Honeymoon In Asaba episode 4

Episode 4

Another blow landed on his stomach as he cried out for help. He knew the driver had a hand in this but there was no way he could suspect Tina although he remembered when he told her to let the bike man go that they can take another one later but she said no that will go with the same bike. No, his Tina is Innocent. She had been expecting him and cannot do this kind of thing to himself but what was his crime. Criminals only take what they want from you and let you be but this ones already took his phone and bag with the money he had and yet, they won’t let him be. They were busy inflicting pains on him. It looked as though they wanted more from him. What do they really want?

The bike driver was silent all this while,he didn’t utter a word as he watched them beat and bruise the young man. Tina only pleaded with them to leave him alone that he did nothing to them.
They tied up his two hands and blindfolded him. The moment they did that, he didn’t hear Tina’s voice again. He called her name ,no response. The more he uttered any word, the more they beat him.
“It’s okay. Enough. Remember he must not be dead. She demanded that we must bring him alive ” One of them said,cautioning others to stop beating him.
They lifted him from the ground and carried him away. Emeka needed no soothsayer to reveal to him that he was in some deep shit. Who is the she that demanded that they brought him alive? How did she know he was in Asaba and would be toeing that path? The voice that told him not to suspect Tina became faint. There’s no way Tina hand no hand in this. What will they do with him now? He was highly disappointed in himself. He shouldn’t have left Awka for Asaba because of p***y that he can still get easily at will.
Now, here he was. Blindfolded, beaten to pulp, gags on his mouth, hands tied and hungry. He couldn’t say a word. He only wished they moved faster so he can know the fate that awaited him.

They threw him down and he whimpered in pain.This is the worst experience of his life. If eventually he comes out of this alive, what will he tell his people? How will he even keep his mouth to say it? That he went to Asaba for p***y. Four days p***y when he has exam in seven days time. He felt so down. Do these people want him alive at all?
A door opened and they threw him in. His blinds was taken off still he couldn’t see anything. The room was dark. Very dark. He heard them say that they will leave him there till tomorrow when she will come see him and pay them their money.

The door was shut and Emeka closed his eyes in despair. He had no more strength in him. He wasn’t sure he can’t survive the night. ‘Who did I offend ‘ He thought. He didn’t bargain for any of these. He had come to Asaba with the hopes of having some good time with Tina but instead he is having the worst time of his life.
‘What if they kill me here? So that will be the end of me? God forbid ” He couldn’t stop thinking. He wished he could lay his hands on Tina now. He will strangle her to death. What did he do to her to deserve this. Did he ever offend her? And who is the she that the men kept talking about? Tears threatened but he fought them back. Crying like a baby will not help him. He had to be strong till morning. They say joy comes in the morning but he knew the saying was not for him.He wished morning can just come but no. That night was the longest night ever. The longest night of his life.

Morning came and the door opened. Five me entered. He recognized the four men the previous night and the bike driver. He made them the fifth person. They entered and stood still without saying a word. Emeka who had gags in his mouth couldn’t speak either. He just looked at them with pleading eyes but none of them looked his way. After a while, the sixth person entered and it was a woman.
She stared at him for a minute and smiled.
“It’s a small world ” She said removing her dark shade.
Emeka looked at her again and lowered down his face. Ifeoma will never spare his life. What a world.
“I told you I get back at you. No one messes with me and gets away with it. You ruined my life and you think you can enjoy yours? Think again sweetheart” She tried to hide the tears in her heart. She refused to let it show in her voice.
Emeka knew he had no chance.

Ifeoma was an innocent young woman when Emeka met her. He came with love and promised her heaven and earth. She made it clear to him that she has never known any man. That excited Emeka who wanted to know what it feels like to deflower a woman. He felt nothing for her but he kept deceiving her. She was actually the only woman that lasted long with him.
He took away her virginity and promised that he will never leave her alone. Time went so fast. She got pregnant and he talked her into abortion. They did it and everything was back to normal after sometime.
She got pregnant again and did another abortion for him. It was the 5th abortion that damaged her womb. She believed every words Emeka told her that he will never leave her. She thought it was forever. When Emeka got tired of her he started finding faults in every thing she did.He beat her at the slightest things making her look stupid. He finally told her to go away and let him be in peace. Ifeoma reminded him of the five abortions and the effect it had on her womb all because of him.

Emeka asked her a question that broke her heart. ” I go marry you before? Can you bear me a child? The essence of marriage is children and not only S*x.Right now you are only good for s*x and nothing more ”
Ifeoma got married soon after Emeka dumped her. She was not a student and according to her, time was running out. The marriage was not successful. She couldn’t bear a child for the man. Series of tests conducted on her and the unfortunate man showed that the man had no problem whatsoever but her womb was damaged. The man was enraged. So he married a whore who had destroyed her womb with countless abortions. He considered himself the most unlucky and unfortunate man on earth. He wondered why she didn’t tell him about it in the first place.
Actually, Ifeoma had hoped for a miracle but does it really workout that way? She wasn’t even a very religious person.
It was after she was thrown out of her marriage that she sat down to think about her life. Her next marriage will definitely fail because she can’t get a child for whoever it will be. Emeka caused all of these. Someday, he will get married and enjoy his marriage while she stays in agony.

She concluded that she will rush into another marriage now. She believes making money was the key. If she can make money and become super rich she can get married to poor man and be in control of him. They can even adopt a child if she wants to. She just want to be in charge now that led her to the powerful native doctor whom she explained her ordeals to and agreed to help her but requested that she bring man who she said caused her the predicament so that he will be used for a sacrifice to the gods. The native doctor explained that it was only the man that the gods demanded for. After giving the gods his blood, then other rituals which will make her rich will follow.
That was the genesis of her search for Emeka. She needed to get him by all means in Asaba for the ritual.

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