Honeymoon In Asaba episode 2


“E no go better for this man”
“Thunder go fire you. Motor go jam you”
“That my money go kill you. You no go chop my money go free ”

The duped and angry passengers rained curses on the man who claimed to be a driver who ran away with their money.
Emeka was still short of words. He had heard of different stories of Onitsha and upper Iweka but he just experienced one today

His phone rang. It must be no other person but Tina and his guess was right.
“Baby it’s over four hours please where are you ” She inquired with despair in her voice.
Emeka who was still dumbfounded and exhausted managed to tell her that he was still in Onitsha. He reserved the long story for when he finally meets her. Perhaps it will be better to narrate the ugly experience to her with his head on her laps and her soft hands rubbing his head.
He assured her that even if it’s by midnight, she will see her. Nothing will stop him from forging ahead. She was a bit relieved.

Getting another loading bus did not give Emeka much stress. He stood some distance away and observed the people going inside the vehicle. They looked like real passengers because some of them had their bags with them and they paid money also. He was convinced that this particular bus will move in no distant time and so he paid and joined them. He remembered the first money he paid for the first bus and how it went down. There was nothing he could do about it. The money is gone. The time has been wasted. A particular legendary igbo song ” Mmiri Mara m ebe m na acho obi m o, anwu chara m, ma na owuteghi m” (I was beaten by the rain in the search for my love. I was scorched by the sun but I wasn’t with worried at all because it’s for the sake of my love)
Emeka agreed that all he had gone through today was more than rain and sun. Yes, the sun dealt with him together with the heat that accompanied it. The sweat was equivalent to rain.Then another thought struck him; ‘But Tina is not my love.I just keep telling her I love her just to get what I want. After that, if she is worth keeping, we will still be seeing from time to time’ When Emeka says worth keeping, he means the honeypot must not be loose.The breasst must be nice and she must not have body odour. These are among the things he looks out for. As for beauty, he believes a woman is beautiful if her honeypot is sweet and she knows how to do. Moreover he is not keeping any of them as his girlfriend.

The bus finally sped off at 5pm. Emeka did not hesitate to call Tina to let her know that he has left Onitsha even though they were still there. The driver steered with caution unlike the one that conveyed them from Awka to Onitsha who was speeding like someone in a car race trying to beat time.
By the time they arrived Asaba, it was almost dark due to excess traffic jam. He stepped down, completely weak and tired. Tina will make him feel better tonight. He will soon forget all the stress and troubles. He will soon be full of smiles.

He brought out the phone and dialed her number. The voice on the phone notified him that the number he was calling is switched off. He checked the name again to make sure it was Tina. He dialed again,the same response.
“What is the meaning of this nonsense” He murmured,looked at his time, it was about 7pm. He knew nowhere in Asaba and getting back to Awka that night might not be possible.

He walked down the road so as not to appear stranded to people while still dialing the number repeatedly.He had high hopes that Tina will soon call. She can’t do this to him. Maybe her battery ran down and she is trying to charge. He had to be positive but if the worst gets to the worst, he will know what to do.
He sighted an old hotel nearby. It was having bulbs that illuminated disco lights. Music was playing from the background. Emeka nodded. He might be spending the night here if Tina refuses to show up. He moved in and ordered for one bottle of beer to cool himself down.

While slowly sipping the drink, he observed half n***d girls walking up and down the place. One of them came in front of him and shook her b*****s for him. Another one from afar licked her lips looking at him and showed him her big a*s. She was shaking it for him. It was then he realized that he had come to the den of prostitutes.
He smiled again,lifted his green bottle and gulped down some of its content.
He dialed Tina’s number again to be sure before booking any of the whores advertising their assets. The number was still switched off. He refused to get angry. Tina is not the only girl in the world, he thought. Here are pretty girls also.
” Fine girls never finish for UNIZIK and besides……….. ”
“Fine Bobo. Come I go do you well” One of the pr0stitutes jolted him from his thoughts back to reality.
“I go fučk you well, she continued, check me out na” She turned around for him to have a better look of what she was offering him.
She wore a net top that revealed all her b*****s with a very skimpy bum shot. Emeka could clearly see that she wasn’t putting on any pant. Her b*****s were so inviting and fair like the rest of her skin. She got the hips and must be very hard for any man to turn down.
Emeka signaled her to sit. She sat very close beside him and touched his laps, making her hands towards the direction of his joystick. Emeka tried to stop the hand with his laps but it was late. The swift hand already reached its destination. She ran her hands on it through his trousers. She felt it spring to life instantly.She touched it again, making sure she achieved her aim; getting him hard. Having won the game, she sat on him, targeting his Dickson with her big a*s. Emeka was completely helpless.
“Come let me fučk you like you have never been before ” She whispered to his ears and licked on it with her tongue,telling him the small amount they charge.

She stood up, stretched her hand for him and he reached for it. She went and he followed, not Forgetting his bag. He followed her sheepishly to a room not far away from where she met him. She did not stop touching his Dickson so that nothing will make him change his mind. Once inside, she pulled her bum shot and left only the net top.
Emeka did same and pulled everything on him.
She quickly got down to business,gently pushed him down the bed and m0unted him. She slide d0wn and brought her head to his laps, located his already thr0bbing c**k and took it with her hands. Shook it first and str0ked it gently. She watched as his face lit up and smiled. After some gentle rubbing of hands, she took it into her mouth and sucked on it passionately. She was fire.The way she sucked his thing almost drove him crazy. He let out some soft sounds of satisfaction and she smiled. When she was tired of s*****g him, she sat on him,rubbing her wet p***y on his hard d**k.

Finally she took it into her hand,wore him a rubber and plugged it int0 her wet p***y. She sat on it for some time smiling at him. He felt the mold. It was warm and gripping. This type can make a man cùmm in 20 seconds. He wrapped his hands around her a*s and pressed hard on them.
She began with a slow rhythm, riding gently with smiles all over her face. Gradually, she increased the tempo of her waist movement. From slow to fast. She started twerking 0n his d**k.She d**k it so well like a professional.
Emeka had to confess that she was so good.
“Yea.. And there is a reason why…., She replied coming to a halt while sitting on his ever hard d**k. ‘And do you want to know the reason why? ‘
“Tell me ” Emeka wanted to know.
“Whenever I get a chance to perform, I do it so well. I believe that will make the man come back to me next time. I am not like the rest. If I wan f**k, I dey f**k with all my heart and I go help you to make sure say you enjoy your money well well and cùm in peace because I no say money hard to come ” She explained and started grinding on him waiting to hear his remarks.

He shook his head in bewilderment and nodded satisfactorily. She was truly different. He knows how these commercial s*x workers behave. He knows that when they come to you, they are always friendly but once you go into the room with them, the friendliness disappears.
Immediately you get down to business with them, 30 seconds later you will start hearing stuffs like
“OGA you never still release? No dey touch my b****t. you go add money o. How much you even pay? Your money Don expire. Abeg do quick make I wear clothe go hustle ”
These words alone can make your d**k go flacid and when that happens, she will assume you have released and tell you rudely ” Oga come down make I go find customers ”
The frustrations and no good experiences he accumulated from different br0thels and prostitutes made him give up on going to them. But here was this girl proving to him that they are not always the same.
“I have never met anyone like you before. The others are always rude and mean. I must come back here another time to look for you” Emeka said finally. He would really love to come back some other time but he didn’t want her to know that he had come from a far destination and might never come there again.

She smiled happily for the fact that he has gotten another customer who will always come back looking for her.
She came down after riding him some more and positioned for d0ggy. Her positioning was top notch. Her chest touched the ground while she raised and tilted her waist for easy entrance. Emeka socketed his joystick in without delay.He hit her from the back as she let out some soft moans. She had been the one doing all the job and now, he had to show her that he is man enough.
He increased his thrusts, fired on with reckless abandon until her legs began to shake and she couldn’t stand it anymore. She turned flat and positioned for missionary.

Just then,Emeka’s phone rang. The girl was still 0n the bed p0sitioned for missi0nary. Emeka had to cùm this time. He knew he must try to so as not to waste all of her time notwithstanding that she was patient with him.

He quickly reached for his phone to find out who it was and behold it was Tina calling.

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