My step mum is in love with me episode 8


“She is arrested for the murder of her former husbands”, I answered Nora

“You reported to the police? You got her arrested?” she asked

“No. I didn’t. Initially I thought it was you. But from the look of things, the other guys on mufti are the ones that brought the police”

“And how did they know the house?” , she asked

“That is not what you should be asking now”

“So what should I be asking?”

“You should be asking where I will sleep tonight and every other night, because my father, my own father has asked me to leave his house for attempting to rape his wife. Can you imagine, Nora”

“No. I can’t imagine. What are you talking about?” she asked with a surprise

“I am talking about my father asking me to leave his house because I attempted to rape his wife. Can’t you understand?”

I saw sadness on her face, but that was not my problem.

“I am going in there to park my things incase my father returns. This is all my fault”

“Then I am going with you.”

“To where?”

Nora did not answer. She left for her room wearing a sad look

I proceeded to my room too

I assembled all my belongings and waited for my father to return

It was getting late

About four hours later, my father returned

There was no Clara

I did not even bother to ask him questions

All efforts my father put to secure Clara’s release were futile

Days passed

Weeks passed

Clara was still in custody

She was charged to court, and after months of prosecution, she was sentenced to death for murder

My father was devastated for many years

Why am I sharing this story?

Nowadays, we fall in love carelessly

We are drawn to the opposite s*x for different reasons

Is it beauty?



Sometimes it can even be out of pity

We rush into marriage without even knowing what we are looking for.

It works for some people, but turns out bad for others

Sometimes we rush to marry robbers, kidnappers, thieves, abusers, pedophiles, psychopaths, sociopaths, etc, without knowing them

And when we come to know, we start forcing changes down their throats

Most times we start experiencing domestic violence

I know most of us met our spouses on social media, and the marriage is flourishing

But when you don’t take time to know who you are falling for, it could become a problem

Although I didn’t tell my father that I met Clara on Social media

But I always feel he will find out someday

I later got married to Nora

And we lived happily ever after

© Ezekiel Umoren

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