My step mum is in love with me episode 3


I pretended as if I knew nothing about the deal

I did not want to give my father the impression that I have known Clara

Few weeks later, my father needed a new cloth to wear for a traditional wedding

So I suggested that he patronize Clara

He asked me for Clara’s shop address and I gave him

I dropped a message for Clara on Facebook that my father would be coming to her shop any moment

My father later went to her shop and bought his clothes

Whatever they discussed, I didn’t know

But the exchanged numbers

Few months later, it became crystal clear they were dating

Days turned to weeks

Weeks to months

Finally, we started making arrangements for the traditional rites

The wedding was a low key

After the wedding, Clara moved in with us

I was happy that my father finally had a woman again

The joy my father had knew no bound

Two weeks later, her daughter – Nora – joined us

Nora was 20 years old

Nora and I became friends

I took her as my blood sister

We spent most of our times together

Sometimes she will come to my room for gist

I didn’t know my step mother was becoming jealous of my closeness with her daughter

Whenever she saw Nora with me, she will send her on an errand

I didn’t notice that until Nora drew my attention to it

“Brother”, said Nora, “why is mum always unhappy whenever we are together?”

“Unhappy? How? Since when? Don’t say that again, please”, I scolded

“I am serious. She warned me not to be coming to your room anymore”, she said

“Why would she say that? Why? What have I done? Did you ask her reasons of saying that?” I fired her questions

“I don’t know ooo. She gave no reason. I think you should talk to your father”

“No. That won’t be a nice idea. I’ll handle it myself. Leave my father out of this”

As we were talking, my step mother came in

“Nora, go to the kitchen and make us dinner”, she instructed

Before then, Nora and I used to cook, wash, clean and do other chores together

The joy of having a sister was too much for me. I was literally happier than my father who had a new wife

I was happier because I had people to take over my job of looking after the house

So when mother said Nora should go the kitchen, I stood up to follow her

“No. No. No. No. No. You’re a man. You don’t have to go to the kitchen. Let her cook. I am grooming her to become a responsible wife in the future. Sit here with me.” she said with a smile

I reluctantly sat down. I was lost. Why the sudden change of behavior

“But I enjoy working together with Nora. I mean, she assists me too with my works” I said

“Oh dear! I’m not saying you two shouldn’t be assisting each other. All I said is that you should stay with me here. Is that too much to ask from a son?”

“I see”

“See what?” she inquired

“Nothing mum. It’s fine”

“Do you still remember that day at the restaurant?” she asked

“Yes. What about the day?”

“Nothing. Just that you have changed, she said

“Changed? How? I don’t think so, mum”

“But you have not been giving me attention anymore. Unlike before”

“But that was before. You now have someone who needs your attention too. That is why I hardly bother the two of you”

“And is that the reason you have shifted your attention to my daughter?”

At that point it was like the entire megawatt of electricity generated in the country was running through me.

Why would she say that?

“I don’t understand, mum. What do you mean by shifting attention to your daughter?”

“You’ve been avoiding me, Ezekiel. I need your attention too. The way you’ve been relating with Nora is questionable. She’s your sister.”

“Mum, are you trying to imply that I…”

“I need your attention too. That is what I am trying to imply”, she interrupted

I was about asking her another question, but she stood up and added: “think about it”

I watched her as she walked to her bedroom

I became a living dead.

Could she be referring to what I was thinking?

Only time will tell.

© Ezekiel Umoren

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