My step mum is in love with me episode 7


When we got home, Clara was already restless

We met her outside the house, close to the garage

Our garage is sperate from the house

She was boiling and ready to explode

Not because of anger, but because of jealousy that metamorphosed into anger, which in turn birthed hatred

All these were written all over her face

“Where have you been, Nora?”, she fired

“I went out with Brother”

“Did I ask you who you went out with? How many times will I warn you not to…” she paused as she realized I was still there

She moved her gaze away from Nora and gave me a stern look before she went back inside

That look sent some fears down my spine

But I manned up

Nora proceeded to her room

I went straight to my room to think of the next line of action

I thought about so many things

‘Is Nora saying the truth? Is Clara that evil? I had to do something, and fast. Telling my father would not be a nice idea. Clara had a way of manipulating anyone to do her bidding. So likely, she might turn my father against me’

These were few of the over a million thoughts I had

I didn’t want to tell my father without having at least one evidence to back it up

My mind took me back to what Nora said about Clara’s BVN slip

‘I must get the slip’, I told myself

I woke up late the following day

It was 9:32am

Few minutes later, Clara knocked on my door

“Ezekiel”, she called out

“Hold on, I’m coming”

I got up from bed and went to open the door

“Good morning”, I greeted

“Good morning dear. How was your night?”

“Was fine. Thanks”

“I haven’t seen you since morning, so I said let me come check on you”

“Thank you”

“There’s food on the table for you. Hurry before it gets cold”, she said

“Thank you”, I replied with a fake smile

“Where is my father?”

“He has gone out and would not be back until evening. Finish up and join me in the sitting room”, she said with a smile

I left her and closed the door behind me.

After I had my bath, I went to the sitting room

It was just Clara and I

She was watching television

I joined her

After few minutes she turned to me

“Please get me my phone from my room. It’s on my bed”, she said

I left for her phone

Her bed was neatly dressed

It was as if no one had slept on it for more than one century

It was completely the opposite of mine

My bed used to be so rumble and I did not even bother to arrange it whenever I wake up

Before I could finish admiring the room, Clara entered

She closed the door behind her

“Here is your phone”, I said as I handed her the phone

She collected it and dropped it back on the bed while still maintaining eye contact with me

“My dear”, she said, “I have been admiring you for a long time now. You kept turning down my advances. No one says NO to me. I get whoever I want.”

She began to pull off her clothes

“What is the meaning of this, Clara?”

“Make love to me. I’m dying inside”

Fear and panic swallowed me up

“I can’t, Clara. You are my stepmother. My father’s wife. What has come over you?”

“You. You have come over me”, she said as she inched more closer

“I made this bed for you. For us. Don’t be afraid dear, no one will ever know this.”

I rushed to the other side of the bed and reached out for one of her high heels

“Don’t come any closer Clara. I will wound you. I am serious”, I shouted

She crossed the bed and jumped on me

I pushed her away and ran out of the house

I left the compound completely

When I returned in the evening, I met Clara resting her head on my father’s laps

They were in the sitting room

“Good evening Dad”

“What is your problem, young man? What in God’s name came over you”, my Dad fired with so much anger, the like of which I had never saw before

I tried to say something in defense, but he fired another one

“How dare you inflict pains on my wife? How dare you make advances on my wife?”

I was lost

“Dad, what…?”

“Don’t Dad me. You attempted to rape my wife in my own house? Take a look at her face. Have you seen what your lustful desires have caused?”

He paused and stood up

“I can see that you have grown up now to a man, such that you begin to desire my wife. But guess what. It’s not going to happen in my house. Not under my roof. I want you to go in there, park your things and get out of my house this minute”

My father did not even care to listen to my own side of the story.

As I tried to plead for audience, the door opened

Four police officers emerged

With them were two men and a woman

“Madam, you are under arrest”, one of the Officers said as he showed his ID card

Clara began to shiver

“For what? Why are you arresting my wife?”

“Sir, your wife is a serial killer who is on a killing spree. She has made a lot of money from her victims. We have been trailing her for years now”

The Officer turned to Clara and continued: “You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say or do can and will be used against you in the court of law”

“Is this true?”, asked my father

Clara began to weep

I watched as she was led away. My father followed.

Nora was just coming back when she was arrested

“Why is she arrested?”, Nora asked

© Ezekiel Umoren

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