My step mum is in love with me episode 4


After Clara left, Nora emerged from the Kitchen

“What did she say? What is going on?”

I had nothing to answer her than to proceed to my room

Later that evening, Nora came to my room and inquired of what happened

I told her everything her mother said

I saw the shock on her face

She couldn’t say anything

She was just staring at me

I did not even notice when she left my room.

The next thing I heard was my father calling me

I went to attend to my Dad

But deep down me, I was not myself

My heart was so heavy

Not that I was angry, but just that I was confused

I pretended everything was alright

I ran the errand for my Dad

On my way back to my room, I met Nora

She was coming back from her mother’s room

My father and my step mum did not share the same room

Nora was weeping

“What is it Nora?”

There was no response

I tried to reach her heart, but she was not willing to let me in

I let her go

I went into my room and locked myself in

I did not eat that evening

The next morning my father left for a function

Nora went to the Shop

And my step mum? She told my father that she was not feeling fine.

There was no work for me that day, so I was in the house too

Everything went normal from that morning till noon. Then, I heard a knock on my door

When I opened, I saw my step mum

I haven’t seen her since morning

“Is everything ok?” she asked

“Yes. Everything is ok. Is there anything you want me to do for you?”, I asked

“Nothing. I was just checking on you.”

I thanked her and she left

I returned to my phone to find a message from Nora

“Be very careful”, that was the message, just that.

Be careful of what, I thought

I was still thinking about why things were taking another turn in the house when I had another knock on my door

I went to open the door

“I brought you food”, Clara said

She stretched out a tray containing a plate of rice and beans.

I collected the food and thanked her

I was about to turn when she grabbed me

“Is that how to thank your person?”

I smiled and thanked her again

“You can join me in the sitting room, if you don’t mind. I am bored”, she said

I decided to put every thoughts behind, I followed her to the sitting room

I was eating my food in peace, then all of a sudden, she came and sat by my side.

The closeness was making me uncomfortable

I stood up and pretended to go for drinking water

She readily volunteered to get me a glass of water

As she left for the water, Nora dropped another text message:

“I have something to tell you”, that was the second message from Nora

I was about replying Nora, but Clara returned with a glass of water

“I can do anything for you in this house. Anything”, she said as she handed me the glass with a smile

As my lips touched the brim of the glass, she asked: “what is really going on between you and Nora?”

I felt a cold breeze rushing through me

I couldn’t drink the water again

It would have been better if I didn’t respond, but I managed to ask:” what are you talking about?”

“I know you two spend time together in your rooms. I told you yesterday that Nora is your sister”

“We spend time together, admitted. But nothing is going on between us. She’s my sister”, I protested

“Calm down. I am not accusing you. Just that I need your attention too”

At that point, it became clearer. I knew what she was up to. I saw it in her eyes

I stood up and was about to proceed to my room, but she grabbed me.

Just then, the door opened.

Behold, it was my Dad

To be continued…

© Ezekiel Umoren

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