Honeymoon In Asaba episode 7



Chapter 7

Emeka was weak and couldn’t walk fast so Tina told her Men to help carry him. She was determined to free him at all cost. She had laid ambush with those men knowing full well that they will take him back because of the s*x she had with him. She didn’t care how many people will bring him back. She was determined to gun them down and take Emeka away.


Ifeoma hastened her steps. She had to do something. Emeka must tell her who did it with him. She couldn’t imagine how someone can come in there and have s*x with him without those men seeing the person and moreover the door was locked. No way, they must speak up. She didn’t want to die .Whoever it was must be captured and brought to her before dark or else she will be in trouble.

She walked with the pace of a running person heading towards the uncompleted building.May thoughts ran through her head as she walked. Why did the old man refuse to help her out. He is the eyes of the gods and should be able to see everything.

Cold shivers ran down through her spines as she sighted two lying lying down in their own pool of blood from afar. She came closer to observe hoping against hope.

She stood speechless and full of surprise on seeing Ikenga and Okoro dead with no Emeka in sight. She couldn’t fathom what really happened. She looked around but didn’t see anyone. A thought occurred to her. Could it be they already took him to the room and this happened on their way back?  She ran straight without delay to the uncompleted building and slotted in the key,turned it open with all speed hoping to see him but alas, the place was empty.A hot tear immediately ran down her cheeks. She ran back at once leaving the door open. She must do something. She must not sit back and lose her life. The baba will not agree or else she will plead with him to beg the gods to forget about the sacrifice that she doesn’t want to get rich again. She can manage her life like that. It was better than losing her life.

She didn’t know what to do. She went back to the old man and begged for help. She said she will do anything just for the baba to help her and find out who slept with Emeka. If she can get her first, at least her life would be speared. If eventually she didn’t get Emeka again, no problem but all she wanted now was to save her life.

“I will help show you the person in the mirror but only you alone will get her. I will not help you do that and remember you have only today to do that . I will help you on one condition ” He said.

“Anything baba, I will do it” She offered.

The man looked at her and licked his lips. He looked at her portruded b*****s and her backside. He kept licking his lips. Ifeoma noticed what he wanted and wasted no time. She went closer to him and grabbed his d**k immediately. He got hard immediately much to her chagrin. She thought it would take time considering his age. He isn’t old  down there anyway.

They went into an inner room of the palace and Ifeoma laid down and spread her legs. It was then she starting craving for a good f*****g but she doubted if the man can deliver. She can’t remember the last time she had s*x. She had been too busy laying down plans on how to get Emeka and perform all the necessary rituals for her to become a rich woman.

Baba inserted his rock hard c**k and got down to business. He couldn’t go so fast but one thing was certain. Ifeoma felt his hard c**k in her as he hit her without stopping. Her pussssy juice all over his dickkkk made it so easy for him as he penetrrated in and out of her s0ft p***y. Baba never lacked p***y in his shrine. He gets them from many women who couldn’t afford to pay the price he demanded. Some of the women where those looking for fruit of the womb. He would tell them that after sleeping with them, the gods will bless them with a child and they must come back to appreciate the gods after having the child. Ifeoma’s p***y was so succulent and enjoyable for him as he has never met that type in a very long time. He  couldn’t remember the last time he jammed a p***y that watered his d**k. Ifeoma’s own did it. So this is what he has been missing. He should have demanded for this a very long time ago.

He stired her Kitty Kat in both clock wise and anti clock wise motion leaving her bewildered. She had underrated him but now she has seen that he is equal to the task despite his age.

She found herself m0aning in pleasure from his deep thrussts. She was really grateful to him for giving it to her the way she wanted it despite her age. Baba told her to come and stay on top of him. She obeyed. M0unted and r0de him the way she wanted it. She kept b0uncing on his d**k up and down not minding if he was in pains or not. She wanted to feel that hard d**k deep inside and fast. As she b0unced and grinded on him with the fasted speed she could produce, she p0ured her p***y juice all over his d**k again. It was all wet. It gingered him and he positioned her for d0ggy style and jammed it in. The wetness of his d**k made it penetrate in without delay and he held her waste and started slamming her p***y. Ifeoma moaned away not minding if people heard her voice from outside. This man has proven to him not to underestimate people.

She told him to go faster that she is enjoying it forgetting that at first, she only wanted him to do fast and help her with what she wanted. Now, she didn’t care if he lasted for two hours. She was completely on and the man was on top of his game. He jammed it in and out again and she screamed. This time she she’d tears. Tears of pleasure and happiness. Baba started making some sounds as fired on from behind and Ifeoma knew he was about to cùm. She tried to stop him from coming inside her but the pleasure She was feeling overpowered her. He poured all of his l0ad inside her and rem0ved his d**k. He watched his cùm drop from her p***y. He was totally satisfied. Ifeoma was happy. She has never been laid in such a way for a  very long time.


The baba brought out a big mirror and performed some incantations while Ifeoma watched hopefully.  He broke several eggs and called on his gods to reveal the secret things to them. He blew some native chalk into the mirror and called on Amadioha three times before sitting down.

The moment he sat down, light appeared on the large mirror showed a woman walking fast into the uncompleted building where they had Emeka.

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