My wife’s bestie episode 13

Episode 13

The following day, we went to church and after church Lucy couldn’t talk to me anymore. She was so angry at angry at me. She kept on giving me attitudes not until I followed her to the kitchen and forced words out of her mouth.

“Hey babe, I know you’re going through so much pain right now and I just want to let you know that am really sorry about everything! I feel so terrible about myself. Sleeping with Sandra is something I will regret for life..” I said

“Tony, I caused it all, okay! I pushed you to cheating, you cheated on me with my bestie, I was hurt and I have forgiven you. Am not angry at you anymore, I’m just hurt.” Lucy stated

“Am sorry!” I said helplessly

“I know!” Lucy replied quickly
“See Tony, I don’t know how to say this to you but I love you to the point that I can’t even hold anger towards you for a day. I’ve tried and failed. So it’s up to you to either break my heart or keep it safe with you because I’m so helpless to take care of my heart and feelings…” Lucy said and started to sob

“Am really sorry, okay! Am just so ashamed of myself right now…” I replied

“No need! About the baby…. I can’t seem to take it off my mind. I feel like I have lost my own. That’s where you hurt me most! You’re responsible for the loss.” Lucy revealed

“Sandra caused it all. Sandra was now starting to use the pregnancy against me. She wanted me to take responsibility for the pregnancy!” I explained

“What did you expect, someone else to take responsibility for the pregnancy? For goodness sake, you got her pregnant so she owed you that much!” Lucy said

“You don’t understand. Sandra wants an affair, she wants a secret relationship with me! She was blackmailing me.” I revealed

“You and I know Sandra would never think of something like that, right!” Lucy replied

“Trust me she did just that!” I said

“No Tony, am starting to have trust issues now! You told me the both of were drunk when you had sex together, that meant it was just a mistake so why would Sandra use it as a weapon against you!” Lucy

“Sandra is not the person you think she is, Sandra is a monster!” I exposed

“No! No! Tony, I… I… I need to speak to Sandra.” Lucy replied

She dropped the onions she was slicing and turned to walk out of the kitchen.

Immediately my phone started to ring….

“Ben is calling.” I said immediately

Lucy turned back and stood close to me. I picked the call…

Me: Hello bro!

Ben: Hi buddy, are you home?

Me: Yeah. Are you okay?

Ben: Am okay.

Me: You don’t sound okay though!

Ben: Let’s talk when I get there.

Me: Okay bruh [ ends the call ]

“Ben is coming over.” I told Lucy

“Alright I will join you both in a short while.” Lucy replied, cleared her eyes and went back to her cooking.

I sat patiently in the living room and waited for Ben to arrive. Moments later Lucy joined me and Ben was still no where to be seen.

As soon as Lucy turned on the TV for us to watch as we wait for Ben, we heard a knock at the door. It was Ben.

“Hey Tony, Lucy how are you?” Ben greeted

“We’re good!” Lucy and I replied together

“And how about you, Ben?” I asked

“Am okay!” Ben replied

“How is Sandra doing now?” Lucy asked Ben

Ben sighed deeply and kept silent. His facial expressions could tell that all is not well.

“Hey is everything okay?” I asked Ben too

“Honestly, No!” Ben uttered looking so miserable

“Do you want to talk about it?” I asked Ben with so much concern

Still Ben didn’t say anything but he nodded his head. He cleared his voice one or two times and took a heavy breath…

“It’s about Sandra. After her pregnancy was flushed out, the doctor said that she would be discharged tomorrow or tomorrow next. The doctor wanted his team to monitor Sandra for a day or two to make sure she was perfectly fine. But when I went out to get her something to eat, Sandra was gone. She wasn’t at the hospital. I don’t know where she is right now.” Ben explained

“What! Did you try to call her at all?” Lucy interrupted

“I did. But Sandra rained abuses at me. She…sh.. she told me that she stopped loving me two years ago. And that she was only physically into the relationship with me but her heart belongs to someone else. Sandra was cheating too yet she made me look like the bad guy here.” Ben revealed

“What the hell!” Lucy shouted

“And do you know the worst part of it!” Ben uttered

“What is it!” I asked quickly

“Sandra told me the pregnancy she just lost wasn’t mine at all!” Ben revealed

“I know!” I replied

“You do! Lucy do you know about it too!” Ben wondered

“Tony told me!” Lucy cleared

“How comes I didn’t know about it! Tony, who told you the truth about Sandra’s pregnancy? Ben asked

“No one!” I replied

“What do you mean!” Ben asked with his eyes wide open.

“No one told me because I was responsible for it!” I spilled the secret to Ben

“Huh!” Ben reacted and laughed a little…
“Bruh you’re kidding me right!” Ben uttered

“He’s right about that Ben.” Lucy clarified

“I just can’t seem to believe that! Tony it’s been you always fighting for my relationship with Sandra. I mean if it wasn’t for you Sandra and I would have broken up four years ago. So how you expect me to believe this!” Ben shouted emotionally

“If you need the truth then you’ll just have to believe it! It happened the last time you through Sandra out of the house in the night. I was down the time I picked Sandra so I couldn’t resist drinking when she brought the alcohol. We got drinking while at the hotel and ended up in bed. It wasn’t just the drink I was longing for sex as well.” I explained

“Tony! Hhhhhh! This is too much! My head! My head is going to explode! I know did so many horrible things to Sandra, I beat her up, cheated on her, burnt her documents. I even stole from her savings and I was ready to mend my ways. But you should have favoured me despite everything, Tony. My happiness always mattered to you before, so how could you sleep with my wife! Now it feels like my past is getting back at me..” Ben shouted

Ben passed around the place and squatted down severally holding his head with both hands .I could see the pain in his eyes.

“Ben take it easy please!” Lucy pleaded

“Am really sorry, Ben! I regret everything!” I apologized

“I just don’t know what to tell my parents! My father’s health is bad. He just wanted me to fixed my marriage so that he could have a chance to see his grandchild before he dies.” Ben expressed his worry

Lucy and I rushed to grab Ben and put him to sit down. We tried our best to make him feel better but Ben went on sobbing until his phone started to ring.

“Excuse me!” Ben said and walked out to pick up his call.

When Ben came back to the house, he was laughing so loud like nothing went wrong. For a moment, I thought Ben was going insane until he spoke out.

“Something great just happened.” Ben shouted

“What is that!” Lucy inquired

“You remember Nadia, our house help that Sandra threw out after I cheated with her! She just called me now, she’s pregnant!” Ben revealed

“Wow! Another door opens!” I said

“You’re right bro! I should go meet her now!” Ben replied and hugged me.

Ben raced off to meet with Nadia…

Later in the night, my wife Lucy was lying on the bed playing a game with my phone while I was seated on the mirror combing my hair. I brought up a conversation….

“Now that Ben knows the truth too, I feel a little relieved though I hurt the both of you so much.” I said

“It’s okay honey! Am happy too!” Lucy replied

“I just don’t think that Ben will ever trust me again!” I said

“He will, just give him some time. Ben respects you a lot, Tony. Just imagine he didn’t pick up a fight with you for sleeping with his wife!” Lucy expressed her opinion

I just looked on and didn’t utter a word…

A few minutes later Lucy was screaming,”Jesus! Jesus Christ!”

“Honey what is it?” I asked curiously

“Sa… Sann… Sandra just sent you a message!” Lucy stammered and hurried to show me.

The message read….

Dear honey,
Am so heartbroken, disappointed and mad at you for the fact that you could kill your own child.
I thought of sending you to jail but if I do that I’ll lose you.
So just sit back and watch. Am cooking something for you and that’s my revenge.
Your love, Sandra.

To Be Continued….

©️ Michael Dylan

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