My step mum is in love with me episode 2


It was time to go

I walked Clara to where she got a taxi

She boarded the taxi and we bid ourselves goodbye

I went home that evening a happy and fulfilled man

I was happy not because I found a wife for myself, but because I found someone for my father, or so I thought.

I was eager to see the father I grew up to meet – full of life, happy and jovial

But then, a thought struck me

‘What if my Dad would not find this woman attractive?’ He once told me it was difficult to find true love these days

Maybe he was right

Maybe he was not

Only time shall tell

I went home that night and found my Dad on the sofa watching television

“Good evening Dad. Have you had something to eat?”, I asked smiling

“Evening son. I’ve eaten. And why are you so excited tonight?”

“Nothing special, besides I am always happy with you. Let me change up, I’ll be with you soon”

I went into my room, changed up and returned to the sitting room

My Dad expected me to say something, at least an explanation for the smile on my face

I wanted to brief him, but I didn’t want to spoil his mood

So I just sat there pretending to be watching the television

There was a huge silence between us

“Won’t you eat something?”, he broke the silence. “I made us something since you didn’t come back early. You know I don’t like late night food”

“Sorry about that, father. I’ll eat right away”

I proceeded to the kitchen, though I was not hungry but just to make him happy

After eating, I returned to the sitting room and we both continued our ghost mood

Few minutes later, Dad broke the silence again

“I have thought about what you said. Son, you were just 19 when your mum died five years ago. Ever since then, you’ve been the one running the house. I pity you every day. Sooner or later, you will get married and probably leave me here at the mercies of loneliness. You are 24. Your responsibilities are multiplying day by day. Remember you told me to give love a chance. I am ready for that now. I will love to get married.”

My joy exploded like a volcano eruption, but I controlled it

“Do you have anyone in mind?” I asked


“In that case, you’ll have to find one for yourself. I really need someone to help us in this house”, I added

“That won’t be a problem”, he said

“It’s ok then. Let me get some sleep. See you tomorrow”

“Good night son”

“Good night Dad”

I picked my phone and left for my room

I was happy that finally, things were going to change for better

I thought of how I was going to play my cards

Then I came up with something

One of the biggest Boutiques in the environ was owned by Clara

So I told her to bring some fine shirts for me

She must include few for my father too and must persuade us to buy

I trusted her smiles to complete the deal

I dropped a message for her on Facebook messenger, describing how the deal was going to be

Two days later, Clara was set for the mission

I was watching a movie with my Dad in the sitting room

At around 5:30pm, someone was at the door

“Did you expect anyone?” ,father asked

“No Dad. Let me check”

I went to the door and opened

“Ah! Customer, welcome. What have you brought for me? Please come inside”

She came inside while I locked the door behind her

The smile on her face was contagious

“You are welcome to our house. This is my father. Dad, this is my customer – Madam Clara”

“Good evening Sir” she greeted

“Good evening Clara. How is business?”

“Business is fine. We thank God Sir”

“Please sit down.”. Father added

Madam Clara took her seat with a smile on her face

She was in her early 30s

Her appearance that evening was well fitted for the mission

She opened her bags and brought out few shirts

“I selected these for you. They will fit you well”, she handed me four shirts

“Dad, I buy clothes from her. Her goods are quality”

“Let me see”, said my father

I handed him two of the shirts

“I like the stuff. The quality” he confirmed

“This one will be good on you Sir” said Clara as she handed him a shirt

“I love this. I think I’ll be buying from you too”, he assured

“That would be nice of you Sir. We give discount to our valued customers”

“I’ll be patronizing you. So how much are these?”

Clara told him the price, and after agreeing on the amount, payment was made

“Thank you so much Sir. I’ll be on my way now”

“Thank you ma’am”, I responded

I walked her to the door, opened it and bid her good bye

I closed the door and returned to my father

“She sales quality clothes, and she’s very honest”, I told father

“I’ve seen. Is she from here?”, he asked

“I don’t know, I’ve never asked”

Father did not say anything again. He picked his shirt and went to his room

I refused to leave for my room. I knew he would come back because we didn’t have dinner yet

Few minutes later, he returned

On sighting him, I focused on the television while my ears were fully opened

“How long have you known that woman?”, he asked

I pretended not to hear him

“Ezekiel”, he called out


“How long have you known that woman?”

“Not too long. Any problem?”

“No. Not at all”

To be continued…

© Ezekiel Umoren

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