Honeymoon In Asaba episode 3

Episode 3

He looked at the caller again and it was Tina. He looked at the waiting p***y on the bed and looked back at the ringing phone. He didn’t know whether to answer the call or not. He concluded that a bird at hand is better than two in the bush. He left the phone and returned to the bed which was just a little foam on the floor to finish the work at hand before deciding on what to do next.

He pushed in his full length into her and she screamed. ” You will kill me today o. You are so big. I like it” She gingered him as he fired on. He r0tated his d**k in her h0neypot like someone turning a pot of soup.
She wrapped legs ar0und his waist as he devoured her. He went on and on without taking a break and then he felt it coming. His body quaked and vibrated as he suddenly stopped. Pouring out all of his l0ad with his d**k still inside her. He finally pulled out and she helped him remove the condom he had on. He lay down panting like a lizard that fell from four storey building.

He couldn’t remember the last time he had this type of s*x. She is worth paying double the amount they agreed in the first place.
The phone did not stop ringing.It rang again for the umpteenth time. He must answer her. He was back to his senses now. All that clouded his entire self was to complete the mission he had at hand and he had done that. By now she was slowly trying to put on her little sexy bum shot so she can go and hunt for another man. A thought flashed into him ” So after all this knacikng,she can still do another man? ” He shook his head. She must be a very strong creature. “Anyways, this is her hustle, she is only doing the best she can and perhaps she takes drugs from time to time to support herself.

“When I go see you again ” She asked,ignoring his ringing phone and his decision not to pick the call. That’s his business and not hers. Her business was to fučk him and take his take his money. Whoever was calling him and whether he answers or not did not bother her at all.
“Next Week. Next week I will definitely come back here next week because you are amazing ” He assured her.
“what is my name? “She asked again as they came out of the room.
“it’s true o. You didn’t tell me your name ”
“And you didn’t bother to ask. If you come back next time and don’t see me who will you tell people you are looking for? Ok my name is Ini”
“Yes. Ini. Short for Iniobong. Everybody knows me here ”
“Alright I will never forget that. I’m Emeka ”
“Ok. See you next week ” she said finally with her gaze fixed on a young man coming from afar. Other pr0stitutes had made advances on him. Some touched his hand. Some shook their assets for him. Some showed him their b*****s. The only thing left easy to show him their p***y but it seemed the young man was coming for something else entirely. Maybe to just sit drink and see some wh0res displaying their markets. Some guys ‘catch cruise’ that way. They just go brothels, sit for some drinks and wait for them girls to come and woo them. Then they will be like “no I’m waiting for somebody ”

And sometimes they will get replies like “The person wey you dey wait carry pass me? check me out na. Complete package. I go do you well. I go s**k your prick”
Ini made her way towards the young man to see if he will fall for her tricks. Who knows,it could be someone who is coming back to look for her.

Emeka finally dialed back Tina’s number. He needed to know what’s up. He had travelled all the way from Awka, Anambra State to see her in Asaba, Delta. If seeing her will no longer be possible, he will start on time to negotiate with Ini to spend the night with her. Then tomorrow morning, he will run back to Awka and delete her number. Getting a woman was never a problem for him but there was something about this Tina that made him take the trip to Asaba.

She answered the phone almost immediately it rang.
“Hello hello Emmy ”
“Baby please I’m sorry. My battery died and I went to quickly charge it. I used a desktop charger because my charging port is faulty. I’m so sorry please ”
“You left me stranded here since knowing full well that I don’t know anywhere here.Its alright. It’s ok. No problem ”
“So where are you now?”
“I’m still at the park ”

“OK I’m coming there now ”

Emeka made his way back to the park. It was a stone throw from the small old hotel where he met Ini.
In about 15 minutes, Tina landed on a bike. At first Emeka didn’t recognize her because it was already dark. She had to call his phone and as he lifted up the phone and said hello and she replied,he knew that she was the one. He smiled, ran forward and lifted up. He hugged her tightly and expressed her happy he was to see her. She was actually different from the pictures he saw but all the same, she was well packaged. Emeka was full of joy. His mission will be a successful one. It’s true he had a memorable and mind-blowing time with Ini but he knew it will be even better with Tina. To him Ini’s experience was what they called “one for road”. It was just a tip of the iceberg of the lovely experience waiting for him in Asaba. It was just a warm up for the main deal with Tina. He will do with her from the kitchen to the bathroom. He will do shower cruise with her;that is if they have a shower like in his hostel back in Awka. From the shower to the bedroom because they have the house all to themselves. They will have fun in that order for complete four days. He is really here for a honeymoon. Even married people can not enjoy this type of honeymoon.

Tina was not in a hurry to go back home so Emeka narrated the ugly experience he had in onitsha and how he arrived Asaba not knowing what to do next. He ended up by saying that he was tired and exhausted and needed to eat. Tina told him not to worry that he will eat when they get home. She made him even happier when she told him that when they get home, “he can choose whether to eat before he eats or eat before he eats” He got the point. That’s a line peculiar to married couple. When the husband returns from work, his loving wife having served the food and had her bath will ask him which one he wants first. Whether to eat her first before the food or to eat the food first before eating her. Hmm these kind of things will make you want to get married immediately. Not the kind of wife that when you remember you have her at home, you will go to one bar and start drinking so that by the time you return, she must have fallen asleep. Wife that gives you wahala.

“It’s better to save the best for the last. I know you must be more delicious than the food but I need Food first ” He said knowing that Ini had zapped all his energy combined with his trip. He needed to eat something.
“The bike man can go when we are ready we will take another bike. How much is his money?” Emeka suggested as he noticed that the bike she came with was still waiting.
“No don’t worry. He will carry us when we are ready. He will not complain ” Tina explained.
After gisting for sometime,they mounted the bike and the driver sped off. He ran through the tarred road for sometime before diverting to another untarred road. It was kinda narrow and bushy. He kept speeding until he came to an abrupt stop. But there was no house around. The place was lonely and dark except for the light from the bike which lit their path.
“Abeg make una no vex make I piss
small ” The driver pleaded.

Tina told him no problem that he should go. Emeka was not comfortable. He expressed his discomfort. He told her that it was risky and unwise to stop there at that time of the day. Tina told him to calm down that the driver will just empty his bladder and they will be on their way again.
He soon appeared and apologized for wasting their time. He was about to kick start the motorcycle when four hefty men emerged from the nearby bush with machetes and charged towards them. Tina screamed and pleaded with them not to hurt any of them.
One of the men landed a hot slap on Emeka’s head and took his phone and bag from him.

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