Honeymoon In Asaba episode 8&9



Chapter 8 $ 9

Ifeoma looked closer to decipher who it was as she kept walking so fast. Who is she and who sent her?

By now Ifeoma has seen her face clearly. She shook her head and bit her lips.

“Tina, Tina I will kill you. You are a devil. I paid you your money but instead you said it’s not the amount we agreed on”

Ifeoma watched keenly and saw how she overcame Okoro and confused him with s*x. ‘Men and s*x why. Did I  not pay this idiot ” she thought.

She watched as he shook like a vibrat0r while releasing. He cursed him beneath her breath. So because of few minutes thrusts, he allowed Tina to destroy her plans. He didn’t even last long. She wondered if it was even up to two minutes.

She continued watching as Tina got inside and held down Emeka. He watched the way Emeka fuckked Tina and went down Memory Lane. Emeka loved s*x back them. He gave it to her everytime. He sexxed her when he was feeling fine and when he wasn’t. S*x was one of his foods then. It was all he wanted. She equally enjoyed it but it was the consequences that left her without a womb never to have her own child.

She didn’t wait for the mirror to finish showing how it all happened before she fled the shrine. She must act fast before time runs out. As she made to run fast, she felt a slight pain in her p***y. This old man did not pity her at all. With his thick d**k he almost tore her p***y. Thanks to her constant p***y juice that kept her lubricated all through. The way she was walking, an expert could tell that she just had s*x. A. very hot s*x for that matter.

Tina’s place was her first target but she knew the young girl won’t be that daft to be there. The baba had told her he won’t help in finding Tina so she erased every thought of going back to the shrine for more help. Nothing will make him comply. He has already fucked her and will not demand for that again. Ifeoma could feel her death coming.


Emeka opened his eyes and found him self on the bed. He looked beside him and there was Tina with him.

“Don’t worry you will be fine ” She assured him and held his head to lay him down as he tried to stand up from the bed.

Emeka didn’t know where he was.All he could remember was that Tina brought him here, helped him with his bath, wore him a male clothe and fed him before he fell asleep.

“Where am I, I need to get back to school. I have exams to write ” Emeka managed to say.

“I know but remember that your life is better than that exam. I won’t force you to stay here but I can guarantee you that you are safe for now. Ifeoma will not spare your life if she sets her eyes on you and my life is also in danger. I know how the old man’s oracle operates. If they don’t get any of us today,the oracle will come for her and that will be the end of her ” Tina explained.

“You have to trust me this time.I know I put you through all these and I am sorry. That’s why I am trying to get you out of it”

Emeka relaxed without fear. He is strong now. Tina brought food for him and made him to eat again assuring him that everything will be fine.

“Anything you want, I will give you so that you will feel good. I want you to forgive me ” She said and Emeka nodded. After eating, Emeka laid on the bed again and Tina came to join him after clearing the plate he ate with.

She got on the bed, moved so close to him and held him closely to herself. She wasn’t seducing him with s*x but she wouldn’t mind if he wanted it. She was ready to give him whatever he wanted. She just held him close to herself passionately like they were two good lovers. She caressed his head and Emeka reciprocated by gently touching her soft body. He made her lie on top of him, chest to chest feeling her heart beat.

“I promised to drive you crazy. I promised to ride you and spell coconut with my waist on you. I will still do that to you whenever he get a  chance. If not here, it will be in your school lodge ” She said slowly feeling his skin as their bodies pressed against each other. She could feel his heart beat. Yes she heart to do the job for Ifeoma because of the money but when she met Emeka she felt a thing for him but the arrangements on ground that particular night was too tight for her to maneuver.

“Why are you trying to save my life.. You are not trying to actually. You saved my life. That man could have stabbed me to death this morning if not for what we did in the early hours. Why did you save me? ” Emeka could not understand why.

Tina was silent for sometime but she finally summoned to courage to say it. She had to let him know but she feared he might get upset with her because you can’t claim you love someone and plan to lead that person to death. You can’t plan evil for someone you love.

“Emmy, you will find it hard to believe but please believe me when I tell you that I have fallen for you. I am in love with you right from the moment I saw you and that is why I am fighting so hard to see that no harm comes to you. I lied when I told you that she didn’t pay me complete. She did. I told her it wasn’t the agreed price because I wanted to estort more money from her. It’s the feeling I have for you that is making me do all these things. I will do anything for you. I will risk my life to see that you return safely to Awka without any problem in the future. It will end tonight when she fails to find any of us. The gods will come after her and we will be free”

Emeka felt sincerity in the way she spoke. Her words melted his heart.

“We were supposed to spend four happy days together,She continued, I am sorry that the first two days didn’t go as planned. It was a disaster for you. I am sorry for all the pain you went through. We can still have the remaining two days together. We can still make the best out of these two days before you return. From the money she paid me, you can get a new phone and some clothes. We are home alone here and safe” She assured him with a soft kiss on his lips. She was about to take off her lips from his when he held her head down with his right hand and pushed her lips down to his again. They continued kissing slowly sav0uring the taste of their lips. She tasted like banana. She was a good kisser. She was always targeting his upper lips and she kissed it slowly and deeply each time she got it.

She didn’t want to stress him much knowing that he needed more rest. So she extended her kiss down to his chest and from there she came down to his laps and took of the trouser he was putting on. The inner boxer didn’t give her any stress and she slid it down and grabbbed his d**k. She str0ked it gently before running her lips against it. She put it int0 her m0uth and sucked it deeply and passionately. She sucked it hungrily as though some sweet ice cream was coming out from it. Her lips were really soft and Emeka felt like his d**k was sliding in and out of a s0ft p***y. She sucked it hungrily like her life depended on it after s*****g him for sometime, Emeka got up, removed her top, bra and her skirt. He started from her breassts. He sucked on the right one while squeezzing the left.  He sucked it so well and noticed that she was so ar0used. He turned to the other one, sucked on it and held her n*****s with his teeth shook it and watched her b*****s giggle.

He brought his lips down, took away her pant and landed his t0ngue on her p***y. He heard her breathe in out of excitement. The p***y was shaved and neat. Odorless. He ran his tongue from down to the top and from the top to bottom. He located the clit0ris and sucked it real hard. He ate her like a  hungry lion. Her p***y tasted like strawberry. At some point, he would use his lips to squeeze the p***y and stretch it. He dug his tongue inside and rotated it in a  circular motion. His joy was the strawberry taste. He wanted more of it as he licked the living daylight out of her until she begged him to put it in. He loved being begged to put it in. At first he pretended not to hear her, he sucked and worked on her c******s with one of her finger while she begged almost in tears.

Finally he decided to go in. He brought his d**k and hit it hard against the p***y like someone knocking on a door before entering. He hit it again twice and she screamed. She didn’t know when she used her own hands to push his d**k into her honeypot. She m0aned deeply as she felt it slide through her walls. It wasn’t big like this when he entered her in the morning or could it be because he was weak and hungry. His d**k filled her this time. She used her legs to circle his waist so that nothing will make him remove that d**k. She loved the feel of him inside her. She tightened her p***y walls and gripped his d**k with them so that each str0ke of the d**k inside her touched her medula oblongata and also giving Emeka the best feel. Emeka b0unced up and down lowering his hips and digging it hard looking for where the p***y ended but it’s almost impossible. That honeypot will always swallow your d**k no matter how big and long it is. Proper lubrication will take care of that. No wonder people call it the bottomless pit. Tina was well lubricated. Emeka really worked hard on her with his tongue. He was an expert in that area. He sucks p***y so well but not on every random girl that he comes across. He goes down only when he’s sure that the girl is neat and clean. Not some p***y that smells like rotten fish and taste like some rusted nonsense. That type can land you in the hospital.

The way Emeka rotated his d**k inside her honeypot made her almost speak in tongues. He was delivering the hot strokes without any sign of slowing. Tina started shivering and held him tightly. She came. She had been wishing to meet a man that will make her cùm.It has been ages since a man made her cùm.

She had to reciprocate the favour. It’s her turn to make him cùm. He turned him over and mounted him.

She grabbed his d**k and slotted it in. She started with grinding. She grinded him slowly he lifted himself up so he could sit on the bed. As he sat, her soft b*****s was right before him and he grabbed one of them and sucked on it as she moved his d**k round her p***y with her waist. She moaned as he sucked so hard on those b*****s. The pleasure almost made her lose concentration.

She started bouncing on the d**k. She twerked and bounced driving him wild. She smiled and told him that it was time. She rotated her waist in different directions. That was one of the best feeling Emeka ever felt having had a woman ride him.

“Did I spell it right ” She asked naughtily and sped up her riding like someone who was just controlled with a remote. She did not stop. She wanted him to cùm and get ready for second round and she won. Her non stop p******g left Emeka with no other option than to pour out his load in her. He let her know he was about to cùm.

“Cùm inside ”

That was the only thing he heard as she pinned him down with her p***y.

He poured everything inside and took a deep breath.

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