiled .

” Ahmm! Tony, Laura is going to be meeting your wife over the week days because she works half day and then I will be coming in on Saturdays. So tell your wife about it please, tomorrow Laura is coming tomorrow. ” Mercy said

” Okay, I understand that perfectly. I’ll talk to my wife about it. ” I replied in excitement

” Alright, I think we have to run along now before noon because I don’t to get stuck in traffic. ” Dr Mercy stated

” Alright guys, thank you so much! ” I said

” Bye! ” Laura said and wave after dropping her contact on my table.

Later after work, I could not find Sandra in her office so I decided to go home but I was baffled to find her standing in front of my car.

” Hurry up, let’s go! ” She said

” Where’s your car? ” I asked

” At the machinic. ” Sandra replied

We sat in the car and what got me bothered was that Sandra refused to sit with me in the front. Her expression showed she was angry but I didn’t ask her anything. We travelled in complete silence.

When Sandra and I got to my house, my wife and Ben were seated in the living room. At the sight of Ben, Sandra turned to get out quickly but I took hold of her arm and dragged her back.

” You have to listen to what he has to say, please.” I said to Sandra

” Come on Sandra, there’s no harm listening to him. Come and have a seat now please! ” My wife added

Sandra listened to us, she walked in and sat next to Lucy.

” Sandra I know I hurt you but I’m really sorry about everything! I don’t know what came over me. ” Ben begged Sandra

” Hmmmm! ” Sandra reacted

” I said am sorry, Sandra ! ” Ben repeated

” That is it Ben! You keep hurting me and saying sorry all the time, I’m tired of hearing the same thing. Am tired! ” Sandra shouted

” It won’t happen again, I promise! In fact as I speak now my parents are in my house and they said if I don’t fix my marriage soon, they will disown me. ” Ben explained

” You know what, I’m done listening! ” Sandra said and raced outside

I went after her and found her leaning on the wall in tears.

” Hey, easy on yourself please! Just give your marriage another chance. ” I said to Sandra

” You saw what he did to me last time, right! “. Sandra said emotionally

” I did. But since his parents are now involved why don’t you give it a try and see what comes of it. ” I said to Sandra

” I just need sometime to get myself together then I will get back to him. ” Sandra said to me

” That sounds like a good idea! ” I replied

” Anyways, have a nice time! ” Sandra said and walked away

I returned to the house and told Ben that Sandra needed some more time. I even suggested to him to request his parents to speak with Sandra themselves maybe she would consider them fast.

When Ben left, Lucy and I discussed about Laura and Dr. Mercy’s schedules….

To Be Continued…..

©️ Michael Dylan

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