My wife’s bestie episode 7

By Michael Dylan
Episode 7

We all moved to the dinning for the breakfast, My mother in law led us through a prayer and we started eating.

In a short while, mother noticed Lucy wasn’t eating. She just sat there staring at the food.

” Lucy! You’re not eating your. ” Mother said

When Lucy lifted her head, tears rolled down her cheeks. She dropped the fork, stood up and left the dinning.
Mother looked at me quietly and didn’t say anything to me. She stood up and followed Lucy upstairs.

” Daddy you probably hurt mummy! ” My daughter, Norah shouted at me and tears were logging in her eyes too.

” No sweetheart! Come here. ” I hugged her and tried to make her feel better.

I spoon fed Norah for a little while and then I took her out to our nextdoor neighbor’s house. I went back to house and rushed upstairs.

Before I could open the door, I heard Lucy shout, ” Mother you of all people should know why I pick no interest in sex! You allowed my late father to deprive me of that right . Mother what wrong did I do to deserve that from him, my own father. ”

” Lucy back then my hands were tied up, I couldn’t go against your father and you know it. You witnessed every bit of thing your late father put me through. And you know what! I think you should just talk to your husband about everything dear. ” My mother in law sounded

” No mother I can’t! I can’t tell him about it, I will loose him..” Lucy shouted

At the sound of that, I couldn’t hold back. I pushed the door and popped in angrily.

” Lucy just started talking already! I heard everything.” I said as I entered the room

” Tony! You’re here…” Lucy said looking so scared

” Lucy talk to Tony, he deserves to know everything. Should you fail, I will gladly tell him myself! ” My mother in law said to Lucy and she left the room for us to talk.

I was starting to think Lucy was really cheating on me or something close to that.

” Look honey! Speak to me please, I’m begging you! No matter what it is we’ll work it out together, I promise. ” I pleaded with Lucy softly

” I wish it was really something we could workout, but no! It’s something we can’t even change a little bit of it. ” Lucy said sounding scary.

I stared at Lucy and I didn’t know what else to tell her to make her spill whatever the problem was.

” Tony, You love me right! You won’t leave me, right! ” She sounded so emotional

” You’re right darling! I won’t ever leave you I promise. ” I answered Lucy

” Thank you! ” Lucy said.
I took hold of Lucy’s hands and sat her on the bed.

” Alright honey, will you talk to me now please! ” I said

” I…, I…, I went through female gen!tal mutilation, female circumcision as some people call it. I was only five when my late father took to the traditional herbalists and had my gen!tals mutilated. ” Lucy explained

“Jesus Christ! What!!! ” I shouted
” Why was that done? ” I asked in shock

” From what my mother told me, It was culture meant adult girls to control her sexuality to promote premarital virginity and marital fidelity in my father’s village. But due to hardships associated with raising a girl child especially when it came to puberty and all that, some parents had it done to their young daughters. My father had it done to me. My late father was expecting a boy so when my mother gave birth to me, my father bullied her in any way he wanted. My mother could not even question his decisions. ” Lucy clarified

” My late father made my mother’s life and my life a living hell not until he died then my mother and I returned to my mother’s village, which happens to be your village too. ” Lucy added

” I…..I……I….. I don’t know what to say! This is sad. ” I stammered

I stood up and roamed around the room scratching my head. I only used to hear about this sorts of burberic cultures when humanitarians talked about it not knowing that my own wife was a victim.

” So unfortunate that I don’t even know what sex feels like talk less of having feelings for it. I know I sexxually starved you for long but the fact that I always lay down there like a log whenever we had sex was really embarrassing. I knew that disgusted you but you just didn’t have the courage to talk to me about it. ” Lucy said

” I watch so many sex videos just so I could learn how to make it up to you whenever we had sexx but I still failed so I decided to put that act of being tired every night and I made sure I left the bedroom as early as possible before you woke up. ” Lunch went on narrating

I kept staring and listen, I didn’t have anything to say.

” Each time you speak of sexx, I get reminded of how my own father deprived me of that enjoyment or whatever it is…! I just hate myself! ” Lucy said looking all drained

” Hey don’t say that, okay! ” I interrupted, I hurried to sit besides her and caressed her shoulders.

” Look, stop talking now! I’ve understood what the problem is and that’s all I wanted. I will speak with your doctor Mercy to come around over the week days and you’ll talk to her, I will excuse myself from work where necessary. ” I said to my wife Lucy

” I know it’s not something we can cure but we can be guided on how to go about it. She can as well assist you with the emotional traumas. So are you in! ” I added

” Of course honey! I love you so much and you know it, right! ” Lucy said

” And I love you more! ” I said to her and hugged her tight

Lucy smile a bit..

At this junction, the thought of Lucy knowing that it was Sandra that I slept with at the hotel started to taunt me….

To Be Continued…..

©️ Michael Dylan

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