My step mum is in love with me episode 5


As my dad opened the door, I froze

Clara quickly collected the tray and the glass from my hand

“Welcome dear”, she greeted my father

With a smile, my father responded

I was still standing like an Egyptian mummy

Everything life left me

Clara proceeded to the kitchen

My father walked up to me and put his hand on my shoulder

“She’s a kind woman. How many women can collect empty plates from their step sons? Her kind is rare”, said my father

I did not have anything as response

I watched as my father walked down to his room

I managed to carry myself to my room

I didn’t understand if I was ashamed or my conscience was accusing me

Maybe my father didn’t notice what his wife was trying to do to me

I couldn’t concentrate anymore

I started thinking about what Nora wanted to tell me

I picked up my phone and dialed Nora’s number

The panic in my voice gave me out

“Hello. Nora”

“Hello brother. Are you alright?”, she asked

“What do you have to tell me?”, I asked

“Don’t worry. When I come back, I’ll brief you”

“Tell me now, Nora”, I ordered

At that point, Nora got the message

All was not well

“What has my mum done?”

I did not have the grace to be patience anymore

In order not to hurt her, I dropped the call

As I was thinking, my door opened

It was Clara

“If your father knows about this, I will deal with you”, she threatened

She closed the door and walked away

I thought of telling my father

But how would I tell him that his wife was after his son?

Indeed, it is difficult to find true love nowadays

I decided to pretend that it never happened

But I was burning deep down me

Maybe Nora would have something useful to say

Few minutes later, there was a knock on my door

It was my father

“My brother is sick. The wife called to inform me. I want to go and see what it is”, said my father

I thought he came to confront me over what happened

So my countenance changed

My father noticed the guilty look on my face

I wanted to tell him, but when I lifted up my face again, I saw my step mum

I became frightened

“Are you okay?”, asked my father

“He will be fine. He complained of malaria earlier. I have given him some tablets”, Clara interrupted

My father came closer and placed his right hand on my forehead, while his left hand rested on my shoulder

He was testing my temperature

“Don’t worry. You’ll be fine. Your mum is here to take care of you. You need some rest. Please call her if you need anything”, he assured

I nodded as I sat on the bed

“Don’t worry sweetheart, I’ll be here with him”, Clara interrupted and sat by my side

“God bless you dear”, father concluded

They both hugged themselves and my father left

When I was certain my father had left the compound, I turned to Clara and asked: “now what?”

She smiled and said “nothing”

I stood up from the bed and ordered her to leave my room, else I would tell my father

“And do you think your father will take your words and throw away mine? I dare you”, she threatened

I left my room and went outside

She followed me

I turned to the backyard and she followed me all through

I could not take it anymore, so I provoked

The little sanity in me flew away

“Clara what is your problem?”, I shouted

I intentionally called her by her name perhaps she would get offended

But no. Instead, she smiled and told me how romantic it was for me to call her by her name

I made my way into the building through the back door

I made up my mind to confront her as a man

So I stopped, turned around and asked: “do you really want to hurt my father?”

“Your father doesn’t have to know”, she said

She then told me how she fell for me from the day we met at the restaurant

She said it was me she wanted

She talked about how jealous she is anytime I’m with Nora

“But Nora is your daughter, hence my sister”

“Yes, she is”

“Then why on earth would you think that something can possibly happen between Nora and I?”

“I don’t know. I’m sorry. Let’s not talk about her again”, she said

I left her for my room and locked the door behind me

She came knocking, but I refused to open

She left for the kitchen to prepare something for the family since it was getting dark

Later on, Nora came back from the shop

Few minutes later, my father returned too

I lost appetite that evening

My heart was burning

Father came to check on me and I opened the door for him

I lacked the courage to tell him what happened

He re-assured me that I would be fine

When he left, Nora entered

I got up from bed with curiosity

“What do you have to tell me?”, I asked

“Calm down brother”, she said

“I don’t have time for this” I interrupted

“Okay, but promise me you won’t get mad at me”

I was losing my temper

On noticing my mood, she summoned up courage and gave me the greatest shock of my life

“Mummy, I mean Clara, is not my biological mother.”

© Ezekiel Umoren

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